Re:Can we trust MUSLIMS???

How odd. Can we trust Christians?Just because someone is a christian does not mean we can automatically trust them. Some yes, some no.Samo samo for Muslims.Samo for Agnostics.Samo for Athiests.Stop stereotyping people baised on their faith.
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  • Discrimination on FAITH is immoral, wrong, unethical. Making choices baised on what people ADVOCATE is reasonable, and even more so based on what they DO. This person advocated acts of aggression, so would be monitored as an individual, for what he has done (advocate commiting crimes), not for being Islamic. The MAJORITY of Muslims world wide do NOT advocate commiting murderous acts against other people.

    Also, I suspect you are a Christian. In your faith, scripture clearly declares you must LOVE your enemies. Your typed 'voice' communicates to me fear, hatred, and rage. I suggest you follow the creed you apparently claim to subscribe to.
  • If Christians, Jews, Agnostics, Athiests, etc. where promoting terrorists behavior then we would be asking the same question about them.  The issue is not about the past, but present day. 
  • I am not pc. I do not hate jews. Nor do I love jews. I love or hate PEOPLE, on a case by case basis. Some jews are ghood, snoe are corrupt. Samo for Christians. Samo for Muslims. I do not say someone is good -or evil- because of ethnic background or their religion, but because of how thay act. That's not PC, that's JUSTICE. And Justice is never PC.
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