Respect For the Law and Those Who Enforce It

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

cops-1.jpg?width=213We all know that the democrat left, while claiming the mantle of tolerance, is in fact the poster party for intolerance.

We also know that while the democrat left claims to be the party of inclusion, they are actually the party of division…while claiming to be the party of justice for all, they are in fact the party of justice only for the select few, and while laying claim to being the party of freedom of speech, the democrat left is, without a doubt, the party of censorship.

It really is a sad, and yet transparent state of affairs as liberals…the democrat left…claim this, that and the other thing pretending to represent this, that and the other demographic while all the while doing nothing but pandering for votes with empty promises and equally empty platitudes.

Faced with the transparency of their false claims, hollow promises and outright socialist, anti-American political agenda, it should come as no surprise that the democrat party…


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