Obama Sells Out U.S. Borders with Secret Amnesty Deal

The Department of Homeland Security has drafted a 14-page plan through its “U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services” Division for processing thirteen million illegal alien applicants for amnesty over a 30-week period at a cost of more than a billion dollars according to information leaked to World Net Daily (wnd.com) online. The plan anticipates Democrats will succeed in passing their so-called “Comprehensive Immigration “Reform” Bill. As always the Obama administration uses the euphemism “reform” to denote some sort of slick and tawdry actions that no sane and honest person would ever contemplate. In this case, opening the floodgates from south of our borders to overwhelm our present entitlement systems and bankrupt the country. The United States has had a fair and effective system for legal immigrants becoming citizens via the naturalization process for over 220 years and now Obama wants to “fix” it. What he wants is to immediately create 13 million new Democratic voters to keep him in office in 2012, nothing more.

The leaked plan assumes a nine-month period of legalization processing. The plan anticipates that public benefits will be required by most amnesty applicants. “If the statute requires interim benefits while application pending, issue discrete variant of status document (shorter term duration than if issued after prospective immigrant status granted)," the 14-page memo states. Under the plan applicants 14 through 79 years of age would be required to submit themselves for photographing, supply a full set of fingerprints and signatures while illegal aliens outside that age range would only need a photo and single print. It remains to be seen how real American Citizens will react to this outrageous citizenship giveaway . . . . of course, there's always the possibility that this is just an Obama ploy to arouse the Hispanic voters as he did with his lying appraisal of the Arizona immigration law. The question of illegal immigrants becoming overnight citizens can't be that much of a slam-dunk can it?
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  • The "Immigration Rights" groups are using the moto "A Path To Citizenship" as they are trying to change the Illegals image in front of the Television News cameras at the demonstrations they are staging, Click Link: Against The Arizona Law
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