“Soros, you see is making a great BLUFF and his multi-billions are now at risk . . . .”
Are Ben ‘n Barack Deliberately
Undermining Economy for Soros
            Multi-billionaire supposed philanthropist~~ George Soros has now stepped out into the open. The man with the self-acknowledged “God complex” has pulled off the kid gloves and is moving in for the kill. Declaring that the dollar as we’ve known it is dead, not in so many words – but yes, in fact, Soros claimed at a recent conference at Bretton-Woods, New Hampshire that the American Dollar was no longer the world’s reserve currency. The “Man who Broke the Bank of England” (1992) a.k.a “The International Man of Misery,” infamous for preparing and profiting from the destruction of numerous nations’ currencies -- Soros laughingly talked about the badly-weakened Dollar now sharing duty with the Euro, the Yen and several other currencies. For those in the know, that highly gross insult wasn’t lost upon us . . . .
Soros knows as do we that 1) in the wake of bailing out Greece, Ireland and Portugal and preparing to bail out Italy, Spain and possibly Hungary . . . the Euro is a horrifically threatened currency and also that  2) the Japanese Yen has been devastated by the monster earthquake, tsunami, nuclear reactor problems and thirty huge aftershocks (the latest this week measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale) . . . in short the Dollar (if indeed it’s only on a par with the Yen and Euro), as George suggests, is dead as a doornail. 
George didn’t have his billions back in the late 40’s when the British Pound Sterling gave up its two-century old position as the world’s reserve currency to the United States’ greenback, so he wasn’t able to profit from that terrific misery . . . but “Spooky Dude” definitely knows his history. Because of that, Soros said that efforts to attack the American DEBT were short-sighted and the only way for our economy to survive was to risk incurring a lot more debt to get the economy humming. He put it this way, “The big question is not whether the U.S. Dollar should be the world’s reserve currency. It no longer is. That role is shared with the Euro, Yen and other currencies and commodities such as gold, oil . . . .”
Acting as if he, King George, was the acknowledged leader of the entire world, Soros set up his economic conference on the site of the famous Bretton-Woods economic conference which charted the monetary future of the planet as the end of World War II approached. That first Bretton Woods agreement established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world’s major industrial states in the mid-20th Century.  In planning the rebuilding of the international economic system as the European and Pacific Wars still raged, 730 delegates from all 44 Allied nations gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton-Woods, N.H. and after proper deliberation signed the Bretton-Woods Agreements during the first three weeks of July 1944. Soros at his Bretton-Woods meetings has called for the renunciation of the American Dollar right here on American soil in a particularly grandiose and self-serving manner.
All that not being enough for Spooky George, he tried his hand at straightforward sabotage as well. In his prescription to rush the fall of the Buck once and for all, Soros pretended he was offering good economic advice designed to save the currency as he pooh-poohed calls for strengthening the dollar by dealing with the debt (such as Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan has made with his proposed 2012 budget) saying, “There is very a strong push to tighten the budget as a way to reduce government spending… In my opinion, the country could actually absorb some more debt in order to get the economy going. If you have a growing economy, you can tolerate a higher level of debt.” Soros, you see is making a great BLUFF and his multi-billions are now at risk . . . . 
That’s right, Soros who has twice before made a play to bring the United States’ fiscal house down around us was NOT counting on the fiscal-conservative backlash that has dominated the U.S. political scene since mid-2010 and sent so many progressive big-spending politicians’ (88% of them progressive Democrats) packing in the most recent elections.  As a result his “bets” against America are deeply at risk. He is heavily invested in futures positions based upon the collapse of our currency . . . thus preparing to once again repeat the successful currency forays that made him a multi-billionaire while helping wreck the economies of Britain (a second time), Russia, Malaysia, etc., etc. ad nauseum.   Next to the radical jihadist element of Islam, no one hates the United States nearly so much as George Soros does. He made his first big play to cut the country down to size, by pouring billions into the Kerry election campaign in 2004 and into anti-George W. Bush propaganda. Bush #2 was not our wisest president, no doubt . . . but he was patriotic enough and wise enough NOT to get under George Soros’s thumb (something that Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama cannot say) and wise enough NOT to consider printing money as a satisfactory answer to any sort of problem. Barack Obama, by comparison, is a George Soros puppet.
