Voter-Fraud vs. Hillary Heaped on Obama and

upon His DOJ’s Recent Black Panther Inaction

by New Democrat Documentary

Regular readers of the Folly know the antipathy Rajjpuut holds for our communist president Barack Obama. From the earliest moments Rajjpuut stated flat out that Obama had used corrupt methods to steal the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton. Later when New Black Panthers intimidated voters and a Black poll watcher in Philadelphia and then the Obama Department of Justice dropped the case which the Bush administration had already won, Rajjpuut again called “FOUL!” Lately that Panther scandal added to two other DOJ scandals have dominated the free air waves in England and at FOX News here in America, while naturally being ignored by the progressive mainstream media. Today, comes word of a new documentary that whose producer swears “proves” that Obama used illegal bussing, voter-suppression, voter intimidation and other dirty tricks to win thirteen of the fourteen caucus states and the nomination.

Since one Ms. Fernandez, an Obama political appointee to the Department of Justice, has been said to have told a roomful of DOJ employees that A) cases featuring White victims and Black defendants would NOT be of interest to the DOJ and B) the DOJ was no longer interested in investigating Motor Voter Law registration irregularities (for duplicate entries; the dead, those who have moved, convicted felons, non-residents; illegal aliens and other anomalies “because that will just decrease voter turnout.” The Motor Voter Law when created in 1992 by President Clinton and his Democrats was according to the pundits “a license for unending voter fraud – and now Ms. Fernandez was saying even that weakened law would now NOT be enforced by the DOJ.

These charges were repeatedly brought by the Hillary campaign and ignored by the Democratic National Committee as well as all the mainstream media and even FOX News only gave it minimal coverage. Rajjpuut can once again tell those Obama supporters out there, you heard it hear first and often . . . Rajjpuut has repeatedly said the “Caucus System” is absolutely absurd: Caucus States in 2008 made up just over 3% of the Democratic voters (1.1 million voters) but accounted for 626 delegates or 15% of the all delegates. Obama’s gaming the system and use of corrupt methods leveraged the Obama campaign to victory. The problems ranged from cheating, fraud, obstruction, bussing and even death threats according to the documentary.

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