Like any other Patriot who loves their blessed land, I felt it was my responsibility to report two illegal aliens and the agricultural based employer who hired them. I had names, addresses, and every detail I would need to file this report with ICE. Thinking I was doing my part to keep our future safe for our children and grandchildren I went to the website to make my report; however, I was angered when I read the first few paragraphs.

It starts out by saying "Americans Working to Stop Illegal Immigration". That part sounded right but after reading a little more it tells you that 'they always explain that broader political involvement is needed because our government is barely enforcing any of the existing immigration laws at this time." In the next paragraph they tell you that "the chances of ICE taking any actions on your report is slim to none", but they still encourage Americans "to do their part in this struggle".

This sound like a sick joke and an insult to all Americans. It's like they are telling us to go ahead and make our reports (but they'll be ignored); ICE won't do anything so you're wasting your time. I'm not pleased with this and I don't know of anyone who would be. If such government agencies aren't doing their jobs why do they still 'pretend' to exist and waste our tax dollars?

I'm fed up with such stupidity and I'm fed up with Obama. We, the American People, are stranded in an ocean of uncertainty on a raft that could sink anytime. Let's take our country back!


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