Speaking of “the great man who’s now along with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) already spent over $1.2 million to prevent efforts to find his birth certificate” -- less than a week ago President Obama became the first to throw his hat officially into the ring as a declared candidate for the presidency in 2012 . . . now he and his campaign are officially prepared to receive all the millions that Soros and his fifty progressive foundations can pour his way.   If the policies of Barack Obama have been seemingly impossible to understand, one has only to ask three questions to clear up the matter completely. A) What would the international communists and America’s labor leaders want him to do to undermine the United States?  B) What would George Soros prefer? And C) How can he best disguise his loyalties to Georgie S. and his Red Friends.  Usually the first two questions generate the same answer and Barack’s duty is clear. When there is conflict between the two positions, Obama is forced to think for himself and his trademark “dithering” becomes apparent as he seeks to chart Path C.
Whether or not Barack proves to be a one-term president will likely depend upon the economy and/or his ability to sell Americans on his contention that the economy belongs 100% to his predecessor – always has, always will.   With the liberal media on his side, it won’t necessarily be a hard sell.   Surprisingly, 34% of voters still give him good or excellent marks on running the economy although only 14% believe their taxes will go down due to Obama’s governing; only 30% now see their own financial picture as good or excellent; and 69% of American voters call themselves “at least somewhat angry” about the policies of the government. With the unending help of the media, Obama will likely be made a hero by the media for the passage of the 2011 budget with two more challenges ahead: the status of the national debt (he wants to raise the Debt Ceiling up well past $15 TRillion) and the 2012 budget drafted by Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan (which cuts $6.2 TRillion from the debt over the next decade; compared to Mr. Obama’s budget which increased spending 4% and ratchet up the deficits and debt as well.
Obama’s unwitting^^ partner in crime in making King George’s dreams come true is Ben Bernanke, Chief of the Federal Reserve Banking System. The stagnation the country has felt economically is now being compounded by Bernanke-created inflation. At present the ceaseless physical and electronic creation of money by Mr. Bernanke has made the 2011 U.S. dollar technically worth only 3.2 pennies worth if the late 2008 greenback. The treasury department has hidden our current inflation by A) insisting that food and fuel costs don’t count and B) by overweighting the cost of housing in the current inflation statistics.  Since we don’t buy houses everyday and since we do need food and fuel every day, in reality we are now paying 16% more for the everyday necessities than we did when George W. Bush was president. While the civilized world has been ostentatiously tightening its belt Bernanke, Barack, Soros & other Sons of B______ have been seriously counterfeiting the American Dollar. 
You need look no further than the Euro . . . this abysmally weak currency is now trading very strong about 1 4/9 as valuable as the Buck. All over the globe folks are noticing and buying gold, silver, oil, or other currencies with their dollars. Few are eager to embrace dollars unless they’re given bonus amounts. The debt and the inflation scare are two sides of the same coin with Barack, Ben and Soros the edge of that coin . . . trying to sell the world and Americans on the notion that stagflation is a great step on the road to repairing the American economy.   Surprisingly, George Soros might be even more over-extended than the American economy is. If his bluff doesn’t work and doesn’t help rush the American economy into absolute bankruptcy, King George might just find himself a mere hundred millionaire again, more’s the pity. 
Besides that potential problem: 1) George’s funding for ACORN has now proven a major liability 2) Soros, Gore, Obama, Raines, Rogers, Strong, both Clintons, several Goldman Sach’s bigwigs and at least 54 other top progressives already lost their shirts when their little cap and trade scheme backfired and they had to sell out their holdings in the CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange) after neither legislative bullying nor Obama-ordered EPA regulatory bullying proved sufficient to move the nation toward full carbon-trading. Instead of hundreds of billions of profits they wound up collectively losing millions. Al Gore just missed becoming the first “Green Billionaire” and Soros’ foundations suffered mightily. Bottom line, Barack Obama badly owes his puppet-master . . . do not expect him to cave in on the Ryan budget in any way, shape or form. Unlike the first ACORN president who delivered the Motor-Voter Act and four separate expansions** of CRA ’77 to ACORN in payment for their corrupt backing . . . the totally incompetent “Anointed One” Barack Obama has failed to deliver much of anything to his handlers. The Deficit-Ceiling votes and the Ryan Budget Package will undoubtedly be his last hurrah unless he finds unmitigated success . . . which the G.O.P. can hand him or deny.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
~~          Philanthropist is a euphemism used by progressives to describe King George Soros. Like all euphemisms, this is a LIE to hide truth that’s harsh, offensive or blunt.
According to Canada Free Press, “George Soros is a ‘philanthropist’ if by ‘philanthropist’ we mean one who creates chaos, destruction and financial ruin for his own personal gain, it’s a perfect fit.  Calling Soros a philanthropist is rather like referring to the Nazi block wardens as Neighborhood Watch.” They go on . . . .
