The Media loves to play the number games. 3 million people in prison means about 1% of the population. Only 10% of the population do not have Health Ins. Half of the 30million do not need or want, example; the healthy 20 somethings and then the people working under the table, drawn by work and employers who side step our society's laws. The other HALF are Heart braking stories of loss and stress, but still do not have the money for the mandatory monthly premium. This plan makes people decide between food and a place to live, or go to Health Care Prison. Right now a single plan costs $250-400/month and a family plan starts at $500 goes to a $1000. The Price point needed to be fixed first. The money spent now on Health Care by all sectors could include the uninsured. The Doctors and the Hospitals need control of their own futures and not rely on the whims of the Insurance industry to survive. Insurance Companies need to be fixed or turn it over to the Mafia at least with the Mob you know what you'll get. I love that we have made a Control business, full of people who do not do any of the work in the field that they over see.Then, take a big perctentage of the premiums and dispense crap to the the providers.This is truly a legalized Mafia. There was one Insurance CEO's (1 person) retirement package that was $1.5 billion. This is a percentage of the customers paid premiums that did not make it to the providers. If this was one employees package there had to be others paid off at this same time. This also is $5 for every person in the US, it is also 300,000 individual plan's premiums for one year. We are not getting a good return on our money. Why do we need this Mega in between Company to get Health Care.

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