4063531483?profile=originalI read the following Ronald Reagan quote later in the day after the Supreme Court shockingly declared Obamacare constitutional. Reagan's insight sent chills down my spine. Was he a prophet or what?

Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Brothers and sisters, the day Reagan warned us about has arrived. June 28, 2012 freedom was ruled extinct in America. God help us.

My heart is heavy and my controlled anger runs deep. I can not and will not surrender my country to the evil dictator in the black Iron Man suit without one heck of a knock-down drag-out political fight.

I am going to blog until my fingers bleed. I am going to tea party across America as many times as necessary. I will double down passionately using my vocal, songwriting and speaking skills to save my country.

I encourage each and everyone of you to do the same – use your gifts, talents and passions to defeat this man who believes himself above the law and the Constitution committed to destroying our great country and reshaping it in his image. ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!

A relative asked me to phone him to discuss the racism of the Tea Party. After hearing the Supreme Court's horrific cave to Obama, I thought it best not to call today. My tolerance level and patience for stupid, racist and ignorant idiots is solidly at zero.

While I share your frustration, pain and sorrow, this is no time to say screw it and throw in the towel. We can, must and will defeat this Leviathan attacking our country from within. The Bible says evil spreads itself as a powerful huge oak tree, but its roots are shallow and weak.

Patriots, our roots are powerful and deep, securely planted in the good soil of truth, honor and righteousness. And yes, I believe God is on our side.

Obama's evil army (mainstream media, the democrat leadership and his idiot deadbeat supporters) appear powerful. They are not. Their foundation is built on lies and deceit which is sinking sand.

It is time to pull out all the stops – kick our activism up to the next level. What did that chef use to say? Oh yeah, he said, “Bam!” whenever he kicked the favor up to a new level.

Every patriot must continue doing their part, but on a new level. No effort is too small. Gov. Scott Walker illustrated what one committed conservative can achieve. Together, with all hands on deck, we will defeat this vile anti-America dictator in November.

The November election will mark the beginning of us winning numerous elections needed to restore our great nation to Ronald Reagan's shining city on a hill.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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  • Lol Roland Ingesting Chip, I wont ask what its made of,  Id love to get my hands on the reins for about a month, Id turn the USA in to a time machine , Id probably go to hell though, because id make a politician compost pile. Id send the Navy seals on a mission and say don't come back until every member of the United Nations has been vaporized, Id have a health care overhaul too, Id put all the unemployed people on Tractors plowing and planting organically grown vegetables and fruit, and grass fed beef rich in omega 3 as a salmon. Thats the kind of health care we need, Its called exercise and organic food without chemicals. No more insurance companies, No more unnecessary surgeries , no more heart, problems, Diabetes , or cancer, Child molesters and rapist would be castrated and spend there life pulling weeds or walk the plank which ever way suited their fancy.  Prayer would be back in school, Happy Days, little rascals,  And the Andy Grifith show would take the place of the filth we now have on television. Anybody that was of age and able bodied would work or starve to death. And our Military men and women would be Highly Respected even more so than a president, including veterans. And The Elderly who are in homes would need an over haul to,  They should get the highest quality care, food, and attention. These people working in some of these nursing homes make me sick. Some of them need to be horse whipped. But these are a few things I would like to see happen.  I know I am off topic but sometimes we just need to blow off some steam.

  •  Thanks James for the INTEL will pass it along to my comrades in arms.

  • Mariah and Billy, I'm Never Gonna Give Up My Ship to these Bone Heads period!

  •  I Have a Great Ingesting Chip for these Idiot Sticks and I guarantee they won't like what it feels like!

