Recall Election for Obama

The Dems tried to recall Scott Walker and Sheriff Joe in AZ. Why not recall Obama? How signatures would that take? Impeaching Obama would take too long, the Senate would never go along with it and in the end we would be left with Biden. We need to force a new election. This time without Soro's rigged voting machines, no early voting, everyone has to produce ID, all military votes get counted and  all voter rolls are cleaned up to eliminate dead and non eligible voters. Anyone caught casting a fraudulent vote gets an automatic 10 years sentence. Any area that shows more voters than eligible voters get disqualified. How do we get started on this?

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  • The president of the United States, once confirmed by Congress, can only be removed by Congress.   So removal via impeachment is the only option, although impeachment doesn't necessarily guarantee removal either.  Or of course resignation, which is even more unlikely.

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