Real Patriotism

Real Patriotism is Often Unrecognized

While I don't shove my faith in people's faces patriotism is often ignored in our daily lives. I believe that our rights come from God. As a Christian we should be transformed as God reveals truth in our lives. I'm not talking about religiousity, but the sense of recognizing truth and following it. There are too many people playing religion and are willing to follow the lie, because it is convenient.

A person seeking truth is personally transformed and correspondingly a family, community, city and nation is transformed. As Americans we have been complacent to the point that patriotism must be convenient, we expect someone else to carry the burden required to preserve our freedom. We must take responsibility of our failure as American citizens and begin to be revived and engergized by the principles that made our nation great.

It would be great if Christians actually emulated the founders of America and those patriarchs in the Bible. Christians in general have allowed themselves to be painted in a corner and become unwilling to defend the principles of our nation and the bible. It is almost like the Christian community has become a community of cowards and not warriors. The Political Correctness is a tactic by the left to neuter true Christian character espoused in the bible.

Patriotism comes not after the Radicals have power, but in the mundane things of life such as standing against the erosion of Freedoms. We must recognize the importance of God's Soveriegnty as our source of our power and rights. Individual freedom is from God and everything there after is secondary. A true Christian would also ensure that all sources of power derived from God is in harmony and reinforces God's principles. Anything that rejects this God's Soveriegnty is oppressive and is inherently dangerous and destructive. My God is open to criticism, but the little gods are fearful of a simple question and are venomous in their response. God Bless.

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