“He has betrayed some of the people all of the time; all of the people some of the time; and even though he’s been caught betraying the truth on at least 1,000 significant matters*** . . . in accord with the teachings of Saul Alinsky, Obama continues to seek to betray all Americans all the time.” Rajjpuut
Obama’s Friends, Ends, and Means Become Transparent;
and Abhorrent as Americans Slowly Become
Aware of the Identity of the “Real Barack Obama”
Three of Barack Obama’s most surprising support groups in the 2008 presidential election were White voters earning $200,000 or more, Roman Catholics, and Jewish voters. Obama won the election with a 6+% edge over John McCain overall, but among wealthy Whites had an 8.5% edge; a 9% edge as far as Roman Catholics; and with an incredible 60% edge among Jews. It now appears that these three groups; and Independents which he won by a 16 point edge; and women who gave him a 12 point edge are NOW abandoning Obama and his Democrats in droves. People will do that to a politician they regard as treacherous. In truth Obama has betrayed some of the people all of the time; all of the people some of the time; and even though he’s been caught betraying the truth on probably 1,000 significant matters*** . . . in keeping with the teachings of Saul Alinsky, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. continues to seek to betray all Americans all the time.
Before we get to the meat of this discussion about Barack Obama, let us clear up two important terms: “Progressives” and “Liberals.” Rajjpuut is now amending his definition of the term “Progressive” from “someone who wants to ‘progress’ beyond the ‘outdated’ and ‘severely flawed’ Constitution of the United States”. Rajjpuut sees now that his old definition is inadequate. The new definition adds this shocker: “Progressive from malice wish to overthrow the United States, a land they hate.” So what, then, is a liberal? Liberals are the unthinking storm troopers of the progressive movement. To be more accurate: liberals are goody-two shoes who are determined to correct the world’s ills by stealing (taxing) other people’s money and power over their own lives; liberals are well-intentioned with your money, of course, but because they are unwilling to think, they are natural cannon fodder for the Progressives who can and will do the thinking for the liberals around them. The chief political produce of the progressive and the chief political diet of the liberal are LIES.
In America a massive amount of evil all begins with liberal White guilt. Now Rajjpuut, who has never owned a slave is not the sort of fellow who feels guilt about much he does, or doesn’t do; or about what he says or thinks – prefers to live life in the moment doing his best . . . but the doctrine of White guilt is one of the more important ones among about 60 key politically correct doctrines that progressives have taught to silly Whites interested in coming to terms with their inner need to feel despicable and unworthy. Now Rajjpuut’s kin folk arrived in America in 1854 and went to raising kids and farms and never owned anybody . . . but just for the hell of it, let’s pretend that the original Rajjpuut to set foot in North America owned 7,000 slaves; beat them daily; raped their women nightly; made a sadistic game out of splitting up families by selling the parents off in two different directions; and sometimes even spit on the sidewalk and took the lord’s name in vain. If that were all 100% true, what in God’s name does it have to do with me here and now?
Do the actions of some crap-head in the mid-19th Century, dead at least a hundred years now . . . do his actions justify anyone’s support of Barack Obama’s efforts to destroy America? Does that long ago evil past justify some present-day progressive crap-head calling me “racist” or “bigoted” or “stupid” or “an extremist” when my life history says I’m not only NOT anything I’m accused of, but that I’m a whole lot more intelligent politically and fiscally and Constitutionally then the top 10,000 of my detractors? Now this is easily understood and pitifully common knowledge, but somehow 53% of all Americans and 48% of White Americans were recruited by a man of absolutely zero accomplishment and a negative value of integrity to participate willingly in their own political and economic annihilation . . . a man whose basis for charisma is that he won’t admit he’s half-White; grew up four years in Muslim schools; and is an out and out Marxist (because surely if he admitted all those truths, he would seem much less charismatic, no?) . . . are we expressing this correctly? And just to kick the “racism accusers” while they’re down: didn’t Obama win the Black vote by 92% while McCain won the Whites by 4%? The real racists are evident, eh?
Up to now we’ve seen a shucking and jiving caricature of the real Barack Obama . . . now as it becomes apparent that his policies have blown back in his face and in the faces of the liberal idiots that voted with him (and I include Republican Senators Snow and Collins among those idiots, as their day is coming) . . . now we are from time to time seeing the emergence of the real Barack Obama . . . a hate-filled pathetic pygmy of a man . . . where is that vaunted charisma now? A president who calls other Americans “enemies” has lost all charisma. A president who treats the American way of life and all Americans as the enemy oppressors in some sick notion of imperialism against the 3rd World which he champions is a sick-sick-sick individual. Our founders could never have envisioned how large, tyrannical, intrusive, wasteful and self-perpetuating our federal government could become—nor could they have imagined an American president using that bloated government to destroy the American free market system.
The media have made a big deal of recent polling data showing Barack Obama losing serious support among Independents, Women, Jews, rich Whites, Hispanics, young people and college graduates. Let’s clear this up here and now, courtesy of the much-reviled TEA Party movement’s forced awareness upon the electorate: Barack Obama is suffering serious loss of support from every single important group in America except racist Blacks . . . and who knows, perhaps the unfair treatment of Juan Williams at the hands of the progressive idiots at NPR will even open some important eyes among wise Blacks . . . hey, if Jesse Jackson can see the light, there’s hope, there’s hope.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
***Progressive Big Lies (the most important tool of the PROPAGANDIST) have become accepted truths because Americans are too lazy to search out the truth for themselves . . . for example:


