Republican Fail

Reading today of the 2 year budget recently passed. Hmmm, at a pen stroke we just increased our debt by another 2 trillion or so. while offering a 10 YEAR payback program. Really? Responsible spending. Reducing our current debt? Nawp Nawp Not even. I think we all know and have had enough of this.

O and lets not forget our Republicans whom voted FOR this piece of warm fly ridden legislation. Unanimous Democrat support of course. But to have some of our own republicans vote yea?  They have just betrayed all of us. Make a list people. These republican betrayers are on the vote roll call. Vote them out! they don't want to listen? Fine, Vote them out! Get some folks in the senate chairs whom will do their job!

 No reduction of our debt. No responsible use of our taxes. Enough is enough. Each taxpayer in this country right now has about $180.000 in federal debt to pay. Guess what? That just went up to.

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