“Sorry, Mr. President, the facts are against you three-to-one,  if burning wood is what you mean by ‘green energy,’ I count your stimulus package and deficit spending the greatest failure in world history . . .”
Barack’s State of Union Address,
Lies Based upon False Premises
            Barack Obama made a big deal of the fact that while he spent his Christmas (strike that), his ‘er Winter Solstice vacation in Hawaii he was reading a book about Ronald Reagan. Uh-huh. Those five pictures of Obama reading the Reagan book now circulating around the internet might impress some . . . they don’t impress people who think. Ronald Reagan’s single most memorable utterance after “Tear down this (Berlin) wall, Mr. Gorbachev!” was “Government is NOT the answer, government is the problem!” while Obama’s entire State of the Union (SoU) speech showed us that Reagan was a dummy because clearly in Barack’s world government is not only THE answer, but big unlimited all-controlling government is the ONLY logical path. Let’s sum up what a thinking voter needs to know about Mr. Obama’s State of the Union Address last night in just two rather long paragraphs . . . .
1.                                          To begin understanding the huge and radical nature of Obama’s SoU lies and innuendo, take his most outstanding promise from 2.5 years ago about making us “less dependent upon foreign oil and creating a vibrant new green economy . . .” Mr. Obama was not the first to have that vision; Jimmy Carter made reasonable steps in that direction 34 years ago. Our progress for all of Carter’s work over the 32 years between then and Barack Obama stepping into the Oval office:  1/160th of all America’s energy (0.6%) comes from wind; 1/1000 of our energy comes from solar (0.1%). Our progress since Barack Obama came into power: still 1/160th of all America’s energy (0.6%) comes from wind; and still 1/1000 of our energy comes from solar (0.1%). For a comparison, over 2% of our energy comes from wood. That is three times of much of America’s energy comes from wood as from the most advanced “green-tech.” “Sorry, Mr. President, the facts are against you three-to-one, if burning wood is what you mean by ‘green energy,’ I count your stimulus package and deficit spending the greatest failure in world history . . . .” We simply have not mastered either the collection of wind or solar or geo-thermal or whatever green energy you can think of; and more importantly we have not mastered energy storage to make such energy (once it’s collected) viable. Oh, yeah, then there’s the matter of doing it without exceeding the comparable price of $15 a gallon gas, Mr. President . . . all the good sounding but illogical promises from the summer of 2008 are still out there, still unfulfilled. In a phrase, the entire Obama SoU was the equivalent of madman Jared Loughner channeling a saint . . . you might start out with good intentions, but in the end you come to lunacy and disaster. Obama’s underlying SoU metaphor was the idea of “investment in America.” Sure sounds good . . . but let’s change the word “investment “ to “government spending” which is what got us into the unsustainable mess we’re in right now. IF Mr. Obama’s stimulus had worked he wouldn’t now be talking about doubling-down his bet with another thinly disguised “investment.” We have more than the 8% unemployment he promised, because his entire specious (good-sounding, but either false or illogical or both) panoply of promises is based upon an inaccurate world view that “Government is the answer.” The reason for American Exceptionalism and why so many people want to come here (as opposed to, say, escaping through the Berlin Wall or Iron Curtain) is this, up to recently, was a place where government’s role was limited and self-government and liberty were the individual’s realm. Going back to the idea of government spending getting us into the unsustainable mess we now find ourselves in  . . . to do this, let’s look at only one bad law (there’s been 3,000 bad laws passed by the government since this one) . . . imagine IF . . . .
A. Imagine IF Jimmy Carter hadn’t had his congress create the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977 (CRA ’77) and home mortgage lenders hadn’t been forced by the government to make knowingly bad loans to people who were terrible risks while only requiring 3% (or less) down payment.
B. Imagine IF the progressive movement and Wade Rathke hadn’t created ACORN (Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now) to exploit CRA ’77; while also supporting Bill Clinton to give him the state governorship 12 of the next fourteen years. Imagine IF ACORN hadn’t expanded to all 50 states and become the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now.
C. Imagine IF George Bush (senior) had vetoed one bill in 1992 because of a tiny section he didn’t like expanding CRA ’77 to Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.
D. Imagine IF ACORN hadn’t been able to get Bill Clinton into the Oval Office; or IF while president, Clinton hadn’t greatly expanded CRA ’77 with regulatory fiat in 1993; twice got the congress to expand CRA ’77 in 1995; and made a steroid expansion of CRA ’77 in 1998.
E. Imagine IF Barack Obama and other ACORN lawyers hadn’t shaken-down and brow-beaten mortgage lenders so viciously using Alinsky tactics to get them to obey the now expanded versions of CRA ’77.
F. Imagine IF in January, 2005, when the recent Bush administration saw the dangers of CRA ’77 and sought to repeal all the worst parts including all of Clinton’s ’98 steroid expansion . . . and succeeded.
G. Imagine IF the percentage of ill-advised loans in 1975, before CRA ’77 had remained at 0.24% made at 3% down payment or less. Imagine that the percentage had NOT risen to 14% in 1995 and 34% in 2005.
H. Imagine IF the ’98 steroid version of CRA ’77 passed by Clinton had been voted down . . . if ACORN and others didn’t then find it as easy to get a risky client into a $440,000 home in 2001 as they had to get him into a $110,000 home in 1991.
I. Imagine IF ACORN had not insisted on getting expensive homes for folks without jobs; folks without ID; folks without rental histories; folks with terrible credit ratings; folks whose only “income” was food stamps; other welfare recipients; and even for illegal aliens . . . that’s just one bad law based upon the idea that government is the answer. Imagine IF, the sub-prime lending crisis that the CRA’77 law created had never happened . . . . Obama refers to America as the country that gave us the Wright Brothers, Edison and Bill Gates. He does not remind us that these people did NOT require nor want government interference and rather than taking government money they created some things so rich and wonderful that they created millions of jobs over time and gave the government TRillions of dollars in income . . . He also spoke of a "Sputnik Moment" not mentioning that his administration had decided to virtually shut down the valuable NASA program that got us to the moon; or that he had personally told the NASA chief that his glorious new job was making Muslims around the world feel good about their Middle Ages' scientific achievements.  In sum, Mr. Obama gave us a speech that sounded full of great ideas and lofty purpose but which was merely doubling down on his efforts to create a 100% socialist country and which, neither in particulars nor in broad perspective makes one iota of sense . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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