As Islamic sects fight for control of the USA and the world, “WE THE PEOPLE” must decide what our founding fathers meant by “Freedom of Religion”. Could they have meant secular humanism “freedom from Religion” where anything goes or did they mean Islam the strictest cult[1] known to man?


We continue to remove the Judeo-Christian  biblical laws that define our existence from court houses[2] and embrace Sharia law[3]. How much longer before we look like London in flames or one of the Stone Age countries of Islam?


Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story wondered if we could survive as a nation if we did not teach our children about religion (Specifically the Christian Religion) and morality as restraints upon the liberal sensual desires of freemen, (secular humanists).

The central question of 2012 is how do “we the people” define Religion?

It now appears as only a matter of time until the United States of America, which Islam has “deemed amenable to take over action”, will be just another Islamic country. And as they say time is on their side.


God is clearly giving us a choice as a nation.


What sets America apart from the rest of the world? Why is the United States of America the most powerful nation in history? The answer to both questions is the same, God’s blessings. We began as a Christian Nation based on the Biblical concept of freedom of choice.

What do you believe?  See the attached document: A dispute over Religion  A%20dispute%20over%20Religion-1.doc

Where do we want to go as a country? I choose the way of the cross!

I love the song by Elvis: “One Pair of Hands”


It's not Elvis people. His name is Carroll Roberson. The song is beautiful regardless of who sings it.

Still it shows how easily  we can be misled by something that sounds so real so dear to our hearts.  Religion is like that, you must know what you believe put aside familial values and social traditions and become accountable for your own thoughts and actions for all will eventually stand before the judgment seat of God!.


Islam is portrayed as a religion of peace although it’s cult like mind control teaches from an early age that the individual has no freedom to make decisions that all things including his time of death have been determined by Allah.  Islamic teachings make no distinction between political and religious activity. There can be no separation of Church and State with Islam. The State is always subservient to Islamic religious leaders who have a plan to achieve a new world order the ultimate goal being a truly and fully, united Islamic world. (Sunni or Shia is the debate within Islam)

Islamic people are also breeding themselves into power around the world and in the USA. (see Farrakhan’s speech from New Orleans in 60’s) Mosques and Islamic schools of every sectarian type are being located by the thousands in the USA. They blend into the fabric of our nation, even reaching into our school texts books teaching Islam as taught by these 25 principles. Availability, compassion, co-operation, cleanliness, community spirit, dependability, diligence, discernment, enthusiasm, faith, forgiveness, generosity, gratefulness, humility, integrity, loyalty, obedience, orderliness, patience, responsibility, respect, self-control, sincerity, tolerance and truthfulness. Islamic history and culture must be taught in the USA “to bridge the gap of understanding between East and West if we ever hope to experience a future of peace and prosperity", it sounds great, until you become aware that this is by design a program, a well developed Iranian plan of action, to convert the people of America to Islam.

Every school, every city, every state, and every political institution in America now has a pro Islamic toe hold. The total number of Muslims in the USA is now in the millions, of which given the percentage of radicals in the total Muslim population around the world we can deduce that we have a potential of 300,000 radical jihadists within our borders.

Jihadists take the long view, and will work with anyone to undermine the U.S. and its allies. Remember, Shia Iran has allied with Sunni terrorists groups.

All Islamists know that western civilization is the primary impediment to their plans for a global caliphate. Jihadists feel it is better to bring western civilization, arm-in-arm with socialists and other radicals, and figure out who will rule once the dust settles.

In their view victory is assured only the U.S., Britain, and a handful of others truly stand in their way, which makes any subversive, radical leftist movement in those countries a useful short-term ally.  No Islamic state in the world allows the Bible or open preaching of the Christian religion within its borders. What does the future hold for radical leftist and socialist in an Islamic state?

A point of history to remember: Al Qaeda emerged from the victory of the mujahadeen over Communist Russia. In their view, the jihadists beat the communists once, so they think the next time around the less ferocious socialists, and secular humanists would be an easy adversary.

As a nation the very strength of our system is being used against us as our individual freedoms are being used by foreigners to change the system to their liking. We are loosing our identity; we are no longer a Christian nation but a Godless secular nation. Our Christian religion takes a back seat to everything. We are now in a post-Christian, post-Western cultural crisis which threatens the very heart of our culture. With open and vulnerable borders and populations divided by language, race and religion we have become politically weak and divided as a nation. A house divided cannot stand.

Islam must stop all political activity or be treated as a political organization or cult not a religion.


Radical Secular Humanism should be treated as a religion and not allowed to control the politics in the United States of America.

As a nation we need to come to terms with our past and plan for the future. While we still can, we should acknowledge that our legal and governmental structure is based on a Judeo-Christian world view and English should be our official language. If not, we will loose both and cease to be a distinct people, and a distinct nation. Our national existence is at stake here. As citizens of the United States of America we are like a family that quarrels and fights bitterly within until such time as the enemy is at the door except in this case we have already invited them into the house. How many of the unknown visitors, illegal immigrants and foreign religious establishments are predatory? How many are established and supported by foreign governments or radical groups? Is there a plan for jihad in America? How should the American family deal with the threat? If the visitors come with a sword in its hand, the family forgets its quarrels and fights as one against the people who want to possess its land.

The current war is much more subtle than that. In an atmosphere of political correctness and international civility, the USA is at a terrible disadvantage; the war is not threatening enough to distract us from our own struggles. The war is seen as over there, and we should get ourselves out.  However, when the Islamic visitors, or immigrants, come to our door they have their eyes on everything in the house, they are more like jewel thieves than vandals. There is no sword in their hand but a plan in the making a war of public diplomacy. They seek to change our current society into one reflecting the nature of their homeland. We cannot have an enemy within our borders left free to destroy us, whether slowly or quickly.

“We The People” must TAKE ACTION to support the sanctity of our national borders and the continued existence of the United States of America, her Constitution and Constitutional government, and the strengthening and restoration of what's left of Judeo-Christian Culture.

Likewise, “We The People” must oppose all international cross-border efforts by Islam, whose ultimate goal is one world Ummah, requiring the systematic destruction of all other religions.


“We The People” must TAKE ACTION to make this so called cultural bridge to close the gap of understanding between East and West a two way bridge. “We The People” fully expect that all Islamic organizations would translate US History, our constitution and declaration of Independence into there own languages and make provision for distribution of those documents into the areas of the world from which they came.


Fear must not be allowed to rule our decisions. I do not fear Islam and Islam should not fear the USA and Christianity.


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