Rinos Stampede for Flights Home


Everything we thought we had accomplished in the election seems to be a vanishing dream.  The spineless creatures who are supposed to be representing us and protecting us from governmental excess are in league with the Oppressor.

I thought I could trust my Congressman to stand for the constitution.  While I was calling the rules committee members in the House, he was planning to vote for the spending bill which would put a stamp of approval on Obama's heinous medical plan and his executive amnesty which is a result of lobbyist string-pulling in D.C.

It is becoming clear there is no one in D.C. that represents conservatives except a handful of patriots like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy, and Louie Gohmert.  There are a few others, but these people are good examples to illustrate my point.

The very idea that the Congress could read over 1600 pages in the Omnibus bill and make an informed decision in less than two days is absurd.  The spirit of the holidays was tugging at the Representatives' hearts.  They wanted to get home for the holidays.  The Republic be damned.  They had all the "pork" gifts wrapped and new money for themselves.  It probably caused them to have shivers of joy and visions of sugar plums as they raced for their flights home.

It would probably surprise the average politician today to know how transparent their selfishness is on Twitter and other social media sources.  In the past the parliamentary tricks and backroom deals were not as easy to see.

We are faced with a cruel twist of fate which has placed the most ineffectual people on the planet in leadership positions in the House and Senate.  Could it be that as a nation we are reaping the fruits of attacking Christianity by supporting abortion and  by legitimizing sodomy?

These are truly "perilous times" and we must be vigilant and pray for our nation while we still have one.

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