RINOs, RINOs Everywhere

The 2010 elections are only nine (9) short months away, and the Tea Party movement has momentum on their side. One of the major objectives of the movement, and why it has caught on like wildfire, is to weed out the thinned down conservatives - those conservatives you thought were on your side, but voted too many times with Obama's socialist agenda. One of the most important lessons Ronald Reagan taught us is that when you stick to your core conservative principles -- you win.RINOs, RINOs Everywherehttp://tinyurl.com/yzzsbpc
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  • Hello, Larry and welcome!
    I agree, and Marco Rubio has now become a verb.
    He is such a good example, that others to follow could take a lesson from him.
    Scott Brown I'm not so sure about, but he is there when we needed him the most.
  • hello, new to the movement, just wanted to say this has been a long time coming. I am hopefull that the message will be heard and we the people will get a real leader out. time to remove the rinos
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