Regulatory agency making Federal laws.

Today after reading EPA Proposed rules will ‘result in the financial demise’ of ranchers” that Dee posted has got me thinking. What grants any regulatory agency of our Federal government the authority to make laws.

Nothing does. The constitution is clear that bills that effect the nation have to originate from either the House or Senate unless it is a revenue generating bill which must then originate from the House. This bill or legislation goes thru the proper channels until it either becomes law or not. If it does then the Supreme Court can rule on its constitutionality.

Agencies like the EPA have circumvented the Constitution and are making regulations like they was Federal law. A regulation is a specific requirement within legislation, not a whole new law. An agency can make a regulation that conforms and supports legislation that already has been passed but cannot create a regulation that does not have legislative support.

The EPA and other agencies are out of control and we the people need to rein them in. Enough of this liberalism that is destroying our nation. If our elected officials refuse to honor the oath they took to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, then they need to be replaced ASAP including impeached if needs be.

Thats the problem with huge government like we have now. No one is watching anyone and the Constitution ends up getting stomped on at every turn. Huge government is what the liberals want so they can dictate every aspect of our lives and this is what we get from that same huge government. Agencies that think they can create federal laws in the guise of regulations that are unconstitutional.

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  • Olblamea is getting away with the same things:  Shoving Unconstitutional "laws" down our throats, oblameacare being the prime example of "law of the land" bullsh#t!

  • The EPA has run wild for 2 long
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