“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything . . .” (old saying)

“Rajjpuut being a health educator who worked for a health insurance company, Rajjpuutcare (shown later in the blog) is roughly some 50,000% better than Obamacare could ever hope to be even if they got rid of every bad aspect of that hideous law . . . .” Rajjpuut

What Would Real Healthcare Reform Look Like?

Much has been spoken and written about the incredibly corrupt process used to bring the nation the blessings of Obamacare. Talk about outright bribes including new hospitals; special legislative dispensations and the infamous Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, etc., etc., ad nauseum caught the stench of the matter pretty aptly. Politicians can be very corrupt. Progressive politicians exceptionally so, but perhaps more should be said about the private sector sell-outs we’ve come to know and love . . . in a phrase, since the companies and people involved didn't stand up for something, they fell for anything and everything that Obama promised . . . .

Every so often the utterly corrupt and totally INEPT progressive left-wing of the Democratic Party and their charismatic leader Barack Obama get something right in their understanding of the world. Shortly after the inauguration, remembering reading their Lenin that everyone of them has committed to memory chapter and verse, they must have been overjoyed when Barack Obama got the nation’s health insurance to pony up $170 million for advertising the virtues of their coming “Obamacare Healthcare Reform” efforts. A broad collectivist grin must have crossed their faces as they recalled Lenin’s description of “capitalists selling the rope, which we’ll use to hang them with.” Suicide by stupidity and self-destructive treachery . . . .

The insurance industry (unless something akin to repeal or even defunding of Obamacare happens within the next six months) has not only sold their souls to the devil, they sold America out lock, stock and barrel simultaneously. And, not only the health insurance industry per se, the up-till-recently well-trusted American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) also sold out for a hoped for chance to sit down at the final table when Obamacare would be drawn up . . . . Oh, what a sorry lot of Benedict Arnold’s they all turned out to be. And let’s really get to it, shall we, look at all those hundreds of millions of dollars that corporate America and the wealthy of America have donated to Barack Obama and all things progressive (we must ‘progress’ well beyond the outdated and severely flawed U.S. Constitution) over the last 45 years despite the clear progressive goal to undermine corporate America and hold a fire sale thereafter . . . not only traitors, but idiots as well . . . .


If 10% of Corporate American leaders understood the truths revealed by the weblink immediately above and took just a smidgen more pride in being capitalists, entrepreneurs and/or patriots, none of the crap the nation has endured since the “Great Society” first reared its ugly head in mid-1964 would have ever come to beastly fruition. Think of it all . . . . huge expansions of welfare and social security never actually funded; the creation of two brand new entitlement entities Medicare and Medicaid, likewise never actually funded; federal funding of education and the mediocrity it’s brought with it; today $114 TRillion in unfunded liabilities and a National Debt of $13.8 TRillion . . . all made possible because over the years, the corporate world ignored principle and opted repeatedly to fund those whose stated mission was to kill capitalism and replace it with state socialism. Look what they’ve done to themselves and to all of us! And as for all those fat Americans dipping nachos in mayonnaise while they watch sitcoms and reality TV, looks like they got exactly the government their ignorance deserved. Oh, by the way, changes in the state side of Medicaid, now mandated because of Obamacare, will bankrupt all 50 states by not later than 1924. Enough, let’s look at real healthcare reform more closely . . . .

As in all legislative things Democratic under this president, the word “reform” found in the term “Healthcare Reform” referring to Obamacare is a weasel phrase that implies only a far greater control of the healthcare system by the federal government at far greater expense to the productive elements of society and certainly NOT any improvement in citizens’ health or lowering of costs or other benefit. But this begs the question, what would real healthcare reform look like? Leave it to the Ol’ Health Educator, Rajjpuut: here are the features that such real reform would boast of . . . .

REAL Healthcare Reform 5% of Startup Cost

and Huge Saving over Obamacare

Rajjpuut being a health educator who worked for a health insurance company, Rajjpuutcare (shown immediately below) is roughly some 50,000% better than Obamacare could ever hope to be even if they got rid of every bad aspect of that hideous law . . . .

A. Tort Reform capping malpractice awards; cutting doctors’ costs for malpractice insurance and dramatically lowering healthcare costs across the board.

B. Mandated “Procedural Checklists” for hospitals and clinics and operating rooms to reduce malpractice incidences; and dramatically lower the frequency of iatrogenic deaths, illnesses, and injuries (iatrogenic death, or doctors and hospitals and medicines killing people is the 4th leading cause of death in the nation) and lower health care costs.

C. Reform of the FDA and the USDA to ensure that the food supply and the drug industry are safe and actually working for the benefit of the citizens instead of endangering them. One of the most reprehensible facts about iatrogenic deaths is when doctors, nurses and patients do everything right but medicines harm or kill people which happens far too often today. The FDA is almost totally dominated by the pharmaceutical industry and “review” under the FDA is as corrupt a practice as civilization has ever known.

