Rajjpuut Prediction Comes True:

Toyota Recalls Again Hit Lexus

For those of you looking to best understand the world of business and management across all human endeavor in and outside of business, government, education, etc., Rajjpuut highly recommends the book “The Rational Manager” (or its update “The New Rational Manager) by Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. A month ago when he predicted that Toyota’s new campaign to win people’s trust back would fail and that its random acceleration and steering problems were NOT actually fixed, Rajjpuut based his thinking on Kepner-Tregoe management principles and techniques. Lo’ and behold, now we find that Toyota problems have continued after all.

Today, Monday, May 24, 2010, Toyota executives announced the recall of 3,800 Lexus LS Sedans in order to fix a problem with the electronic (i.e. computerized) steering system. This recall comes on the heels of a 4,500 car recall in Japan last week for the same steering problems. According to Toyota sources, the Lexus steering wheel can become “off-centered” after “a specific driving maneuver” but not during “usual driving.” The Lexus steering wheel, controlled by a computer will purportedly be a quick and free fix. Again, just as in the computerized braking system failure, Toyota is NOT revealing exactly what’s gone wrong and exactly how it’ll be fixed. Based upon Rajjpuut’s understanding of K-T management systems, he won’t be buying any Toyota’s in the near future.

The Kepner-Tregoe system provides an overview of the management process as “situation analysis.” Once the situation is analyzed as either a problem to be solved; a decision that needs to be made; or an ongoing program or direction that needs to be safe-guarded from failure (PA, DA, PPA in K-T lingo), the manager uses specific K-T processes to answer the demands created by the situation. What struck Rajjpuut about the Lexus situation is

A. Another system controlled by computers is now malfunctioning for Toyota

B. Toyota never has precisely defined the original problem with its braking system and never said precisely how that problem was being repaired.

C. Toyota repeatedly has claimed the brake system snafu is a “mechanical problem” but has repeatedly shown itself unable to precisely explain what that problem is

D. Congressional hearings with Toyota were most unhelpful, apparently the congressmen have no idea of how best to efficiently question a manufacturing firm about problems with manufacturing processes or results.

E. Toyota has obstinately refused to allow for the possibility that something related to the computer or spurious signals “could NOT” be causing the problems.

So Rajjpuut’s newest prediction: the current braking and steering problems will continue to haunt Toyota. Do NOT expect Toyota’s to re-emerge as a trusted and safe and desirable part of the new car picture until: they can name and can demonstrate before an impartial reviewer the precise problem with their electronic braking; and electronic steering . . . which means Toyota can create the problem on demand and demonstrate the cause; and they then produce a “fix” that refutes the problem situation which also can be demonstrated. Until such a time arrives, all Toyota advertising and promising has to be considered nothing more than wishful thinking. Stay safe!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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