Nearly everyday I go thru an extensive search for the truth. On the internet, the issues are all the same, however each with a different prospective adding facts that one site may miss. Heres the list of sites I go to, Redstate, Glen Beck/ the Blaze, Rush Limbaugh, Savage Nation, Ann Colter, Michelle Melcomb, Laura Ingrahm, Patriot Action Network, Grassfire Patriotic Resistance, Jan Morgan on Facebook plus many other conservative friends on Facebook, Black Robe Regiment, Twitter conservatives, Hot Mail conservatives, Fox News- Bill o, hannity, Judge N, etc. & my love the TEA PARTY. I listen to conservative radio Limbaugh, Savage & Beck. TV Fox & Fox Business, Becks new station, The local newspaper. All of these media outlets are united, Christian, conservative republicans, some independent. these outlets are all on the same page get rid of muslum o and all lib dems, socialists, progressives, markists. were all in this together. We all have different views on candidates & issues. We still come together on our common cause & who our enemies are. We are going to win in November & send muslum packing, plus alot of other lib dems with him. We have to stay strong in this fight & we will. We need to be praying alot asking God for guidance GOD BLESS THE TEA PARTY & GOD BLESS AMERICA

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  • Yea! Tell your friends we are building a blog hang-out, right here where there is a lot of freedom and  hot Conservatives. Soooo John, Fight On!

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