D. Set up a National Health Education office under control of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Fund them with the necessary budget ($100 million) to create a series of dvd movies on preventive self-help healthcare and make these movies non-copyrighted properties that any school or individual citizen can buy for $8; or download for $4 off the internet; and that schools, hospitals, clinics and libraries can download and copy for free. Budget a series of public service TV addresses throughout the year 10% aimed at parents or would-be parents of babies and small children; 40% aimed at children 9-14; 30% aimed at most Americans 15-55; 20% aimed at older people and senior citizens . . . all aimed at helping empower people to be responsible for their own health.

E. Require any school receiving federal funds; or any licensed private school or home schooling situation in the nation to teach a minimum of one hour of health education per week; and offer a vigorous PE program (and recess for elementary kids) of 4-5 hours weekly. Part of this health care reform would remove the threat to teachers and coaches for typical incidents and injuries occurring from normal physical activity and only allow non-nuisance law suits where there is solid evidence of serious carelessness; or ignorance, or harmful intent by teachers that caused the problem. Getting kids into the exercise habit is paramount for lowering costs and increasing the health of the nation as a whole.

F. Base the prevention program on check ups conducted by the CDC outreach to give yearly exams to every citizen. Virtually all diseases caught early are much cheaper and more successfully dealt with.

G. Base the prevention and education programs on Rajjpuut’s “Nine Golden Rules of Health,” to wit:

1. No tobacco and no drug use (including minimal use of OTC medicines)

2. Only allow yourself extremely moderate or no use of alcohol.

3. Practice regular vigorous physical exercise appropriate for age and overall health and safety.

4. Maintain a healthy-normal weight with a healthy BMI and a healthy body fat%.

5. Eat a good healthy breakfast daily.

6. Eat 4-5 healthy meals daily with the largest meals early in the day.

7. Adults get 7-8 hours sleep every night; children 8-11 hours sleep appropriate for age.

8. Always use seat belts in moving vehicles and life vests in and around boats.

9. Pass and practice appropriate defensive-driving courses before being granted a driver’s license (and a national learner’s permit progam at age 17.5 and license program at age 18 is also highly recommended). The famous “Smith Technique for Defensive Driving comes to mind.

10.Bonus Rule: develop a good sense of humor; maintain a cheery outlook and don’t be afraid to talk to mental health care officials or teachers, pastors, etc. about incidences of depression.

Comment: A UCLA survey under the auspices of world-famous health educator Lester Breslow, Ph.D. showed that

seven salutatory practices upon which Rajjpuut’s list is based were found in virtually all the extremely vigorous elders the survey followed. When expanded to the general populace, Dr. Breslow’s 7 Golden Rules of Health explained fully what a “healthy lifestyle” was all about because a 55 year old man following 6-7 of the rules had the same life expectancy as a 20 year old man following none or just one of them. In other words, the two men might very well be expected to die on the same day 28 years in the future . . . and the 35 well-lived years difference in their ages is a representation of the sane-living older fellow’s “quality of life.” Achieving that quality of life is the aim of both preventive and educational efforts by the Health Care Reform.

H. “Rajjpuutcare” would look something like this: A healthcare insurance program run through individual insurance companies but funded and overseen by the government. Any proven incidence of abuse or fraud would void eligibility of the company involved for fifteen years. No company without a track record of ten years prior successful claims management, and/or oversight history can be part of the program. It’s set up as a catastrophic health insurance program much like our automobile policies with say $5,000 deductible for an individual unmarried person. People can opt to contract with health insurance firms for dental, vision or ordinary health care if they wish. The program would be only for major illness or accidents and the expenses associated with them. People must be subscribers to the program for twelve consecutive months before the first services might be utilized and reimbursed (this allows a build-up of funds); the government subsidizes the cost in part or in full for low-income citizens through tax credits;

I. Allow program transportability wherever the citizen travels in the United States or its territories.

J. Service will not be confined by state borders, that is, while state insurance boards may control all other forms of insurance . . . insurance companies signed into this program are not bound by state borders for the purpose of marketing or servicing this federally funded and overseen program.

K. At age 20 children must register for their own health insurance coverage – for this catastophic health care program – and serve a separate, individual twelve-consecutive-month waiting period, before being eligible for major medical claims. If say a person of age 55 paid $3,000 annually / $250 per month; a person of 20 proving themselves in decent health might subscribe for $600 yearly/$50 per month. A 25% annual cost savings would be available to those persons who report they are practicing the Golden Rules of health after signing a pledge to continue doing so so long as they are subscribers to the program.

Youthful subscribers would enjoy the same savings if they maintain a driving record free of violations during the previous year.

Because the program requires a year lead-in for fees and is covering virtually the entire population, the additional revenue generated will offset additional utilization costs for physician and hospital reimbursements for the catastrophic treatment expenses.

L. Allow no coverage or funding of abortions under the program.

M. A vastly-improved border control is in place and NO illegal aliens of any age are allowed into the program thus ensuring that the program benefits citizens now and in the future without threat of becoming overloaded by aliens.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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