Obama Drops Homeland Securtiy Ball, Blames Arizona

The man who pledged that during his presidency, he would be a statesman who “would bring us together,” has become a politician of the lowest ilk and a massively divisive influence upon the nation. Playing the race game for political gain for at least the fiftieth time since last June when he first turned the spigots of hate and intolerance upon the TEA Party protestors with thumbs in both his ears, Barack Obama also showed that for a man who lectured upon Constitutional law, he knows nothing about the 10th Amendment, the foundation of the Bill of Rights. Let us be clear: the reason that millions of pounds of drugs are going through Arizona every year and that Phoenix, Arizona is the kidnap capital of the country and only second to Bogota, Colombia as kidnap capital of the world is because President and his Homeland Security group have dropped the ball willfully on illegal immigration.

Janet Napolitano, Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary and the former governor of Arizona has no political will to protect the United States or Arizona from the Mexican Drug Cartels, human-traffickers and assorted felons mixed in with the one million border-crossers who use Arizona as an entry point. She, herself, as goverenor asked for a military or national guard presence along the border to stem the relentless tide of undocumented entrants into the state. But Obama has made it clear, he favors eventual amnesty in which he expects 90% of the new citizens will automatically become Obama voters . . . nothing, not even performing the federal government’s main job (protecting the country and its borders) will be allowed to come between Barack and his unbridled ambition.

Obama and the Democrats are hollering “Nazis,” “police state,” “racial profiling” and “civil-right’s nightmare” to describe a fair and well-written law which has been crafted to mirror exactly the federal immigration law that Obama’s federal government won’t enforce and to minimize any chance of racial profiling by Arizona police. Unless the citizen is arrested or detained with real likelihood of being involved in a crime, I.D. cannot be called for. Since all legitimate non-citizens are required to carry a green card with them at all times, the only problem is in Obama’s mind. It’s all a cleverly designed ploy, as are all Obama’s resorts to crying “racism,” to create unrest among Hispanics in hopes of solidifying that voting bloc for himself and thus for Democrats come November. The lamestream, mainstream media which unhesitatingly broadcast every claim of “racism, violence, extremism” and the like against the serene Tea Partiers . . . now is talking about the “justified anger” as they portray milling angry mobs in Phoenix as merely “righteously upset” citizenry. Well righteously upset citizenry don’t call for burning down the city of Phoenix. These are the “journalists” who will report all the news fair and square, hah?

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  • Rajjpuut, this president continues to live-up to and validate my early assessment of his integrity and wisdom as articulated in my blogs "Focus on Integrity" and "Unacceptable Presidential Behavior". He is seriously lacking in wisdom; and he is dishonest, arrogant and narcissistic to the core of his personality. Therefore, I am not at all surprised at his continuous radical and outrageous behavior; but it both angers and frightens me of what is to come as long as he and the Democrats remain in power. How dare him to blame and criticize the Arizona Governor for taking action to protect citizens of not only Arizona, but all Americans. How dare he criticize her in light of the fact that he has failed to even address the need to secure our southern border with Mexico, as articulated in my most recent blog, "Border Security"?

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