This is a first for me on this site.  It will be a good place to vent the frustration I share with other patriots.  I am retirement age, and I am appalled at the direction I see our country headed in.  Being a veteran, I felt that others saw socialism and communism as threats to our way of life as I do.  After all, we have fought wars over this question.  Now I see our so-called leaders espousing this damnable heresy.  

Our representatives are largely ignoring any calls for sane policy on finance, amnesty, and privacy rights. This means they are not our representatives. They represent their own self-interests.  We thought we could depend on Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, and McCain because they were Republicans.  Some of us thought the Republicans were conservatives.  We have had a rude awakening! 

We must look for conservatives wherever we can find them.  They are our only hope for restoring our republic.  What we have now is just a facade for wholesale corruption and lawlessness.

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After a recent review of the Declaration of Independence and some background reading on the French Revolution, it appears we are in the same predicament as our predecessors.  We have the elitist who look down on the citizens and place odious burdens on them.  Though citizens tried to use reason and diplomacy; most of the time their efforts were unheeded.  

My opinion is that we are governed by those who favor tyranny and are only looking to enrich themselves in whatever way they can.  As citizens we are only a source of money and power for them.  The French had their way of dealing with these types.  They carted them off to the guillotine.  The early settlers of this country declared independence from their tyrannical oppressors and took up arms to defend themselves.

I hope our similar problems can be settled in a less dramatic way, but the oppressors don't seem to care about diplomacy.  The only thing they understand is the force they are dealing out to others. 

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I hope we can find a way to be free from the present tyranny.

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  • Yes, of course something must be done, but don't expect this overnight.  I am  a Voluntary Security Officer for America (not employed by the Gov.) and right now we have shootings, people dead, at 3 Federal Courthouses (Salt Lake City, Utah; Minnesota, and Delaware).  This is very serious.  I am very concerned for our people.  I URGE YOU ALL TO KEEP YOUR HEAD AND NOT OVER-REACT.  This is a matter for those with experience and knowledge who know how to handle such situations.  Let them do their job.  That's what we pay them to do.

    A peace gathering or march in D.C. is OK.  Keep it orderly.  One coming up May 16th.  If you can't go then organize one in your city.  Maybe invite Officials who will support you.  Keep your message positive and constructive, WE WANT AN END TO THIS TYRANNY, something like that.

    For those of you who want  Petition, give me your ideas.  I will try to write something most people would consider signing.  Right now, I have two for you to look at. and  If neither appeal to you then tell me what does.

    The first one currently has 30 sigs and we need 100,000 total.  Please help get these going.  Margot

  • To Oren Long,  I must agree with you in part.  We already know how the enforcement agencies will respond from looking at the past and the Bundy stand off.  However, I think you might want to take a real close look at the Convention of States.  I don't think you or I will have much control over such an event.  The powers to be have no plans on giving up their power or the money it generates.  

  • Hell Oren: I don't want a war either. But, and this is a big but, the American people have been fed up since 2009.  The 2010 election was a start in the right direction but lost all steam in the 2012 election. Since then we have had to endure Obamacare, land grabs, redistribution of personal wealth, a take over of American auto companies, depleating of our military, cover up to murder, illegal gun running, rigged elections, out of control federal departments, NSA, FBI, DHS, IRS, FEMA, BLM, EPA, and the trampling of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, illegal gun grabs, dead border patrol agents, dead American and Mexican citizens, my God the list goes on and on.  So many groups have marched on Washington in the last 4 years. A reminder; the Tea Party, the Bikers, the Truckers, the Veterans, Glenn Beck with thousands of protesters and just now in 2014 some of the states are holding Article V's. Now lets look at who controls D.C.The big money supporters, the Democrat Senate and White House, and useless House of Representatives and these power hungry, money rich so called representatives of the people are going to except a mandate from the states? And Oren you would be surprised at what the American people are capable of.  No,we are NOT nuts, and have proven this time and time again. Nevada was just one example. Why the hell do you think some of the states want their citizens guns. These morons know that semi auto weapons can be just as dangerous as the full auto military weapons.  And I have seen militia snipers that are just as good as the military. In fact many where trained in the military.  So,we all want a peaceful solution and hopefully the states will win out, however lets not take all options off the table, but we don't dare wait too long. 

  • I wrote this piece last year, not much has changed.

    I see two scenarios for Obama to take action. 1. He is driving our economy into the ground and he will use that as an excuse to declare a state of national emergency. Using that as a pretext to confiscate weapons to prevent looting, etc. 2. He knows that ordering the confiscation of weapons will result in some 'civil disobedience' and he can use that as the pretext to declare 'Martial Law'. Either way he attempts to gets our guns and assume dictatorial powers.

    Some thing that needs consideration when discussing what the military will do, or not do. The legality of any order to confiscate weapons. Members of the military are given the right to disobey any unlawful order. I would expect Obama to present the order as being lawful. He will start any action prior to giving the SCOTUS the opportunity to determine the legality of the order. Until that issue is resolved, any member of the military risks the chances of being court marshaled if he disobeys the order. My following comments are based upon whether the members will resist on conscience and take that risk. I do believe that any who do resist will eventually be found not guilty, but, I fear for how long that may take.

    As to the military personnel; this is complicated and not a simple answer. It all about demographics.

    Active Duty: Of the 1200+ Flag Officers (FO), generals and admirals, I would think that maybe 10% would say no to supporting the confiscation of privately owned weapons. Of those that do say no, most will probably retire without saying a word. The number who remain on active duty will be small and insignificant, and drowned out. Remember FOs are appointed by the WH and they owe the man. COLs and Navy CPTs are wanna be FOs, so most will go along hoping to get promoted to replace those who are gone.

