Resident Evil: The MSM

4063572750?profile=originalOK, so I am watching a CNN panel discussion about Romney's acceptance speech. Christine O'Donnell was on the panel. The CNN host said that Romney's speech and our side was, in essence, calling the Democrats communist. O'Donnell explained that we are not calling them communist, but simply pointing out the differences in our vision of America verses the Democrats. Once again, an Obama media operative was attempting to spin/distort our words to portray Republicans/Conservatives as being extreme.

Like many blacks, I have high blood pressure issues. Thus, I can not allow these people to get to me.

Still, I could not believe that CNN chose Donna Brazile to be an on-set daily contributor to their Republican National Convention coverage. Give me a break! This black woman is a viscous hate-filled Democrat hack. Nothing coming out of her mouth is going to be fair, balanced or reasonable. But, I counted to ten and felt a little better.

Then, there was the Obama minion on an ABC webcast who said referring to the Romneys, “Happy to have a party when black people drown.” Thank God, this arrogant stupid liberal jerk was immediately fired; in my option, not for his comment, but for getting caught on a live microphone.

Folks, please forgive my passion. I do not like calling people “arrogant stupid liberal jerks”. But, their smugness in their evil erroneous assumptions raises my blood pressure.

Reagan said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.”

A wacko black journalist on MSNBC alleged that the Romney Campaign was “using coded language in order to “n----rize” President Obama.” Have you heard ANY media outrage about Toure's insane, divisive, hate and potentially violence inspiring statement? I think not.

This is the same mainstream media that said nothing when Congressional Black Caucus members proclaimed, “the tea party can go to hell” and “the tea party wants to see blacks hanging from a tree”. VP Biden said to a majority black audience, “Republicans want to put y'all back in chains.”

Has the MSM rebuked any of the Democrats' absurd, hate-filled and over-the-top rhetoric? No. Meanwhile, for four years the MSM has distorted the truth, lied and done everything humanly possible to brand an “R” for racist on the forehead of the Tea Party. These people are EVIL!

A few years ago, black Democrat liberal racist Julianne Malveaux offered her modus operandi for the speedy death of black conservative Justice Clarence Thomas. Malveaux suggested having Thomas' wife feed him bacon and eggs everyday for breakfast. The media's response to Malveaux's death-wish for a U.S. Supreme Court Justice was silence. Can you imagine the media outrage and frenzy had a white Republican/Conservative made such a statement?

Well, Ms Malveaux and Obama media minions, I am tweaking my diet, going to the gym and keeping my blood pressure in check.

Gov. Scott Walker's victory and the 2010 Tea Party landslide victory proves that your Evil-Empire dominance in the media can be beaten. Informed activist voters and black conservatives, like me, are your worst nightmare. And, with God's grace, I plan to live a very, very long time.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


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  • This pattern of hate organization is being used ruthlessly by political pundits to fuse disparate distressed groups into factions of detestation.   Within the political environment “political correctness” is credited with expanding radicalism because partisan specialists embellish freedom of immoral activity as commonality in the American community.  This corrupt formation within the political atmosphere is generating extreme ethics degradation.

  • I remember when Clinton was running for office. He had a tactic I thought was smooth. He wasnt going to get into the mud slinging and I didnt watch all of his public media adresses, but i never saw him throw mud no matter what was said. We can't play their game the way they play it. We need to out smart them at every turn with wisdom, truth and class. They don't have any of that, in any form that I can see..  

  • One ray of hope I would suggest........We will probably be saved in the end by the IDF!!!  Lots of expat Americans now living in Israel. They won't forget us, as every other country in the world will. 

    During the coming confrontation....the UN will be on Husseins side and it will fall before we will. Not a bad thing!!

  • Amen!!!

  • It will take at least 10 maybe 20 years to recover from the damage Hussein has already done to our once great country.  If he is re-elected.....forgetaboutit!!!  We will never survive the civil war that will ensue. And he will win...just as every other Marxist Dictator wins.......before the Islamist destroy him and what little is left of the USA. Iran, etal are just waiting for the obvious to happen. They are in no hurry at all. 

  • Excellent article Lloyd! The MSM needs to fire everyone and get some real reporters to report the news; all of the news not there views.

  • Before you can be on TV as a Demo rep you must be able to talk as least one and one half times faster than the others, be able continue talking way past your turn and never, never shut up for even one min to let the other person speak, and do it with a smirking face.  The one that best fits this description is the black lady Greene on Fox

  • O.K. Here's a little tidbit for that moron woman.
    Charlotte Bergmann 8:57pm Sep 2
    On This Day in 1964, Democrats Filibustered the Civil Rights Act On This Day in 1964, Democrats Filibustered the Civil Rights Act | ...
    June 10, 1964, was a dramatic day in the United States Senate. For the first time in its history, cl...
  • Thank god for patriots like Lloyd Marcus willing to go against the liberal status quo that all people of African decent must become Democrats or be branded as a traitor to the cause, whatever that may be...Too many forget that Martin Luther King was a Republican,  and  he would not be pleased to see the direction his words have taken this country.   

    Obama has split the black and white further apart than they have been since Dr. King began the healing process that should have been celebrated with the inaugeration of the first black American president.  For his own poliical expediency, this man has chosen to undo the seams that were weaving us closer together.    Bit by bit, he has shredded the cloth that was coming together to make us as we should have always been, one and united.  But his plan demands that class warefare keep us apart so he can control those who he can make dependant on his programs, and secure their votes.

    It doesn't make sense, and it doesn't have to be this way.

  • I just flood them with emails,"nice"emails.About the only people that have created an issue with race is Demonrats.We try as hard as we can to appease them but yet they still keep this up.I think enough Americans see right through them.

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