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 re: Check out the blog post 'Friends, I've been receiving a lot of e-mails lately
where the senders are so frustrated and worn down that they talk about giving


Without a positive optimistic plan and ideal to look forward to and work for, what else is left?  Hayek in “Why I am Not a Conservative and Ayn Rand in her “Conservatism and Obituary” both detailed out the main Achilles heel in “conservatism.” You all refuse to read them and to learn from them.

  1. Conservatism is not a movement, it is mainly a reaction.
  2. It desires to keep, or go back to the old status quo.
  3. Its ideals are always to go back to a “golden time.”
  4. Once you save the republic, liberty and freedom then what?  What vision do you have for the future that can capture the imagination of young people?

Classical liberalism was not conservative, if was revolutionary. It failed when it absorbed the 19th century idea of historical inevitability. It plan was what the tea parties main plan is minus the desire to interfere worldwide with other nations or to be the world’s cop, only CL’s worldwide vision was future oriented: Cosmopolitanism (universal citizenship), eventual open borders, total free trade (not managed trade), a complete worldwide division of knowledge and labor. The withering away of the state (yes that was originally a CL ideal not socialist/communist). America’s CL founders created a blueprint for a worldwide federation of free states with a free people that can organically grow. Conservatism and socialism put an end to that vision.  From sea to shining sea became the limits of America and like all organic organisms, once you stop growing you create a ring of repugnance around yourself that eventually keeps shrinking you until you die. Jingoism and xenophobia kept us from bringing in Mexico, Cuba, Panama, the Phillpines and Puerto Rico, after all you can’t have those Spanish speaking Catholics enter a primarily Protestant country. What an opportunity wasted.


How many “Conservative” have adopted Malthusian beliefs? How many churches have taken the Kool-Aid and have gone green? How many have stupidly adopted the terms and ideals of the conspiratorial neo-left with no understanding of what the real purposes of them are? Sustainability, social justice, the precautionary principle, cap and trade/climate, et al. All Trojan horses, can you tell anyone intelligently how they all hang together and uphold a neo-leftist plan and ideology?

How many of you picked up and read Peter Diamandis new book Abundance or Matt Ridley’s The Rational Optimist?  You limit yourselves and then your groan about there is nothing to do? YOU could become truly revolutionary techno-evolutionaries and take up  the techno-neoclassical liberal position!  But that would require you to put down your bibles and the latest idiotic work from the right wing bubbleheads: Insanity, O’liely, Bimbo et al.  

Your lack of in-depth knowledge is your Achilles heel. While you are playing checkers on the old cracker barrel, your enemies are playing three dimensional chess and then you wonder why they have been slowly winning over the last 70 years?  


You’ve ridden the short bus to school for far too long and then wonder how this all happened?

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  • It is interesting to me how the Liberals are so self absorbed and high headed. Kind of reminds me of Obama and his helpers. They know all but could not find their ass with both hands.

  • I would like to interject this question re; the 'governments' purchase of billions of rounds of ammo.


    If we find out it will be something to keep in mind when ever we need reloads.

  • This article is obviously not written by a Patriot. We note as does Communism, he suggests State rights be removed! Think of how many lawsuits are pending to save our Constitutional and Bill of Rights against the tyranny of this Federal Administration under Putin... oh, I mean Obama, with the Commie supporting Liberal media supporting much of the ignorance of this man! 

    Liberalism is a denial of reality and a giving into the idea that none of us our responsible for our own actions and that the Federal Government should control most everything. I see little difference between Communism and Liberalism! 

    We note that America has gone from the wonderful days of spit wads and great paper planes to school shootings, but the Liberals have to lie to us. It is guns, the Liberal media yell at us. It could not be that somethings the Liberals wanted us to support in our schools was down right stupid, could it? AH, we see what it takes to be a Liberal, whether a news commentator or just a voter! One has to accept candy as little children, because if we wait long enough anything we may do will be made law that all of us will pay for! "Support the moral degradation of America" as this is freedom? How did they get away with it? Simple. They were brainwashed into thinking that any kind of support of honor or responsibility is, somehow religious! So they seem to support the ACLU, which is a Communist founded organization! 

    We are surely learning one thing. If we do not speak out while we still can, we are actually working for those taking our rights! The Liberals are telling American Citizens to give up gun rights while Obama gives automatic assault weapons to enemies of America, the Mexican Drug Cartel. They are not even Americans! This should tell a real big story about Obama!

  • liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Ignorant, they obviously don't know what they're talking about. Just another propaganda victim that doesn't know the facts.
  • Chris Wise, I agree with you totally.

  • Now I have a high school diploma with a third grade education (thanks to public school) and this gentleman overwhelms me with his so called 'knowledge'.   His misunderstanding comes when he doesn't take into account that most in this movement would rather die (that is not figurative) than to watch a country grown with the sweat of our brow given away to people who want it to look like Cyprus today.  

    Now I have not quoted any books I have read for they are few and mine are only religious in nature, but one I continue to read is the Holy Word where in the end, only the over comers, the ones that held to what God says will be triumphant in the end and that is a better place and not in this sin filled world.   

  • This article would have been more convincing if the writer had proofed his work and corrected at least some of the typos and grammatical errors.

  • Forgive him - he is simply the victim of our public schools. He knows nothing of our founders and how brilliant they were. He has never been taught about Capitalism and the enrichment to all of our lives. He doesn't understand that the poorest in our country live like wealthy people in the eyes of the rest of the world - only because of Capitalism. He does not realize that the government harms the poor, and provides them a tiny fraction of what it has taken from us in their name. Please forgive him - he knows not of what he speaks.

  • @ Frank, we can do without the name calling.   If you want to disagree on points then feel free to do so without name calling.

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