In light of the 16-month Barack Obama “American Apology Tour;” and his continuous slighting of America’s unique place on this planet; and his present efforts to eliminate internet blogger’s freedom of political speech, here’s a word spoken for the other side . . . . Self-appreciation and the ability to laugh at oneself are surely the two greatest survival- and success-secrets of life. Barack Obama does not appreciate this country even one-twentieth as much as any mildly sane man should. That doesn’t bode well for his success as our president . . . but the real kicker is that the man has absolutely no sense of humor about himself. He takes himself 300% seriously . . . in fact, on the subject of BHO, Obama is truly an absolute stuffed shirt.

That is his greatest of numerous egregious weakness and is proving to be his Achilles Heel. Americans can take an awful lot, but once they discover it, they will never trust a man as vainglorious as Barack Obama. And if one of the gifts mentioned above were to be ranked above the other . . . humor would be it . . . and Barack Obama cannot stomach being made a laughingstock.

America will probably survive the presidency of Barack Obama and one reason is that finally the man is being made fun of on late-night TV. While the two links below (and above) have nothing in common with Barack Obama and nothing to do with politics, Rajjpuut offers them to the reader . . . in hopes of making an “Obama-filled world” bearable. Without further ado a “movie” called “Bambi Meets Godzilla” and a comedy skit called “The Great Flydini” are linked for your enjoyment and ultimate sanity.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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