Republicans or Dinosaurs?

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner just don't get it.  They seem to have no idea  whom they are supposed to represent.  They don't appear to know what the recent election was about.  From their recent actions and statements, they seem to believe that voters were pleased by the current regime and wished to keep everything in "status quo" mode. They got it wrong.

It is completely unacceptable for so-called representatives to ignore voters and make deals with the political opposition before the fight is fully engaged.  The leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives are acting more like girly boys at a tea party than men who are standing for principles of our founding fathers.

Why would anyone who believed in our nation and what it stands for ever compromise with evil.  The current regime in D.C. is evil.  It is an abomination to allow Muslims to worship Allah in a Christian Church.  Muslims hate Christianity and  everything it stands for.  They endorse all forms of practices that are offensive to Christians and humans in general.

When McConnell and Boehner compromise with Obama, they are endorsing his abominable beliefs and practices.  These two politicians are poster boys for what is wrong with politics and what is wrong with career politicians.  Any representative and senator who support them for leadership positions should pay the price when they stand for their next elections.

The Republicans are almost ready for extinction.  They seem to believe if they stand for nothing, that they can't lose.  I'm putting the establishment on notice: Being amoral and trying to get along with progressive Democrats is not endearing the electorate to you.  You will go the way of the dinosaur and to wherever they allow RINOs (Republicans in name only) in the future.

You, Mitch, to say that government shutdowns are off the table before the argument is engaged is appalling.  It is surrendering before a shot is fired.  Sadly a new senator from Colorado is following your lead in this.  Cory Gardner is saying we are too civilized to shut the government down.  This shows no value for the constitution and for the American Revolution.  Where do politicians of this caliber come from?

Hopefully, some of our representatives will have more courage and appreciation of what America represents.  Self-serving politicians are causing the loss of liberty and our national sovereignty.  We must fight like our nation and our freedom depends on us.  Maybe then we can emerge  from the curse which is Obama's legacy and become a stronger people who have met the enemy and fought the good fight with the help of our Creator.

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