Patriotism: a High-Demand Commitment
Part III: Understanding the Progressive Opposition We Face
Let us now talk about the "enemy." We are wise not to dare consider him the "loyal opposition" since he refuses to play by the rules of the Constitution, nor the rules of truth and normally understood fair play . . . and yet he holds us to those three high standards at all times (employing our "scripture" to do their hellish work) and has the mainstream media virtually 95% committed to advancing his lies. We must, under these circumstances, conduct ourselves in the most circumspect and non-violent manner, like the superior human beings knowing a superior and more ultimately compassionate truth that we are. Every day, that policy has won, the TEA Party, for example, greater and greater respect. But enough about us . . . . What do progressives believe? What do they feel they need to pass on to help us less-enlightened Americans to understand and embrace the beneficial changes they’re wisely bringing us? How do we conservatives refute all the specious progressive nonsense that’s continually thrust upon us and ballyhooed in the mainstream media? The progressive argument is found in normal print below. The Conservative rebuttal is written in italic print.
America through progressive eyes:
This is a very flawed land and jingoistic land where hypocrites abound. Our national vision is a gross lie seen through a distorted mirror called American History learned by rote triviality and blended into a “melting-pot” consciousness known as American “exceptionalism.” Justifying our founders as “God-led” patriots we dismiss with little thought their genocide of the native tribes inhabiting the lands when we first arrived; the enslavement of Black Africans whom we tore away from their native shores; the outright theft of 2/3 of what was once Mexico away from its people; and the use of concentration camps to control vast numbers of German- and Italian-Americans in World War I and Japanese-Americans in World War II. These sins are each of them so great they can never be expiated. Calling our most monumental lie “Manifest Destiny” a charade for some of the cruelest actions ever seen on earth, may not make us popular, but these truths can NOT go unsaid.
America, the Big-Picture truth:
America, like all nations, has had and still has its failings. Evil men and women have always existed even upon our own shores. Good men and good women also are prone to error. The mistakes of the past, however, are in the past and immutable. Choosing to use them as permanent stains upon the people of the present is utter nonsense and foolhardy propagandistic ranting, nothing more, nothing less. Clearly, the wide library of progressive lies about America, Americans and the “American Way” tell us way more about the kind of malcontented people that become progressives and raise their children that way than they do about America’s weaknesses. The utterly worst chapters of American History show a not very compassionate and often cruel or at least careless thoughtlessness toward other cultures. But cultural clashes are not unknown elsewhere and seldom have been moderated into absolutely benign cultural mergers anywhere. Looked at in that light, America comes out flawed but not evil. That is realism, plain and simple. Understand your mistakes, learn from them and avoid them in the future. Nihilistic progressivism would have all Americans forever guilty and apologizing for our very breath. Rajjpuut did NOT enslave anyone. Rajjpuut did NOT put anyone in a concentration camp. Rajjpuut has never killed anyone. Rajjpuut refuses to be held eternal prisoner to the sins of the past. Rajjpuut recommends all clear thinking Americans adopt a similar line of thinking, the past is uncontrollable . . . work now on improving those things we can control, period.
Be fair and accurate, Progressives! And notice, that the examples given in World War I and World War II were brought about by progressive presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delando Roosevelt. Be fair and accurate, Progressives! Why not compare us to what you are espousing: totalitarianism (all collectivism -- and progressivism is utterly collectivistic, regardless of how they attempt to sugar coat it -- is based upon the Utopian ideas of Engles and Marx and owe much of their strength to labor and environmental movements like the Luddites in Great Britain in opposition to the Industrial Revolution) . . . all this is another sort of Clashing of Cultures and the prime collectivist states Communist USSR, Communist China and Nazi Germany have seen to the murder of 94 million civilians in the name of their ideologies with the Nazis only responsible for 13 million civilian deaths. Compared to what progressivism espouses, America looks darn good. What’s going on upon these shores is pretty wonderful in its own way. There’s a reason that the French gave us the Statue of Liberty. There’s a reason that ours is the land that hundreds of millions of people have dreamed of and tens of millions of peoples have uprooted themselves to come here legally. There’s a reason that millions of people cross into our country illegally while Berlin Walls and Iron Curtains couldn’t stop people from escaping collectivistic states. America has been for roughly 200+ years, the land of opportunity. America has things in its past to be ashamed of, America need have NO SHAME for the present. America is in a certain sense perfect, in a greater sense: perfecting.
