Dear Fellow Patriots:

I am taking the liberty of sharing the recent response that I recently received from our NM U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich regarding climate change, along with my response to his letter:

Response From And To Our NM U.S. Senator Heinrich:

“February 16, 2014

The Honorable Martin Heinrich

United States Senate

110 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510-3101

Dear Senator Heinrich:

On or about February 14, 2014, I received the following letter from your office:

“February 14, 2014

Dear Mr. Martinez,

Thank you for contacting me regarding airplane “contrails.”  I appreciate knowing your thoughts and concerns on this important issue.

When planes fly through the air, they create condensation trails, or “contrails,” which are visible trails of condensed water vapor made by the exhaust of aircraft engines.  As the hot exhaust cools in the cold air at high altitudes, clouds of water droplets form creating the condensation trails seen behind planes.  Rest assured, these trails are not harmful to the environment and at this time there is no legislation before the Congress on this issue.

As you know, the best ideas do not come from Washington but from thoughtful, caring people like you who take the time to participate in government and the democratic process.  With that in mind, please rest assured that I will keep your thoughts and ideas in mind as I consider legislation.  I hope you will continue keeping me informed of the issues important to you.

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United States Senator”

Although I appreciate your speedy response to my letter, I am truly concerned about the contents of your letter regarding this extremely disturbing issue, which I found to be ludicrous because it insults my intelligence regarding the true meaning of “chemtrails” vs “contrails.” 

I am taking the liberty of sharing the following recent article and/or blog in its entirety, which I believe does a meticulous job of outlining the major differences between “contrails” and “chemtrails”:

The Government-Coordinated CHEMTRAIL Conspiracy Continues Unabated!-Posted on geoengineeringwatch.org-On January 28, 2014:

Vast Swaths Of America Now See Little Or No Sunlight;
Massive Areas Under Continuous Chemical Assault

Originally posted at: StateoftheNation2012.com

Never in the history of the USA has anyone seen — and experienced — such a pervasive and ongoing chemical assault on the citizenry in broad daylight. Especially an assault that goes unseen and, therefore, unreported by the great majority of people who live under chemtrailed skies. These folks are by and large completely unaware that their skies are literally being saturated, sometimes 24/7, with chemtrail chemicals.

How is it that these chemicals being spewed by airliners, which are equipped to lay down such aerosolized chemical cocktails, go undetected by so many?

That is truly the $64,000 question?

And, there can be only one answer. The Federal Government has willfully engaged in a premeditated conspiracy to deceive the public. This conspiracy to both deceive and spray chemicals anywhere the government wishes has been going on for decades. Yet they continue to assert that the chemtrails which many of us have witnessed and experienced are actually contrails.

CHEMTRAILS: Covert Crimes Against Humanity

What follows are a few photos, which clearly show how the equipment which produces these aerosols, can start and stop the spraying process. Upon seeing these many chemtrails being laid down in real time, it is obvious to anyone who can see that they are in fact chemtrails … and positively not contrails. Contrails are the normal vapor trails which are left in the wake of a sky borne jet airliner. They appear at the very rear being ejected as the exhaust from the jet airliners, and dissipate quite quickly depending on the ambient atmospheric temperature, pressure and humidity at the time.

Photos of Chemtrails which cannot be Contrails


Hopefully you get the picture by now. If not, here’s a much more ‘exhaustive’ photo-documentary for your viewing:
CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDA...

These photos categorically portray the chemtrails being started and stopped at the will of the chemtrail aerosolization equipment operator. In other words, there is no room for debate here: Chemtrails are not contrails, and contrails are not chemtrails. The preceding photos ought to serve as irrefutable evidence for anyone who is confronted with the skepticism or disbelief from those who rarely look at the sky.

This Government-Run Chemtrail Conspiracy Has At Least Three Prongs

The first prong has been to knowingly disseminate false information about the multi-decade, government-coordinated, chemtrail program. Calling what are actually chemtrails contrails is a stratagem the government has used with great success for all of those decades. Except that now many are waking up to the truth and calling them on it whenever and wherever possible.

On those rare occasions where they trot out a willing dupe to purposefully misrepresent chemtrails as contrails, they often fall down on the job. Nevertheless, the government has so committed itself to this highly flawed strategy for so many years that they refuse to give it up. Their untenable approach is now beginning to work in the favor of those who are working to expose this relentless chemical assault against the populace.

The second prong of the government’s stratagem is to selectively spray uniquely formulated chemtrail aerosols in different areas, at different altitudes, during specific weather patterns, etc. For instance, we often see them heavily spray the skies one or two days before a predicted rainfall, thunderstorm, snowfall, hailstorm or any other type of precipitation event. This is without question the chemtrail program’s most predictable feature. When a major weather event is forecasted, the government’s chemtrail airliners are up there creating tic-tac-toe boards in the sky like at no other time.

