Reaching the Public?

With Facebook being a walled garden full of liberals reporting Truth Speech as being Hate Speech how is everyone reaching & teaching the younger generations that are out on the web 

Is anyone over on Google+? The posts there show up in search when made Public & rank higher than facebook posts & although the liberals are out there unlike on facebook they can't shut you down because they do not like what you have to say & for colaboration there is also a groups feature called communities is the Conservative Union Community where articles & links are being exchanged & as more people are finding the community there state communities are starting to open up to deal with the state level politics currently i am a member of the NY & Mass communities & a moderator of the newly created CT Conservative Union community & they have opened up other states as well but the farther out states I am not a member of since CT's political mentality is different

If we only preach to the choir how are we making anything better? We must get out into the cyberworld & educate the younger generations

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