Verdict is in: Obama’s Political Correctness Kills

Does Administration Understand Yet?



     Today in a speech before the U.S. Senate, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano spoke passionately about the terrorist- threat our nation faces.   So passionate was Madam Secretary that during the speech she used the words “terrorism” and “terrorist” more than sixty times. This marks an incredible reversal of form and adoption of reality for Ms. Napolitano because in her initial speech to the Senate after her appointment was confirmed in 2009; Napolitano used the words “terrorism” and “terrorist” exactly . . . ZERO times. 

     You do remember that the Obama administration’s tortured political correctness originally banned the term “War on Terror” and rather than using "terrorism" spoke instead of “Man-Caused Disasters.” You do remember that immediately after the Fort Hood massacre, President Obama called for “patience” and insisted that Americans NOT “jump to any conclusions”^^ about Major Hassan, the man who yelled “Allah Akbar!” before killing thirteen fellow soldiers and wounding 29 others. You do remember that Major Hassan had been sharing his hate-filled inner life with fellow soldiers for seven full years prior to the Ft. Hood shooting . . . and that for his open anti-Americanism Hassan rather than being given a dishonorable discharge had instead been rewarded with three promotions. 

     You also do remember that in the Army’s 84-page report on the Ft. Hood disaster they never once named Hassan and never once used the words “terrorist,” “terrorism,” “Jihad,” Jihadist,” “Islamic radical” or “Islamic terrorist.” Political correctness, in other words is nothing but what in psychology they label “DENIAL.” And since whether in psychology or self-defense, denial leads to disaster: we are pleased to mark Ms. Napolitano’s belated return to reality, but wonder what’s keeping Mr. Obama** himself from similarly embracing reality . . . .


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** The Army report also insists that Major Hassan “acted alone” which is 100% false: Major Hassan was in contact with Al Qaeda and specifically prior to the shootings exchanged numerous messages with Anwar al-Awlaki, Hassan's former imam.   We are not safer thanks to all this self-delusion, but rather much, much more imperiled . . . .
  ^^Mr. Obama made no such request after the Tucson shootings and allowed his supporters in the House and Senate, and the media and internet three days to villify the TEA Party, Republicans, and Conservative talk shows as guilty of driving Jared Loughner to the acts . . . finally the President made a mild request for "civility"  without criticizing his own party. Loughner, of course, was a disturbed Leftist/Liberal nut-case who listed the Communist Manifesto among his favorite books.  Don't be shocked, but no apologies were ever made to conservatives.
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