I have to say, and I hope it's true, "That The Sleeping Giant Has A Waken."

I don't know about you all but I am so grateful to God that "We the People" have finally woken from their slumber. We have a long road a head of us, with my challenges before us, and extremely important decisions to make before the November elections, and what may manifest from the enemies camp. I use the term enemy not lightly, for we as Americans' are facing a party that has never before so boldly infiltrated into our nations political arena. Never before have we ever had such a pro-leftist (Marxist) regime running our nation, and I might add running it right into the ground, trying to disband our constitution, as they work diligently to bankrupt our treasury department, our economy (Jobs/Housing Market), our social integrity and morals with their political correctness movement which is nothing more that Marxist hogwash. 

I am proud to be an America, but the nation I do so love, with its freedoms and liberties are slowly being taken away as these Marxist bastards have infiltrated our schools and what has been being taught in them in just over the past twenty years with socialist professors teaching Marxism to our children, not mentioning the slow deterioration of the standards of what is taught in our schools in the first place from 1st Grade on up, better known as drumming down, which began just about 100 years ago and have been making more head way than ever with the ever present assistance of our media as a hole.

As Americans' we need to understand one thing, and that is, if we expect to change what is happening in Washington, we also need to be prepare to change what is happening not only with the news media, but in Hollywood, the story tellers. For it is from the story tellers (the movie Industry as a whole) which first initiates new ideas, that may seem strange and even unacceptable at first, over time becomes more and more tolerated, until it becomes acceptable as part of our society to the majority, even to those who dis-approve, but figure there is nothing we can do anyways.

In closing I just want to say, We as a people must never again accept the status qua, we must never again be silient, we must never again allow those politicians dictate to us what they are going to do, but We the People, need to stand continuously together and dictate to those politicians what they are going to do, or you'll be striped of authority to make decisions for or nation and its people. And that goes for Hollywood also.

Again I am proud to be an America, and I will not be silenced. We need to stop the murdering of our babies, and end this social revolution of sexual sin (homo-sexuality as a life style, for it is not a life style but a life in the style of sin against both God and nature.

God Bless America Again

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  • i was told by my 9/12 leader that they have plans to have the votes be counted in Spain, ?? Soro's machines we must stop this i told her to send the article here did she send it yet?

  • I do agree Sherry that there is a transformation taking place and the desire of Truth has indeed brought in a new agenda, and that The nation as it was so founded upon the principles of biblical ethics and principles is worthy of our unceasing effort to fight any and all enemies, both foreign and domestic, that is so true, however because of our foundation, that is being of a foundation given to us by the inspiration of God, then we also must understand that unless we also fight the enemy spiritual we as a nation and a people will never witness the full blessing of God, as we once had, prior to 1963 when a liberal government took prayer and the name above all names out of the schools, that of Jesus Christ. And since then, the second time a liberal (Marxist) party while in power attacked our spiritual heritage first time in 1922 I believe when the Christian reader was taken out of schools, since it's conception I believe in 1838. We as a people of this nation need to take this spiritual enemy (hindrance) very serious and we as a people need to repent from these abominations against both God and man (nature) and we must fight without ceasing even with more diligence to abolish laws which allow infantile sacrifices (abortion) and the legalization of homosexuality as a alternative life style. These sins are the same since for which God had destroyed both Sodom and Gomorrah over and until these offences are dealt with we will never see the blessings of God.I just thank the Lord that there are yet believers actively living Godly standards in this nation, other wise it might too be completely destroyed. There has been much damage done to this nation which has effected nearly every nation which has followed suit, the U,S. being at the forefront.

    We must once again draw a line in the sand and again set a standard that is higher than our own. The Lord had said in Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, said the LORD.” until we come in terms with following God's ways abolishing both abortion and homosexuality we as a people and a nation will never rise to the glory we once had known. It's far beyond the falsehood of denominationalism and  separation of church and states, which as it is currently seen, is nothing more than relative truth which is a weapon of Marxism first issued in or around 1938, by the Frankfurt School of Marxism in Germany, which during Hitlers occupation made it's home in New York City.

    Yes there is a "New Awakening in America" and it is up to the "True Patriots of Today Who Embrace Our Constitution & All It Represence." as the official documentation for not only what this nation is all about, but where we as a people and as a nation will again set as our standard, as the leader of the free world.


  • I agree whole-heartedly!!! "Here a little there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept" - it's somewhere in the holy Word of God. The scales are falling off the fraud and his 'weaken America agenda' by "TRUTH">HOT MIC <I am giddy with excitement that Truth was there, hoping and believing that he and the ilk who nurtured the fraud for just this time to gain the grip needed for 'The Transformation' become acquainted with the hidden ways of The Holy One of Israel.  Our country is a gift to the world. She's worthy of our unceasing effort to fight any and all enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

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