If Ol’ Rajjpuut were to visit the web link above and take the top twenty-two corporate scandals before 2003 and then throw in our present financial Armageddon’s corporate misdeeds and add them all together . . . that is, all the Wall Street, all the Bank and lending institutions, and AIG insurance malfeasance dropped into the mix already created . . . and stack all that money in a pile of George Washingtons, one-dollar bills. We’re talking about a stack reaching roughly the distance from the earth to the moon and back down and once around the earth’s equator . . . a truly significant stack of money -- so far, so good.

IF now in a separate pile we take the full cost of federal government malfeasance from just nine sources including both debt and unfunded obligations: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid’s federal component, the two separate stimulus bills in late 2008 and early 2009, and the cost of the government’ three mortgage-guarantee bills (‘1977 Community Re-investment act; 1992 expansion forcing Fanny and Freddy to join the CRA ’77; and Clinton’s 1998 mortgage-guarantee on steroids expansion of the two earlier bills) and finally the so-called health care ‘reform’ law popularly known as “Obamacare.” In the government stack let’s use Ulysses S. Grant, fifty-dollar bills. And, lo and behold the government’s stack of fifties is roughly the same size as the stack of ones . . . oooooops, maybe we shouldn’t be giving government all this control of our lives.

Now Rajjpuut isn’t saying financial reform isn’t needed. True reform is, indeed needed. But “Barack Banking” as contained in the 3,137 pages of the bill before the House of Representatives is just a ploy to expand government control and also a subterfuge to allow all the ACORN-clones now operating under different names to receive renewed funding from the federal government. This is quadruple-dangerous because all Rajjpuut’s loyal readers now realize that ACORN and lawyers like Barack Obama were the agents provacateur abusing the three poorly-written and poorly-conceived mortgage-guarantee laws to force banks and lending-institutions to grant ridiculously unwise loans to people without jobs; people without I.D.; people with abysmal credit ratings; people without home addresses; and especially undocumented illegal aliens. These Cloward-Piven actions by ACORN are the single-most exacerbating events responsible for the creation of the housing bubble and the sub-prime lending crisis that brought this country to its knees.

Given all the evidence, let us just say this: government is ever trending toward becoming more and more government-centric and it’s becoming more and more difficult if not impossible to get government to pay attention to the Constitution, the people and the states . . . in today’s world government only listens to government and the itch to build more government is their main rallying point. This Barack Banking bill is just one more example of a GIB/GSB (government interference boondoggle/government spending boondoggle) that is truly aimed at giving government more power and corrupt ACORN a brand new lease on life with our tax money.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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