Patriotism: Our High-Demand Commitment

Part I: Goals

If you didn’t believe before that the mainstream media acts in lock-step with Obama and his leftists, all doubt can now be erased. Last week while administration spokesmen began en masse adopting the words “insurgent” and “insurgency” to describe the TEA Party phenomenon and its adherents . . . the mass media began routinely talking of “insurgent racists,” “radical insurgents,” etc. Coincidence? Of course, NOT. When an entity like the TEA Party with its calls for fiscal conservativism and Constitutional resurgence is made into "the enemy" then one must surely suspect the motives, values and character of the powers that be.

Something has “fundamentally gone wrong” in America. On the one hand, those who espouse true American values are now vilified constantly by both the mainstream media and by the feckless progressives now controlling our House, Senate and Oval office. On the other hand, TRUTH itself has become a villain (as well as our well-known American virtues) as the present administration takes us on a headlong rush toward the nearest cliff on the edge of totalitarianism. When you take on the patriot’s mantle, these are the facts of life . . . expect lots of 'sticks and stones' coming your way.

If the reader has not already done so or hasn’t done so recently, Rajjpuut recommends watching the movie “Gandhi” by Richard Attenborough. Gandhi's dynamic-duo of non-violence and patriotic confrontation such as he and Martin Luther King, Jr. infused into their movements is an unbeatable combination.

Remembering the mental preparation of those “non-violent” warriors and their commitment to do whatever’s necessary is essential and inspiring.

What is our goal, the goal of patriotic Americans? We wish to “take back America.” One hears that everywhere among TEA Partiers and other fiscal conservatives. What, precisely does that mean? That does NOT mean merely winning an election or two. Rajjpuut suggests that taking back America certainly does mean helping Americans to win more than just the elections in question though those are very important intermediate goals. Ultimate goals are . . .

1) Gradually help eliminating all traces of progressivism** (the leftists need to “progress” well beyond the Constitution toward a socialistic and semi-totalitarian state) and help install a continuing flow of actual statesmen and stateswomen as effective patriotic officials into our Congress and Oval Office. Repealing Obamacare and much of the progressive trash legislation of the past twenty-one years (since Reagan) certainly is vital.

2) Restoring the honored place of the Constitution in our every day lives and in the every day processes of government

3) Eliminating the trends that have brought our government to its present arrogant ineffectuality by simplifying and streamlining federal government so that only the 17 enumerated powers of government in the Constitution are its concerns

4) Via items 1-2-3 above and getting out of the way of our free markets we initiate a renaissance in our economy and begin to solve not only our present crisis ($13 TRillion national debt and 9.8% unemployment) but also to deal with the long-term problems created by progressivism (almost $109 TRillion in Unfunded obligations in Social Security, Medicare, and the federal side of Medicaid).

Rajjpuut suggests that these clear and brief “ends” should be adopted by the TEA Party and spoken about at every possible moment. But remember the ends must always jive with the means. Next time: “Walk the Walk.”

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** The nation has a deep need for sincere liberal voices reminding us that “resting on our laurels” is not always the best action. True liberal voices respecting the Constitution and America’s history and traditions and holding our feet to the fire on the potentials implicit in the Constitution are ultra-important . The best examples coming to Rajjpuut’s mind: Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Progressivism occurs when so-called progressive-liberals A. confuse “needs” with “rights” and claim all manner of supposed freedoms while taking no responsibility for consequences in the short and long term.

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