A very strange thing happened to Rajjpuut two days ago while he was trying to sharpen his golf game hitting Birdie Balls** in the park. He was having a terrific practice sesssion when . . . but first a bit of background . . . .

Since the mainstream media outlets refuse to cover stories that make Barack Obama and Al Gore look bad, such as this one from over six months ago which took the British press by storm:

http://www. timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article6936289.ece


one can’t help but wonder, “What exactly do our mainstream American newspapers and TV networks know that these two leading London papers, including the ultra-liberal London Times, just a stone’s throw from the Climate-Gate scandal nexus at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) in East Anglia University haven’t a clue about?” And then there’s this infamous Obama half-truth . . . .


Why “infamous,” and why a “half-truth” you ask? Well, there’s Barack Obama directly telling all of us, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket . . . ” and yet what’s really happening is NOT really an admission by him that “to do the right thing for America, Americans are going to have to suffer a bit at the gas pump and suffer a whole lot more paying their electricity bills” (which is bad enough since global-warming is actually a lie) but all the while he’s saying this, he and his cronies are going to make all prices (not just electricity) in America jump by roughly 67%^^ even without inflation factored in. And 40% of all the money spent in America would be siphoned off by the numerous guilty parties involved . . . .



If these two stories are solid, and Rajjpuut UNequivocally tells you, “They’re SOLID,” then it’s the biggest scandal America has ever known. However, once again the mainstream American media won’t touch the story. Why not? Rajjpuut was his university's Academic Excellence Award Winner in journalism and if there's one thing he understands it's what goes into making a big story from the media's point of view . . . and this one truly amounts to a HUGE story. It amounts to big headlines and . . . it is, we remind you, 100% solid . . . it involves some huge names . . . it represents the greatest scam ever perpetrated upon the American people . . . somehow, somehow that Rajjpuut can't figure out their reluctance is related to the story above which the American mainstream media refused to even refer to once (can they be that committed to global warming as undeniable truth?) . . . and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to follow the story, Rajjpuut has and you can easily do so yourself. The corruption involved touches Barack Obama, Al Gore, the Goldman Sachs investment firm Fannie Mae; 10-12 huge and well-known progressive (“We must progress beyond the U.S. Constitution . . .”) non-profit foundations; and a repeating cast of socialist-marxist characters (whose names keep popping up every time you investigate the leadership of the CCX <Chicago Climate eXchange> Joel Rogers, Van Jones, Richard Sandor, Maurice Strong, etc., etc. ad nauseum); the semi-bankrupt Shore Bank in Chicago and the owners or board of directors all tied into a plan to cheat Americans out of $10 TRillion a year.

So back to paragraph #1 above, this blog began saying, “A very strange thing happened to Rajjpuut two days ago while he was trying to sharpen his golf game hitting “Birdie Balls” in the park near his old Longmont home. He was having a terrific practice sesssion when . . . .”

About 40 yards away, a blue-black car (Lexus?) pulled up and parked. About ten seconds later the car’s horn was honked twice after a particularly long and true draw shot. A slender brunette woman in a teal form-hugging dress in heels emerged from the driver’s side and walked half-way toward him, then stopped and said, “You’re Rajjpuut (badly mispronouncing the name in the process -- "RaHHH-Poot" is correct) the guy blogging about CCX and cap and trade for the TEA Party?”

Rajjpuut was stunned, he thought he was pretty much anonymous. “Yeah, that’s me.”

“Tipper knows so she’s going to get a divorce.”

Rajjpuut was ultra-stunned. The woman turned and ran back to her vehicle. Suddenly understanding, he yelled after her, “Who are you? How do you know this?” but got no response.

As he felt both his blood and all his power draining away to his feet, Rajjpuut murmurred the only thing that came to mind, “Tell Glenn Beck,” suddenly he realized she couldn’t hear him so he yelled out at the top of his lungs, “Please, TELL Glenn Beck!”

She turned to look at him for an instant, then opened the door and drove quickly away.

It appeared her license plate was the green and white mountains outline that all Coloradoans are familiar with. Rajjpuut had not worn his glasses . . . . Needless to say, Rajjpuut hooked or sliced every swing over the next quarter hour. Was it a hoax? Who was she? How did she find him? Was someone playing an elaborate prank? What was going wrong with his swing? Was somebody right then and there laughing away at his expense? What am I doing wrong to cause all these hooks? Does this women really know something? Can I blog this, dare I blog this, I have no real source? How likely was it that someone in Colorado who knows Tipper Gore reads my blogs? I was doing so great, why couldn't she have come by half an hour later? Was this real? Did I dare blog it?

Yesterday, the news came out that Al and Tipper Gore were getting divorced or getting separated depending upon which source you read. Today the news came out that Barack Obama was making a concerted effort to revive his cap and trade bill “America’s Power Act” and was using the Gulf oil spill to move toward “100% energy independence” based upon green-energy## sources and “totally ending dependence upon fossil fuels.” Sounds like her story’s been confirmed . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



^^ the figure given in the article of $15 TRillion is presumed an exaggeration of 50%; the correct figure is ONLY roughly $10 TRillion. The American economy right now amounts to $15 TRillion so adding $10 TRillion on top of it unnecessarily without adding one single manufactured good or one single provided service means that everything in the economy that costs, say, $15.00 will now cost $25.00 an increase of roughly 67%.

## Which sounds like a plan much worse than what recently bankrupted Spain. Spain had about 3% unemployment and was the economic poster-child for the European Union around 2001. Today they’re suffering under roughly 21% unemployment after instigating a green-jobs program. After Greece, Spain may well be the next European domino to fall . . . .

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