  • Thats it Billy, I'm ready to jump on that wagon and play king of the Hill lol. I know its to big a task for me alone lol. Im just waiting hoping our military is watching all this. I hope they have a plan. Im under no Illusions. I know whats up, and that it started before I was born in 1969. I am sure they also killed Kennedy in Dallas. And I know who George soros, and Rothschild and Rockefeller s are.  I know this political war machine is deeply entrenched.  Have you ever thought about when Kennedy was killed thats when most of the Black Americans switched from Republican to Democrat and thats when their population stopped growing.  Black people only make up 12.6% of the population and only will reach 13% by year 2054?  Now when did their population growth stop and why? Because it was growing.  Now we have a Latino immigration problem rite, so the war machine waits until they are killing each other and gives them 2000 class 3 machine guns, wow. But only one white man killed with the fast and furious guns .  We also have a Muslim population explosion and we are lining up china and Russia to thin them out.  This goes far deeper Than the masses realize.  I believe they control the elections also, I believe they will throw Romney in to try and calm the Tea party down. So we will go back to sleep for a few years.  Its about this One World Order and the fact is these 165 people have more money than the rest of the entire Earths population.  They buy the media, and place puppets in our white house to further the agenda. But they do it slowly, Because they are not fools. Its a mighty dangerous plan to piss off 300 million armed citizens .

  • Roland,, what is cool is Fl has told the AG to kiss their butt and cleaning up their voter rolls..

  •  We have to continue our fight for the Active Military personal to Vote First before "We The People" do! I guarantee this Administration is trying all they can to thwart that from happening as well as the Attorney General of the U.S. trying to stop the States from identifying Illegals that are voting and believe me it is happening all over the U.S. That is why we must have Voter I.D. Laws in each and every State period. It's bad enough that we find Voter Fraud happening with people that are deceased and people answering Absentee Ballots that are fraudulent because of the signatures. 

  • Will

    you explained that well. There has always been a bad problem that a few of us are pulling the wagon and a bunch wants to always ride. I have close friends the say "well I just am not in to politicks" I always say you damn well better get interested or you won't have a country..

  • I think I understand now what you mean MB,  I would want to know more about it before I join rite now, no offense , Its a good Idea.  I do know this though we need all of us in on the same page. we need like 100 million patriots Tea partyiers.  I can tell you that the political machine hates the tea party because they mention us to much, They hate us because they are scared. If they didnt see us as a threat they wouldnt even waste a second talking about us. They are encouraging people to stay away from the T party lol. Because we are strong, and we are self starters, free thinkers, self reliant, independant, And fearless . We dont back down.  They know that if we keep growing and waking people up they are done. They hate us, lol. And I love that.

  • Sometimes it seems as if the only thing that's happening is all of us loosing more freedom. Its almost impossible to get people to get off their ass and get involved, Its not a matter of converting people really. Its more like they are just lazy and as long as their TV and central air-condition works that's all they care about. If we could wake all these people up that love freedom it would scare the hell out of the white house. I mean how many taxes does the food stamp eaters pay in. do you realize without the working class the politicians would starve to death? They are like ticks on a dog. worthless buzzards. Every dime they have came from our pockets, every morsel of food they consume comes from us. The working class grows the food, ships it to be processed, processes it, sends it to them, cooks it, cleans up the mess, washes their dishes, cleans their toilet, pays their doctor bills, clothes , houses, and pays for their bastard children's education, and they call themselves elite? Those punks wouldn't survive a month with no gas, no electricity, no running water, no food, no shopping, no television, nobody to tax, nobody to run one single plant, factory, or gas station, oil refinery, walmart. I could survive without running water or electric, i can build a shelter out of trees, i can take water from a lake and filter through a t shirt and boil it and drink it, I can gather firewood, hunt, fish, and track wild animals, I have used all kinds of traps since a kid even snares, I can show you where a snake crossed a dirt road and tell you what kind it was , how big it was and catch him clean him and eat him. I can grow gardens and raise beef, and chickens and kill and eat almost anything that's alive. I can find water where there is none, and identify all kinds of edible plants, leaves, and herbs. That's elite! I'm sick of hearing these sissy's call themselves the elite. They are trash, punks, and parasites.

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