"Rights Protectors" protected the shooter in Tucson

Spree Killers, the Second Amendment, and Those Damned Guns
This is not about guns or freedom of speech.
It is about the impossibility of forcing psychiatric therapy on someone who is obviously disturbed but who has (and will insist upon using) the right to continue being mentally messed up, without interference from police, physicians, or other protectors and defenders of the public.
This is a 'lawyer disease' - a social problem created by the same profession that refused to let gays be subjected to contact tracing (thus accelerating the spread of AIDS) and now are refusing to allow meaningful tort reform (thus accelerating the CYA ordering by doctors of tests and procedures that cost about 150 Billion (with a B) dollars annually).
Shakespeare was a bit harsh but right about the problems created by lawyers, but nobody listened. Were he alive today he might have some words about the ACLU and even the ACRU as well.
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