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 re: Check out the blog post 'Friends, I've been receiving a lot of e-mails lately
where the senders are so frustrated and worn down that they talk about giving


Without a positive optimistic plan and ideal to look forward to and work for, what else is left?  Hayek in “Why I am Not a Conservative and Ayn Rand in her “Conservatism and Obituary” both detailed out the main Achilles heel in “conservatism.” You all refuse to read them and to learn from them.

  1. Conservatism is not a movement, it is mainly a reaction.
  2. It desires to keep, or go back to the old status quo.
  3. Its ideals are always to go back to a “golden time.”
  4. Once you save the republic, liberty and freedom then what?  What vision do you have for the future that can capture the imagination of young people?

Classical liberalism was not conservative, if was revolutionary. It failed when it absorbed the 19th century idea of historical inevitability. It plan was what the tea parties main plan is minus the desire to interfere worldwide with other nations or to be the world’s cop, only CL’s worldwide vision was future oriented: Cosmopolitanism (universal citizenship), eventual open borders, total free trade (not managed trade), a complete worldwide division of knowledge and labor. The withering away of the state (yes that was originally a CL ideal not socialist/communist). America’s CL founders created a blueprint for a worldwide federation of free states with a free people that can organically grow. Conservatism and socialism put an end to that vision.  From sea to shining sea became the limits of America and like all organic organisms, once you stop growing you create a ring of repugnance around yourself that eventually keeps shrinking you until you die. Jingoism and xenophobia kept us from bringing in Mexico, Cuba, Panama, the Phillpines and Puerto Rico, after all you can’t have those Spanish speaking Catholics enter a primarily Protestant country. What an opportunity wasted.


How many “Conservative” have adopted Malthusian beliefs? How many churches have taken the Kool-Aid and have gone green? How many have stupidly adopted the terms and ideals of the conspiratorial neo-left with no understanding of what the real purposes of them are? Sustainability, social justice, the precautionary principle, cap and trade/climate, et al. All Trojan horses, can you tell anyone intelligently how they all hang together and uphold a neo-leftist plan and ideology?

How many of you picked up and read Peter Diamandis new book Abundance or Matt Ridley’s The Rational Optimist?  You limit yourselves and then your groan about there is nothing to do? YOU could become truly revolutionary techno-evolutionaries and take up  the techno-neoclassical liberal position!  But that would require you to put down your bibles and the latest idiotic work from the right wing bubbleheads: Insanity, O’liely, Bimbo et al.  

Your lack of in-depth knowledge is your Achilles heel. While you are playing checkers on the old cracker barrel, your enemies are playing three dimensional chess and then you wonder why they have been slowly winning over the last 70 years?  


You’ve ridden the short bus to school for far too long and then wonder how this all happened?

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  • B.S.

  • Everyone who has read and comprehended the Federalist Papers understands that the "Government by the People" has been dismantled.  This has been accomplished by radical factions that undermine the integrity of the nation. 

    Many of these radicals join our conservative movement to attempt division of the basic ranks to deny advancement of the sound principles of "government by the people".  During their efforts, blogs like this will always be used to sway those who are riding the fence.

    Sound conservsative Judeo-Christian principles always rule over the radical jizz of those who wish to propel their desire for a tyrant running the nation.  Those who believe they have no chance for a conservative future have already been enslaved by the radicals.  They shall be the first to lose all that they worked hard for as they take the complacent road to failure.

    Conservatives who work to counter all the radical left divisional attempts shall rise to each required occassion to identify the lies and deceit being used by the radical left.  This shall be done until we have erradicated the radical socialists and their attempt to destroy the nation.

    Patriots unite to victory while betrayers and deserters lose all in their quest to deny the truth.


  • What a pile of horse crap!!! Whoever wrote this must have overdosed on something.

  • To give up suggest that we are incapable of a shared transcending vision. That would suggest to my mind we don't share a common zeal and fervor for the core precepts in the Declaration of Independence or the Preamble to the U.S.Constitution-You don't really have to go any further than that-Ya think?

