This is a lesson for every member of the Tea Party Command Center. Instead of posting a direct link to Vimeo, where this video is posted, if you use the Tea Party Command Center link as posted below instead, it has the added benefit of drawing concerned American Christian patriots back to this website instead of to Vimeo.

So why are we targeting Christians with this video? Easy, because American Christians represent the largest single voting block in America, and it is because of their apathy toward politics that has contributed largely to the state of the Union as we know it today.

It has been estimated that approximately 40 MILLION, (yes, you read that right) 40 MILLION American Christians were so intimidated by the radical left-wing in America that they did not show up at the polls to vote in the election that propelled Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama into office!

This is totally unacceptable! I am a Christian, and have been incensed over this issue since it first came to light. Christians more than any other single demographic, stand to lose so much more than anyone else, as it relates to their Christian values and morals. It is reminiscent of the same sort of apathy demonstrated by German Christians who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to Adolph HItler's rise to power and ignored the atrocities he committed over and over again, to the point it resulted in the genocide of over 7 MILLION Jews, gypsies, and Poles that were exterminated in the Nazi death camps. May God almighty have mercy on those Christians who refused to speak out and GET INVOLVED!

What I am asking every member of this website to do is simply this: Copy and paste the message below the dotted line, including the link and paste it onto your Facebook wall and on every group on Facebook that your are a member of. Open up another window and login to your Facebook profile to make the transition easier. Copy from this page and Paste it on your Facebook profile in the other.

Do it slowly, so Facebook's triggers don't pick it up and keep you from posting. If you do it too fast, their bots will keep you from posting as it triggers a spam sensor that will keep you from posting links for an extended period of time. When you paste it, allow a couple of seconds for the thumbnail to appear, and when it does, click "POST." The message you will have posted will allow the viewer to watch the video, but they will be watching it THROUGH the Tea Party Command Center, and will draw in more prospective new members to aid us in our cause. Remember, Copy & Paste ONLY what you see BELOW the dotted line. Thank you.


If EVERY conservative and God-fearing, Bible believing Christian in America were to watch this video and forward it to everybody on their email list, we would turn this country around overnight. Post it on your Facebook wall and on every group on Facebook that you belong to as well. Simply Copy & Paste this entire message including the link below into an e-mail and send it to everybody on your email list and ask them to keep it going across America!

Agenda: Grinding America Down


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