Rand Paul Confirms There is Always Hope

4063673806?profile=originalCourageous Tea Party Senator Rand Paul confirmed my statement that no one can foresee the future well enough to be totally fatalistic. Since the presidential election, discouraged patriots have been saying we have lost the country. Obama holds all the cards. All hope of restoring our country back to the vision of our Founding Fathers is gone. Game over.

As a Christian, I have encouraged patriots to keep the faith, stay on the battle field defending what is right. Situations can turn on a dime. Who could have foreseen that Rand Paul would challenge Goliath and win? Senator Rand Paul's successful Filibuster resulting in the White House backing down from their unconstitutional claim that Obama has a right to kill Americans without due process is huge.

I wonder if this latest Obama Administration attack on the Constitution (wanting the right to kill Americans on American soil without a trial) was their jump-the-shark-moment? This extremely scary attempt by the Administration really exposes Obama's Imperial President mindset and arrogance.

And quite frankly, why shouldn't Obama feel emboldened to do whatever he pleases including deciding who lives and who dies? Low info voters have sent Obama the message that as long as he keeps his vow to take care of them and punish the rich, they do not care about losing freedom or him shredding the Constitution. Along with the mainstream media firmly in his back pocket, it is understandable that Obama would think himself invincible – a supreme dictator – a king.

By attempting to secure unprecedented unconstitutional authority to kill Americans at will, Obama may have pushed the envelope a bit too far in the minds of the American people.

Also, I have noticed that a few in the mainstream media are criticizing Obama for closing down the White House tours to hype his bogus pain of sequestration.

And here is another breath of fresh air confirming that the country has not gone totally reprobate. The Bible miniseries is enjoying huge numbers, even beating the zombies.

So, to all you hopeless gloom and doomers in the Tea Party, stop it! There is always hope. You do not know what is going to happen tomorrow.

So you gotta hang on til tomorrow, come what may. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya tomorrow! You're always a day a-wayyyyyyyyy!!!”

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


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  • Suppose I can corrupt your thinking enough to move you on some steps towards you being controlled by others! I need to do this one step at a time. We note that even us Conservatives have division because of our ages. Generations have had different educational systems and so we will have disagreements, Conservatives or not! 

    I grew up when there was really such a thing as a real Democrat! We even had Moderate and Conservative Democrats then. But if we look at what they supported the Liberal media would call them every name in the book in our day! We do not have a real Democrat in office in this time! Just that word, Democrat should inspire us to vote for them and Democracy! There are none that support our Democracy, not one! 

    Totally, we need to be fully accurate, there is no such thing as a Moderate Democrat, although some have been given this! All our words have been perverted! A Liberal Democrat in our time is not really a Liberal, but a Communist! A Moderate Democrat is now a Liberal in real! We know if a Democrat chooses to have honor, they are labelled a Conservative, yet they are really Moderate! Do we see this? Our politics have changed and it is because of Liberal media! I see no hope for them as far as supporting America and our people and we see this now!

  • I do not favor blaming a son or daughter for mistakes or misconceptions of a parent! We note that our times have changed because so many supported Liberal stupidity in our schools and government years ago. Does this change what we know is right? Does it change the reality about our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Ever her the words, "Baby Steps?" How could a nation with all our freedoms come to support the removal of those same rights? We see the amount of money we have is not an issue, except from the enemy of America! We saw an actor just visit North Korea! Was he informed and/or intelligent? See how far this propaganda has come? If this actor loves that government why should he not move there? Democracies all over the world would love that and say good for the rest of us! We see, because of the Liberal media, we are losing our rights step by step. It is time to stop the knit picking and start to come together to save our Country. We use what we have available. "Maximum utilization of available resources", and that means all of us. Can we loose, sure, if we keep attacks on those who seem to be our only hope! I do not know a perfect woman or man, do you? Finding a perfect politician in this atmosphere of radical Liberalism is impossible! Use what we have available and come against the liars in the corrupt Communist oriented Liberal media! They are the enemies of our freedoms; our born with rights; and our Nation!

  • Rand Paul will do what, his father, Ron Paul said and what the Conservatives or Republicans In Name Only will do; "nibble around the edges." The Preamble limits government to security, infrastructure and general welfare, which irrefutably excludes individual welfare. The government shall not take money from one man to give it to another. PERIOD.  Charity is to be voluntary and for the private charity industry.  The original Tea Party meant FREEDOM from taxation and the Preamble limits government and, therefore, taxation. Rand Paul will "nibble around the edges" of freedom for Americans as his father said. Rand Paul lives every day with governmental agencies that have no Constitutional right to exist such as Labor, Education, Human Services etc., none of which the American taxpayer must fund constitutionally. Rand Paul loves the do-nothing, unionized, overcompensated and unconstitutional  "Washington Ruling Class" (union teachers, fire, police, clerks, governmental workers).  Rand Paul supports an American THEOCRACY that endlessly conducts religious wars, primarily for the artificially created country of Israel, after the American Founders ADMONISHED against "foreign entanglements" - as religious wars are NOT the taxpayer's burden. Rand Paul fully supports the illegal Mexican invasion and open borders as America is diluted out of existence while paying for it through confiscatory taxation - Rand Paul will next include "illegals" in Obamacare. Conservatives forget that Ronald Reagan reluctantly acquiesced on Amnesty to END illegal immigration and close the borders forever - never happened. Reagan's was the Amnesty to END all amnesties. He changes the phrase from amnesty to "immigration reform" and Americans continue to fall for the latest version of liberals in conservative clothing, a wolf in sheep's clothing in the person of Rand Paul. Rather than promoting AMNESTIED illegal aliens for President, Rand Paul might consider Americans for President and that there is a LEGAL border that he doesn't recognize and secure.  Rand Paul will ignore the Preamble's limits on government and "nibble around the edges."  Ask his father Ron.

  • Senator Rand Paul is just what this country's been waiting for, the next Ronald REGAN! Thank you God for sending us Senator Rand Paul!

  • You know what?LLoyd Marcus always gives a lift up.But in reality if we dont act we will loose our country its just as plain as that.Obubba aint playing folks he means to take us over.We can fantisize  about all the good things in life but it aint gonna stop the black homosexaul communist muslim with his takeover.

  • Ran Paul shares the Tea Party values and we should support him as a presidential canidate. He has my vote.

  • I disagree, William. That would just give Hillary a free run in 4 years. We need to retake the GOP the way Reagan did. And hopefully hold on to it this time.

  • Punish the rich and hard working have always been the hallmarks of community organizers who champion the poor and the lazy while they themselves live in luxuary. Of course Obama will do as he pleases because he knows an ignorant population will fawn at his heels. Killing US citizens is fine with them unless it hits close to home. By the time this population wakes up they had better hope there are gun toting conservatives still around to rescue them from their own stupidity.

  • I hope Rand Paul runs as  a Tea Party Candidate, and siphons off enough votes so the GOP collapses, and we can form a real conservative party.

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