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  • Joe your words are to riddled for a simpleton as I to follow, I can say I feel no guilt for the crucifixion of Christ, nor do I feel I will go to hell for not confessing my sins, Should I feel guilty for the crucifixion of Christ, and believe I will go hell if I do not confess my sins, I would be guilty of judging my brothers, because if I feel guilty for any of the above concerning my self then surely I would feel the same for everyone else and I am not capable of that much judgment. Peter would deny him three times before the cock crowed, Peter said no, it is a demonstration of God's will not Peters. Persian astrologers and yes at least you believe they followed the stars ( isn't that amazing in it's self). if you are connected to your spiritual side and believe in brotherhood, should not you at least know whom you are to know your brother? and if you know whom you are then you cannot leave your brother in the dust for you have no power to your own accord to do anything of your own will. You may know and you may command the angels of mother earth but you know nothing of the angels of God. Peace to you! Just an "American" with pride for America and her people.
  • Everything happens for a reason. The way you put it, why should I feel guilty over Christ's crucifixion? Why should I feel that I was born in sin? Why should I think I'm going to hell if I don't confess my sins.

    According to Matthew, the Magi (three Persian astrologers) followed the Star of Bethlehem to Christ's birthplace. They were not three kings. That's bunk.

    On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus said to his friends, "Before the cock crows you will deny me three times." Astrologers maintain that Jesus was born at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. They say that Pisceans desperately want to do the right thing but are weak willed. They are influenced by external factors. The last thing Jesus said was, "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do."

    According to astrologers, we are leaving the Age of Pisces, entering the Age of Aquarius. Astrologers say that Aquarians are for brotherhood and our spiritual side. I'm Aquarian. Let the guilty be left in a cloud of dust.
  • As an adovocate against bigotry racism and the teching of current US history and the current underminding of the united Sates Of America, I think the way this post is dine spells out most of why Americans are tired of the way people are attacking America and the history, I will however say it starts with our young in the education system and is carried out in all entertainment, Obama and Eric Holder as well as almost every high school and Collage, are in full defensive mode right now. Many Tea party members are being asked about surveys, many high schools teachers are making fun of the Tea Party, as we know especially the Union Teachers. and the communities that they are in are viewing the Tea Party as mad and radical and Obama as being miss treated unfairly. So the next generation of journalist and Americans are going to be even worse, and the Democrats know it. Yes the education system has turned out many volunteers and technologies for the Liberals, we must some how coordinate our message to the youth of this country, I for one say press charges on any teacher that is liberal, in the form of mental abuse to a child making them feel the history of their country is shameful and in the attempt to over through our Republic they are subjecting children to intolerable mental abuse a loss of true identity. Even if Democrats and Republicans disagree on social and fiscal issues there is no justification to demonize the other party and the history of the child country. Inexcusable to shame a child.(Example) Go home and watch roots this week and write a report on the shame full acts of this country. 35 yrs and counting now! grade school.
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