This begs the following question:
What on earth are they putting in those chemtrail brews that they are so deliberate to rain upon the masses?
 After all, the heavy precipitation events particularly ensures that the many aerosolized chemicals end up on lakes and rivers, farmland and forests, homes and offices, roads and sidewalks, malls and shopping centers, cars and trucks, etc. Just in case the reader has any health concerns or medical conditions which might be caused, or exacerbated, by the toxic chemicals present in chemtrails, here is a real eye-opener:

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

The third prong of this ubiquitous and unrelenting government chemtrail conspiracy is weather modification.

All one has to do is closely watch the unpredictable and uncooperative weather of the great state of California to get an appreciation of how profoundly geo-engineering has altered the long-established climatological patterns there. The state has been besieged by what may be its worst drought in recorded history. The headlines that follow tell the story much better than we can:

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

California’s Governor Declares Drought State Of Emergency : The Two...

Current California Drought Is Driest In State’s History; Scientists...

Record High Temperatures Broken in California as Drought Worsens

California’s drought, times three

Satellite Photos Of Mount Shasta Show How Badly California Needs Rain

Record Driest Year in California, Parts of Oregon

California governor declares drought emergency

California Drought Could Impact World Food Prices

California Drought Has Ranchers Selling Cattle

California drought threatens coho salmon with extinction

Satellite Photos Showing Pacific Storms Stopped Cold And Destroyed
“H” stand for High Pressure System; Notice the unnatural L angle:



The US Federal Government has been deceiving the citizenry for many decades regarding the geo-engineering chemical assault known as chemtrails. Not only has the government continued down this road of deception, it has ramped up its many and varied initiatives to ensure that the chemtrail genie does not escape from the bottle. Once it does, they know that it cannot be put back into the bottle … and that there will be many unhappy people as a result.

For the untold millions who have been systematically sickened by the covert chemtrail program, they will have their day of revelation and justice. Those who directly participated in this chemical assault on the entire nation will likewise face the appropriate consequences. It is now only a matter of time that both this crime against humanity and the subsequent cover-up will be exposed.

May those who are responsible for this crime against humanity be forewarned! The people of the world don’t like having their sunny days taken from them. Neither do they like being sprayed from on high with toxic and dangerous chemicals.

State of the Nation
 January 28, 2014

Author’s Note

There will be those among the scientific establishment who will even attempt to explain away the chemtrail photos above as contrails.  These folks are either intellectually challenged to the extreme.  Or, they are paid shills in the employ of the various organs of government propaganda.

Particularly for anyone who is confronted by skeptics, let them see for themselves a chemtrail in the making over their own home or business.  In every case they will witness firsthand the starting and the stopping of the chemtrails, depending on their vantage point.  If this realtime execution of the chemtrail crime does not convince them, nothing can or will.

Remember, we live in a time when common sense has become quite rare.  And, the human faculty of reason has fled the civilization … to a great degree.


CHEMTRAILS: Covert And Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity

Chemtrails: The BIGGEST Coverup of All Time

Excellent Website Reference:


Source Link:


My following recent blog provides you with numerous other sources regarding this extremely disturbing and time sensitive issue:


I again would truly be interested in getting your take and/or feedback regarding the extremely disturbing information revealed in the above article and/or blog, along with my recent blog.  

Please feel free to contact me at my email and/or home address.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this extremely disturbing issue.

Thank you for your continued service to our state and our country.


Jake Martinez


Response received from Senator Heinrich’s Office regarding my above letter:

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Please follow me on Twitter and visit my Facebook page for updates on my daily activities in the Senate and travels across New Mexico.”

End of Letter To Senator Heinrich.

For your information, I will inform you should I happen to get another response from Senator Heinrich, which I really don’t expect, but miracles do happen.

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Semper Fi!


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  • I wouldn't put anything past the rotten bastards in the dc regime. If there is technology that can do this, I believe that they would use it against the American People! 

  • Yea, it goes from "global warming" to "climate change" because the libtards realise that a lot of people are skeptical.  Speaking for myself, what ever name it is given to it, aka Chicken Little, the sky is falling! It is a Fraud and total hoax!  The overall data collection has been tainted with False information, aka the Global Mean Temperature Data.  Gores bunch of useful idiots put their temperature reading stations on rooftops where the AC Condensing units warm air is discharged, along with the exhaust systems from Bus Terminal Garages. There are many variables that influence Climate.  Solar activity for one is major, along with Global Volcanic Eruptions. CO2 a "pollutant?"  More like Co2 is Plant Food, and if anything will enrich the greenery on the surface of the Earth!

  • If this is happening and some groups suggest it is happening but they suggest it is reflective particles because of changes in our sun. This would be kept secret as possible because it gives the truth about global weather changes... mostly our sun! Note that if Al Gore and the UN get their way America will be bankrupt in a short order by radical groups trying to impose their lies. Also, we note that Obama has supported with tax funding, wind projects and others. Just more waste of money because we are not making a dent in the CO2 in our world. China is making 8x more than we are and nothing is said because it is not manmade! 94% is all from nature!

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