“Soros certainly gives lots of money away.  But a philanthropist acts to improve the human condition.  Soros acts solely to improve the Soros condition.  Despite the lofty sounding rhetoric about an Open Society, Soros’ objective is to wreck the United States.  Actually Soros never really defines his Open Society.  The concept arose in the 1930s with the notion of a moral code based on “universal principles”.  After tweaking the concept to suit his own purposes, Soros adopted his own version of an Open Society which would be one in which the US has no power. 
“Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 to non-practicing Jewish parents.  His father, a lawyer was able to hide their identities and young George was recruited by the Nazi’s Judenrat to hand out flyers deceptively directing Jews to turn themselves in for deportation to the death camps.  Soros later said he found the work exhilarating.  Later passing himself as an official’s godson, he accompanied his benefactor confiscating valuables from innocent Jews.  Soros would later tell Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes that he had ‘no remorse’ about what he had done.
“In fact, Soros doesn’t have remorse for much, if anything.  In The Shadow Party (David Horowitz and Richard Poe, 2006), Soros is quoted as saying that ‘conscience clouds an investor’s judgment.’”
Additionally, our philanthropist Mr. Soros has been accused several times of illegal currency manipulation and also was convicted in France of insider trading . . . certainly he has no compassion for the victims of his monetary shenanigans.
^^Bernanke is a self-mis-directed-would-be patriot who mistakenly believes he and only he correctly understands American economic history. Big Ben has written several scholarly papers on the Great Depression. He actually believes that by and large Hoover on the one hand and FDR and his administration on the other did a relatively good job and that a huge amount of the blame for the depth and duration of the Great Depression were caused by unenlightened Federal Reserve policies and too-tight monetary$$ policies. The Fed was undoubtedly at fault somewhat, but the anti-capitalistic actions of Hoover and FDR are the root cause. When he’s not allowed to read his own writing, Bernanke makes a lot more sense. Indeed, at times he sounds like he’s got his finger on the pulse of things when he says he favors
a)     “Reducing the U.S. budget deficit by reform of the Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs”
b)      Accomplished by cutting spending, or entitlement payments or raising taxes or some combination of those three actions. 
He notably does not account for the debilitating effect of raising taxes on prosperity . . . .
$$ No one seems to know, much less take advantage of the great historical lesson known as the “Invisible Depression” wherein Woodrow Wilson’s (much more acute recession than the 1929 market crash brought about) severe recession was tamed in fifteen months by President Warren G. Harding’s combination of cutting spending by 49%; cutting taxes by 48% and paying down the debt 30%. FDR, while calling Hoover “a socialist” promised to repeat the Harding formula, but, of course, did exactly the opposite and extended the depression into a 12.5 year Great Depression.
** CRA ’77 was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 passed by Jimmy Carter and progressive politicians (about 86% of them Democrats). This was the greatest government interference in the free market ever conceived. Banks and mortgage companies were required to knowingly make abysmally bad loans to unqualified would-be home owners. In 1976, 0.24% of home loans were considered ‘suspect.’ Thanks to ACORN (then the Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now) working almost totally in Arkansas under Governor Bill Clinton, that rate for the entire nation doubled to 0.51% suspect loans by 1986. When Clinton took office in 1993 he repaid ACORN (become the Associations of Community Organizations for Reform Now) with the Motor-Voter Act and a huge regulatory expansion of CRA ’77 almost immediately. In 1995 he twice legislatively expanded CRA ’77. By 1996, 14.08% of all home loans in the country were suspect. In 1998, Clinton passed the steroid-version expansion of CRA legislation. By 2000, the housing bubble was underway and the sub-prime lending crisis was a fact of life by 2005 when 34% of all home loans were suspect . . . but the situation was much worse than the numbers showed: instead of a tiny amount of loans at 3% down payment for $80,000 and $120,000 homes we had a huge amount of 0% loans on homes in the $320,000 to $480,000 range. Instead of “iffy” loans to former military officers attending college on the GI Bill (0.24% in 1976); we now had horrifically bad loans at 0% to people without jobs; with horrible credit ratings; without even rental histories; whose only “income” was food stamps; and even to illegal aliens. If you’re confused by all this and why the word “deliberately” was deliberately used in the headline to his blog: here’s some information on the progressives’ Cloward-Piven Strategy published in 1966, which deliberately bankrupted New York City in 1975 requiring a federal bailout . . . .

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