    Middle grade officers, LTC, MAJ, and CPT, are a mixed lot. I think that most would not go along. They, for the most part, have the experience and knowledge to understand what is at stake.

    Lieutenants, for the most part, will go along with the orders. Remember they are recent graduates of our liberal institutions of higher learning, including the Academies, and have been indoctrinated to believe the government is always right and know what is best. They have not been around long enough to understand the full meaning of the Oath.

    Warrant Officers just want to be left along and will following the wind.

    Senior NCOs are a mixed group. There are some that are career minded and will follow orders, and some who are not. I would think that the majority will say no. Mid-rank NCOs fall into the same category as the mid-rank officers; most will say no. The junior enlisted men are like sheep. They will follow their leaders. Like the Lieutenants, they are a product of our liberal school systems and think they must follow orders. Experience hasn't taught them yet.

    National Guard is different story. The first thing Obama is going to do is to federalize all NG troops. Eliminating the respective governors from the chain of command and bringing them under his control as the CnC. But, the perimeters are different from the Active Duty troops. They would be asked to confiscate weapons from friends, neighbors, and even family members. I talked to one member of the NG who had participated in 'civil disobedience' training. He is deeply troubled, as of now he is not sure he would obey such orders. Obama could get around that problem by transferring units from one state to another. Time constrains my keep him from doing that. As a whole, I'd expect the majority of NG troops to resist the orders.

    Reserves fall into the same category as the NGs, except that they are already federal troops. I would expect them to act the same as the NGs.

    The other aspect of the confiscation is the civil law enforcement agencies. I think it is safe to assume that the vast majority members of the federal agencies (FBI, ATF, ICE, DHS, etc.) would follow orders. At state and local levels it will depend upon location. In the blue states, state and local agencies will probably fall in line. Red states may be a different story, especially out side of major urban areas. Many local agencies will be in the same position as the NG troops

    Another thing that needs to be considered is how many weapons owners will actually resist. I'm guessing that as much as half will give up their weapons without any resistance. That leaves us remaining 40 million to resist.

    Don of Indy
  • Revolution is out. There aren't any real patriots with the guts that our forefathers had. Can you image asking most American males if they are ready to sacrifice their fortune's, blood and sacred honor let alone get off the couch in the middle of dancing with the stars to defend anything? No, everyone wants to wait till the November election, the Dem's already know who is going to win. Fixed, rigged, corrupt, fraud, paid off voters, more entitlements, more foreign money (a la George Soros) yep, open, fair and honest, when pigs fly.  But good luck, lets try marching on D.C. in May, that ought to get their attention.  Sort of like the Bundy ranch thing. Once the armed militias showed up and the storm troopers realized they could get shot, they left. Problem is for the last five and a half years all anyone has done is talk, write, wring their hands and hope the lame Republicans will save the day. Ain't goin to happen. They are too busy lining their own pockets and worried about the next re-election.  In D.C. (District of Corruption) there is too much power, money, bribes, big bucks from lobbyist, favors for buddies, and the average American, well just bend over and grab your ankles here comes more socialism, high taxes, free everything for those who REFUSE to work, open borders with WELCOME written across our back sides for any and all illegals. Just like the writer I too am older, a veteran, and a grandfather, and what a mess this country is in.  And believe it or not, this not all Obama or Bush's fault. This crap has been going on before most of us were born.  Somewhere around 1913 or 14. And you notice, NO ONE has fixed it yet, not even Ronald Reagan.  All Obama did was bring socialism (communism) to the forefront and we are just going to except what ever the regime is dealing out. Want an example, how about Obamacare? 64% of the American people don't want it,  yet it is blazing away joyously and no one is defunding or stopping this disaster. Just like Melanie wrote a few minutes ago and she is right, "short of a bloody revolution WHICH NO  ONE REALLY WANTS". There in lies the answer. "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition". 

  • Freedom is not free. We must keep fighting the good fight to hang onto them.

  • I agree and am equally frustrated with our out of control government as everyone else is.  But we should be careful what we wish for.  De Tocqueville noted the French Revolution did more to centralize power and reduce freedoms than their old system ever did.  It is essential that we learn from history, no matter how frustrating the present.

  • There is a way! It is called: REVOLUTION! Let's face it: the elections appear to be "fixed"; those we have trusted & voted in have turned tyrannical on us; the government is taking more and more of our freedoms every day! So, what is left? (Aside from praying hard for guidance)

  • The ALARM CLOCK IS RINGING sheeple.  Wake up little sheeple. Time is a wastin'. 


    16 May 2014, Washington, DC - Operation American Spring.  IAW OUR Constitution it is OUR Responsibility to throw out those who are the enemies of OUR Country and OUR Constitution.


    Any able bodied person who calls themself an American Patriot will be in 1 of 2 places on 16 May 2014.  Either you will be in Washington, DC, OR you will be STANDING or sitting on a Street Corner in your HOMETOWN with a FLAG and/or a SIGN in your hand.    If you able bodied and are in neither of those places, you do NOT BELONG IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  You have not done your patriotic duty.

  • I fear that we will see what is going on the Bundy ranch will be spread countrywide.   Our youth are brainwashed idiots and they need to bring back the draft !   If they fought for this country they would not be so willing to throw everything away.   Look at the 7th inning of a baseball game -- how many people put their hands over their hearts!   It sickens me every day of my life!

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