Rewrite To No more Mr Nice Guy!!!

I used to eat a lot of Junk I used to Like sweet Things!

I used to stop off at the candy store everyday after work at the farmed out agency

the blind taught me how to see

i got no friends because my dads a community mental health organiser He cant be seen

with them or me!!

and i'm getting real shot down from all this gluten I've Gotten Mean!!!

No More Mr Nice Guy No More Mr Unclean They Say He Needs to be stabilized On more crap

He's A real scene!!!

My Dog Chewed Up His diaper today My cat hissed in my eye!!

Ma's Been Thrown Out Of the Hollywood Circle Dad has to Hide!!!

We were supposed to go on a cruise this december But according to the wasted debt--

We have to wait until Next year like every promised year for all eternity!! NO MORE NICE GUY!!!

No More MR nice guy No more Mr Clea-a-an No more Mr Nice guy They say He's Insane He drives A scene!!!

No more Mr Nice Matthew No More Mr Nice Matthew

No More Mr Nice Matthew!!! His testimony Is A gift From God To us All LETS GET SMART And TAKE BACK OUR Health our Goverment and Our Horror Genre Its That Simple To Divulge Knowledge!!! Top to Bottom Of the Hour with Reading Power Amen To our Brothers and sisters At Solid Rock and Lifechurch TV God Bless Everybody For ALL!!!

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