  • When I suggested that you get out and do something I meant that there are a lot of independent organizations (core family foundations, arms collectors, religious activist groups, constitution defenders, etc.) in your state that monitor new legislative bills being submitted for laws by Progressives and Communist-oriented politicians. Join those organizations and use their information network to communicate with your representatives at the state and federal levels. 99.5% of the time the lame stream news media only reports things after the fact. You must be proactive well before the bill gets out of the committee level of legislative review to impact the killing of the bill before a final vote.

  • What kind of confusing B.S. is this.  You, at some point in your life must have taken a lot LSD, because you make as much since as a moron writing in a tea party blogsite.

  • Yes, I can remember my first class in college in the late 1960's  during the Vietnam war when the lecturer predicted that all nation states would be dissolved in the future and the world would move on to an international government. Woodrow Wilson initiated these plans with the creation of the United Nations in America, FDR started the major entitlement programs after the Great Depression, and LBJ completed the third phase of this evolving social-economic problem we have today. Obama is merely the fourth (and maybe final) phase of the implementation plan (with a Muslim twist to it.) These people are all opportunists with the same goals: a world-wide divided society of leaders and sheeple. You don't need to read many books to see the path of subjugation and control. It's not "rocket science". Be active with your local community and pressure your state legislative representatives to defeat the laws that you oppose (most Senate incumbents seem to be more corrupt.) My state senators in Congress are in bed with Obama and his minions. My Representative in Congress is a conservative. Our only hope for a peaceful settlement with the one-world idiots is to keep representative seats at both the state and federal levels (yes, we have a few Democrats who are still Second Amendment oath keepers.) Keep the faith and support the Tea Party. Be active in your community and not just on this blog site. Get out of your computer station chair and do something!

  • I will not apologize for my never "putting down the bible and I get my information for a great varied sources and hopefully don't post anything without supportive documents. If not for our Christian Values, the Ten Commandments, our Founding Fathers belief in inalienable rights from our Creator, we wouldn't be having this conversation now.

  • Conservatism and freedom is America.The future generations (my grandchildren) need to be free,as I was growing up on a farm in nys.The farm was purchased after losses and near starving in nyc during the depression.My father and his brother used their bonus money from WW1 to purchase the farms in upstate ny.They served in france, germany and on the uss Arisona.We grew mutch of our food and made a modist living.Since then we had to sell the farms,due to high taxes in ny,and the family woking further and farther away as industry left ny.The only jobs left are government jobs.(They do pay very well though.nys in albany, co., town and schools.) Most have had to leave ny to

    find work (9 are electrical engineers 1 moved back as a patent atty.all are Clarkson univ.grads).

    I had to retire early from IBM when it moved out.I have 3 grandaughters interested in keeping part of

    a small horse riding ranch,that had to close due to the high cost of insurence,and one is currentyy at


    Now the 2nd amendment is history in upstate New York,with gov.Cuomo's (so called) safe act being ramed down our throats.

    In upstate new york we are totally under the control of the ny city liberal democrats.

    Upstate ny is mostly conservative republicans.Our vote means nothing.Voting here means nothing.

    If u work for the state ,u must vote  democrat,if you want to keep your high salery and benifits (retirement) unbeliveable.

    I am a CONSERVATIVE.. I give up,can't fight a brick wall,depressed; sad but true.

  • Amen, Rebecca Snider!  I too was in an abusive situation and only by a women's center and a lot of guts, I ran.  That was some years ago, and I too feel like the liberals dish out the same kind of garbage that he did.  WE CANNOT GIVE UP!  There are millions of us out here that want to live the way we have always lived........UNDER THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS!  This government is evil and if they are not stopped, we will lose all our liberty and freedom, little by little.  They are stockpiling weapons, ammo and grave sights for us.  Don't these people ever wake up and see what is happening in our great America.  My foreign friends think this is Utopia .   This government and this man who wants to be our dictator, MUST BE STOPPED!!!  We cannot give up the fight for good over evil.  Please, Patriots, Keep the Faith, get involved with tea party and other conservative groups in your area.  If you use social media, please state your facts.  There are many good conservative groups on FaceBook that are not just sites to trash liberals, but a place to get together, share ideas and support each other.   We cannot let these people destroy our country!  Keep your powder dry!

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