The Military through progressive eyes:
America is an imperialistic and violent nation (look at that “National Anthem”) interested in virtual-colonization of the Third World. Our military serves the evil purposes of enslavement and oppression of other cultures. There can be no “just” American war and no heroic American fighters because we come into battle with the malevolent thought that our might makes us right always. In league with big business, the military—industrial complex (M-IC) seeks to control the minds, bodies and votes of all Americans as well as much of the rest of the worlds’ peoples and resources. America hides behind its ruthless military strength to browbeat other cultures and nations and their leaders into compliance with America’s desires. We have no real friends in the rest of the world, only a few toady and sycophantic nations that align with us. The existence of the American military-industrial complex (M-IC) allows unenlightenend Americans to believe that they are the greatest, freest and most generous peoples the planet has ever known . . . enlightenment,however, tells us that Americans (until properly educated in progressivism) are narrow-minded slaves to the M-IC who are selfishly plundering the rest of the planet and endangering us all with environmental Armageddon.
The American Military, the Big-Picture Truth:
Here the progressives missed their best chance to embarrass and demean the American military and didn’t . . . so in the spirit of full and open truth-seekers, let us remind them of Custer’s two raids on defenseless Indian camps populated mostly with women and children before his own ultimate demise; plus the Sand Creek Massacre; plus Wounded Knee; plus the U.S. Army’s role in bringing about the horrific death march known as the “Trail of Tears.” Hell, let’s throw in Kent State while we’re at it and Hiroshima and Nagasaki – America’s the only nation ever to drop a nuclear bomb on another nation, after all.
Armies and Navies, etc. are designed to FORCIBLY bring one’s enemies into line while protecting one’s own nation and its interests. Abuse of military power is evil, clearly and undeniably evil. Clearly and undeniably, some unenlightened and abusive use of the nation’s military power has occurred and far too often. Not to mention the almost always inexcusable collateral damage and friendly fire incidents created by either incompetence, ignorance, or accident. The two A-bombs mentioned above, by the way, ended up saving presumably three to four million Japanese lives and ¾ of a million American lives not to mention the wounded on both sides and the virtual destruction of all of Japanese infrastructure and culture.
All the incidents mentioned in the penultimate paragraph are facts of history and cannot be undone, but only learned from. The progressives make a repeated and consistent logical error in always allowing themselves the right to learn from their more than abundant past mistakes, but branding America’s past errors as utterly damning, ubiquitous and eternal. The progressive would brand America and the American military for all our mistakes forever – the mote in our eye -- while forever refusing to acknowledge the far more monumental shortcomings of progressivism and the military abuses of collectivist states – the huge post** in their own eye -- such as the USSR and Red China annihilating the freedom-loving opposition in places like Hungary and Tibet, etc., etc. ad nauseum and stealing the freedoms of their own people by the full-pressed weight of their military might and their military-like police enforcement techniques and philosophy.
In fact, the American military has been largely a force for good in the late and 21st Centuries. It was the American military that brought the utterly cruel and despotic Japanese empire to its end. Ask the Chinese and the Koreans about that. It was the American military that played the primary role in wiping out Nazi Germany with American military supplies also bolstering the causes of Stalin and Churchill against Hitler's forces mightily. It was striving to keep up with the American military which brought about the bankruptcy and eventual PEACEFUL capitulation highlighted by the surprisingly quick fall of the Berlin Wall; collapse of the Warsaw Pact; and the dissolution of the USSR itself. When natural calamaties and crises fall upon innocent civilians, it is more often than not, the American military on the front lines delivering and providing aid and comfort to the stricken. On balance, the American military is more deserving of praise than censure and when you’re talking about virtually unlimited power being used with a respect and restraint that is truly a magnificent truth.
Next time Part IV: the Constitution through Progressive Eyes
Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,
** For example, the progressives don't like to acknowledge that the lion's share of the present almost $14 TRillion national debt is of their making; that pay-go which they just passed is like "set-aside" which they always attached to their monumental public welfare schemes like social security, medicare and the federal side of medicaid and since passing pay-go earlier this year, they have refused to acknowledge and follow their own good law and find a way to pay for proposed new laws as pay-go requires. Most importantly, let us never talk about the fact that the three government interference set-aside boondoggles (also government spending boondoggles, thus GIBs and GSBs) named above are now obligated for $109 TRillion in required services . . . this is the progressive legacy which they totally ignore while piling scheme upon impossible scheme as if there will never be a day of fiscal-reckoning . . . in other words, progressivism is an enormous lie and a filthy ponzi scheme.
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