4063673806?profile=originalUpon our brief return to our home in Florida, Sammy, our greyhound gave me a ho-hum look and retired to his doggie-bed; not the excited welcome home I expected after being away for over a month. I fear the house-sitter has stolen the affection of my dog.


Mary and I have been in Massachusetts feverishly working to make Conservative Michael Sullivan the Republican nominee in the Massachusetts special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.



Many of you may wonder why my Conservative Campaign Committee has been working so diligently on the Massachusetts Senate race. What makes flipping the Massachusetts traditionally Democrat seat to a Republican seat of such national importance? Well, it could start a ripple effect in the political landscape.



Folks, in case you have not noticed, we are losing America to the socialists/progressives. Obama is like a political Dr. Frankenstein who has created his lifelong dream, a socialist/progressive monster. With his eyes bulging with excitement, Obama yells with elation, It's alive! It's alive!



Facing little to no opposition from terrified Republicans, Obama's socialist/progressive monster is wrecking havoc making all of the Left's cultural and societal dreams come true; the redefinition of marriage, government control of your children, suppression of Christianity, disarming the American people, open borders and amnesty for illegals, a majority of the population on government assistance and most devastating of all, government having total control of our behavior – deciding who lives and who dies via Obamacare.



For those of you who think I am crazy or exaggerating, I offer a few current events.



Attorney General Eric Holder declared, “amnesty is a civil right”. Holder promises government will work to protect illegal aliens.



We have been told 11 million – but the reality is the new immigration bill will bring in 33 million new immigrants over the next 10 years. Rest assured, 25 million will vote Democrat for the freebies and have no desire to assimilate; thus, marking the end of the Republican Party.




In keeping with the Obama administration’s continuing assault on business, Harry Reid is consumed with rushing through an internet sales tax.



Did you ever believe a day would come in America when government would force your daughter to indulge in lesbianism? A government run school curriculum forces middle school girls to stand in front of the class and kiss pretending they are lesbians.



Exposed during the Dr Gosnell trial is the practice of “snipping” which is sticking scissors into the back of the baby's neck and cutting the spinal cord. Snipping is done to kill those annoying babies with such a will to live that they survive the abortion undermining the abortionist. The shocking and horrific abuses of the poor and minority women revealed in the Dr Gosnell trial has drawn not one word of criticism from Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, Obama is the first sitting U.S. president to address/speak at a gala for Planned Parenthood which is essentially an abortion factory – especially of minority babies. Obama went as far as to demonize anyone opposing abortion. Planned Parenthood aborts 4000 babies a day folks – 4000 babies a day.



We, the Tea Party, and other patriots who love America are the perceived peasants who have risen up with pitchforks to challenge the out-of-control beast created by Obama. But what is our game plan – our strategy for victory? Simple: Install Conservatives in as many key positions as possible. This strategy along with prayer for divine help and guidance is the only way to restore our great country to the vision of our Founding Fathers. We restore America one race – installing one conservative candidate at a time.



So, this is why Mary and I have been away from our Florida home living in Massachusetts for the last month or so – abandoning my dog Sammy and her cat, Marilyn.



Filling Kerry's seat in the Senate with a Conservative Republican will give majority leader Harry Reid one less rubber-stamped vote. A Conservative in Kerry's seat would also be another thorn in Obama's side joining fellow constitutionalists Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.



If the Republicans can find the courage to stand on principles and do well in the 2014 midterm elections, we could possibly, dare I say it, win the Senate. Then, we can impersonate Donald Trump and say, “Harry Reid, you're fired!”



4063686191?profile=originalThis is why the Senate race in Massachusetts is so much bigger than just Massachusetts. Patriots, please contact your Massachusetts family, friends and associates and encourage them to vote for the conservative Republican choice, Michael Sullivan for U.S. Senate, in the Tuesday, April 30th primary.



Also, can anyone advise how I can rekindle Sammy, my greyhound dog's loyalty and affection?



Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • Hmmm, Rubio the RINO

  • Let's see; you posted a picture of two Mexicans with a rabidly salivating proponent of Amnesty II, The Sequel on a conservative website?  I'm not getting this.  You're promoting the takeover of America by invading Mexican forces and their two-faced, turncoat, traitor, RINO politician?  Don't we already have an ineligile child of a foreign citizen in high office?  Ya want some more?  Are there any Americans left in America?  I'm beginning to think there is no hope...that America is gone and won't pick itself up and take its once proud nation back.  Every freak in the world is an American-In-Waiting, right?  Those two bombers in Boston were "Americans," right?  Oh yeah!  Real Americans.

  • We HAVE to elect our way out of this.  The local, county and state governments aren't any better.  Here in my county, property taxes were hiked 14.5% this year.  East Syracuse just today announced a 22% tax increase. Our schools are broke - both financially and in performance - our towns, villages and cities are broke and they just keep on spending and spending, at every level of government.  We have a town here in which the board swore they would not raise taxes.  True to their word, the tax rate stayed the same, but they jacked everyone's property assessments up by over 30%, therefore the citizens are still paying way more in local taxes.

    In my very rural county, the obligation of every man, woman, child they have to pay to fund just the COUNTY goverenment is $509 per year each.  That doesn't include town taxes, school taxes, state taxes or anything Federal. And the county legislature is fighting hard to raise the sales tax too. Just in local taxes, I pay over $800 a MONTH. That's crazy.  It isn't just Congress or the White House that are against us.

    If we don't elect ourselves out of this, throw the liberal progressives out of office in our towns, counties and states too, we're definately doomed.  The American Academy of Conservative Candidates can have a national effect by turning out 60-100 solid, conservative, and especially trained candidates a year that can start to take back our government at every level. 


  • Must disagree - we can not elect our way out of this giant hole. However WE THE PEOPLE can take our Liberty and Freedoms back . . end the IRS, HSS, EPA, DOE - all powers back to the State and local government where we can go face t face with them.


    Article V - Group Overview and Proposal
    ARTICLE V Group Overview and Proposal Patriots United in a Common Cause... to restore Liberty through Article V It is in our diversity of persons and…
  • Sick the dog on a liberal, any liberal. He'll love you for it!

  • I'm very glad that this is happening.  Candidates need to be vetted regarding their electability, political beliefs, and qualifications.  They must also learn effective sales techniques. They must know and use the five points of selling.  Which are Attention, Interest, Conviction, Desire, and close.  Get the voter's Attention (clear their mind of other things that might be on their mind).  Get them Interested in what the candidates is saying.  Convince the voters that they will benefit by voting for what the candidate proposes.  Describe situations that the voters Desire and how this will be if they vote the way the candidate asks them to.  Close the sale with a resounding call to action.

    A campaign for office or a proposition is after all a sales pitch.  All good sales pitches appeal to the emotions of the people.  It works for businesses, it works in campaigns.  Examine the way successful  were run.  What was stressed in those campaigns.  You will find that successful campaigns all appealed to the voter's emotions, how he voter will benefit.  Free stuff is not the only benefit to offer the voter.  If anyone wants more information on this email me at vcymbal@socal.rr.com

  • Please visit nnyteaparty.org

    The NNY Tea Party is founding the American Academy of Conservative Candidates.  We will find solid conservative candidates and instill in them the skills to actually win their election. 

    Candidates that truly believe in fiscally responsible, Constitutionally limited government and Liberty will actually start winning!  We know we're right. We know we are what will save this great country. But, it doesn't matter how right we are if we lose. 

    See more: nnyteaparty.org

  • My friends I believe we are experiencing The Handwriting on The Wall, of Daniel in the Bible, we have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, our kingdom is divided and can't stand, our houses are built apon the sand. We are murdering our unborn, cutting out prayers at school, and games, in everyway turning away from the God of Creation. For gods of Gold,  Wood ,Stone, Fire, Water, the Sun and Moon, etc.

  • Bacon! That should work on Sammy.  America? Well, it would seem we have our work cut out for us. Every able bodied TEA Partier and conservative or republican ( Yes the RINOs too) need to continue the fight for keeping the house and taking the senate away from dingy hairy. We can do it one at a time if we have to, and we do HAVE TO!

  • You feed the dog and then play frisby or ball with him .

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