4063602871?profile=originalIn Grand Blanc, MI, our Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour buses were met by protesters holding printed Obama signs. About half of the dozen or so protesters were black. When I, a black conservative, stepped off of the bus, a black male protester approached me yelling, “You need help! You are Crazy!” A black female protester yelled, “How much are they paying you?”

Proving herself to be a racist brain-dead Obama zombie, an elderly black woman shoved her Obama sign in my face yelling, “Sin! Sin! Sin! You should be ashamed!” This woman calls me a sinner while completely ignoring that her hero, Barack Obama, supports killing babies, most of which are black. She also ignores that Obama supports same-sex marriage and has vowed to be an advocate of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

Assuming that the black woman who called me a sinner considers herself to be a Christian, she has been deceived into worshiping a false god of skin-color over her commitment to Jesus Christ.

Upon our entire team existing the tour buses, the Obama protesters followed us from the parking lot inside the Grand Mall where we where having our rally. They taunted us and tried to disrupt our inspiring and uplifting event. They failed miserably.

As a matter of fact, the Obama protesters proved to be a blessing. Their presence at our rally provided a golden opportunity for me to direct specific comments in my speech towards them.

I whipped out my driver's license. “Look folks, I have a photo ID!” Then, turning to the protesters, I continued, “This confirms that the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, Obama Administration and the mainstream media are wrong! Black people are NOT too stupid to acquire a photo ID!”

The standing room only crowd of patriots erupted with cheers, laughter and applause. One of the Obama minions yelled, “You're a clown!”

Continuing my speech, “Folks, according to the Democrats, I am a very weird sick black man. I do not

resent white people. (turning again to face the protesters) I don't believe anyone owes me anything. But worst of all, I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!”

After our extremely successful enthusiastic rally, the protesters continued their taunting. You would think some in their group would at least ponder the truths/facts they heard from various speakers during our rally. They did not. They continued to call me names, one of which was “a shameful sellout”. Apparently, the Obama protesters heard nothing.

What struck me most about the protesters is that they were mindless, TOTALLY driven by emotion and racism. They need our prayers.

We ended the rally with everyone singing God Bless America!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American



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  • "Do not cast your pearls before the swine least they turn and rend you."

  • I applaud you Mr. Marcus for standing up against your own people. I hate the word racist, bigotry, and prejudice. These words are always used by those who have no defense on what is going on with our great nation. Obama is using his race to place this country in the same seat with Cuba,

    Valenzuela and the former Russia. They are/were ruled by dictators. The citizens of these respective countries do not have to do anything but sit back and allow the government to run their lives. We need more people like you from all walks of life to stand up and be counted. Thank you again, for your bravery.

  • Yes Shirley, I have lost some friends over this as well. I'm sure that that is the story for most of us who are willing to speak out and tell the truth about what is happening in this country. So be it. They could not have been true friends if they can't get past this!

  • It can be very tough to overcome the fixed ideas of political bigots.  One must remember that liberalism is a cult and cult members cannot question their dogmatic principles even to themselves.  Because they must avoid logical thought and rationale, they must only use emotion and hatred to maintain their ridiculous viewpoints.

  • I have been able to turn around a few Obama supporters by emailing them tons of information I received from this site and others. Some just do not want to hear anything negative about their messiah. Very closed minded. Have lost some friends over this. Country is completely divided because of this man. The good news is God is watching.

  • hello all i once lived in grand blanc, michigan and i can tell you the prosters there where from the unions and if you go and check the individuals you will see.  All the people have to do is to look around to the great state of michigan and see how the democratic control government has destroyed the state.  You can  not walk the streets of flint at night or detroit alone with a fear of being killed.  Flint is the murder capital of the usa and so we see there what happens to liberal control democrats including obama.  Today the clains for first time unemployment was 388,000 when it was forecasted to be 344,000 and michelle obama stating that we are in the middle of the greatest recovery ever.  yea, another 1/3 of a million of the usa workers filed for unemployment.  It has to stop and we need to change direction with a new pro business leader.

  • I see this mindless racial bigotry in so many liberal minded followers of the Oblama cult. It makes no sense and it's as if they were totally demon possessed! How does this mindset even exist?

    Thank you Lloyd for all your hard work and effort to get the message out! I know it's very discouraging at times but also very uplifting as well!

  •  As I've posted before, there are only 3 categories of of those who will vote to reelect this disaster;

    1) Racists

    2) Communists

    3) Morons

    Clearly, people can be part of more than one of these categories, but there are no others.

  • A True Christian. This man speaks the truth!! We need more men like this in this country!!!!

  • Keep on, Brother. I write articles for the Examiner. I plan to re-publish this if you don't mind, Marcus?

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