The British National Health Care System has calculated that a human life is worth $45,000 . . . Obama recess-appointee Donald Berwick calls himself, ". . . in love with the British system . . . "

Even Gold Taxation Part of Obamacare

Infamously, the Squeaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi told us “we’ll have to pass it, so you can find out what’s in it . . . .” and then she promised us, “. . . but, you’ll like it.” Clearly she was lying again. Obamacare (though it was only one bill) created almost 390 brand new U.S. government agencies (almost ten times as much as FDR created in 12+ years in office):

Item: The link above shows you that the Brits value a human life at $45,000. And Donald Berwick has said, "I am in love with the British system." Why exactly is that important? Consider this, Lee Iacocca before he went to Chrysler to bankrupt them and earn them their 1979 bailout, worked at Ford and is most infamous for designing the Pinto with its exploding gas tanks. As early as 1972 (38 years ago) Iacocca had put such stringent limits on Pinto design as far as costs, weight, passenger compartment maximum volume, trunk minimum volume, etc. that when he and his toadies were presented with evidence of the potential for catastrophic failure of the Pinto, he refused to add a $9.95 fix that would have made the Pinto a perfectly safe automobile. The reason? At that time the cost of a human life was reckoned by insurance anlaysis at precisely $200,000 and cost-benefit analysis said the Pinto would be more profitable without the $9.95 per car safety improvement. It was literally "all about 'trunk^^ space' " according to insider testimony. Well, in the case of Donald Berwick, Barack Obama and Obamacare, it's all about coffin space.

Item: As the Republicans told you, there are NO provisions for controlling costs or improving health, not one.

Item: The elderly will definitely now pay for a much, much larger percentage of their own healthcare costs . . . soon with their fixed incomes ravaged by inflation (more on that later).

Item: Unlike what Bart Stupak said Obama promised him, federally funded elective abortions are now the law of the land. Remember that fellow that yelled out “You liar!” when Obama was addressing the congress and the president said that abortion would NOT be covered, well he was correct but will NOT be getting apologies any time soon, now will he? The very first two institutions to set up shop for Obamacare in New Mexico and Pennsylvania began by immediately providing for abortion coverage. Regardless of your particular stance on abortion, one thing 78% of Americans agree upon is that the U.S. government should NOT pay for elective non-health threatening surgeries with abortion #1 on their "don't pay list."

Item: we now know beyond a doubt, the deficits and national debt will surge rather than shrink because of Obamacare. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has dramatically ratcheted up its evaluation of Obamacare costs and of course they didn't even consider the separate "doctor-fix" that congress just passed.

Item: You will be able to keep your same health care insuror and same doctor only if you’re lucky. Most likely if you’re part of a small- or medium-sized business, your employer will be forced by the economics of the issue (expense!) to abandon providing health care for his/her employees and pay a less expensive fine for not doing so. You’ll then have to provide your own health insurance, sorry 'bout that.

Item: As Obama’s new healthcare head (recess-appointee of a yet another communist, not just socialist, on the sly) Donald Berwick has informed us, this socialized medicine approach known as Obamacare WILL indeed be “rationing healthcare” and must "by definition, to be just" indeed “be redistributional.” Berwick is a real winner. He describes himself as a "fan of socialized medicine but everything about him revealed in his published works goes light years beyond mere socialism. He believes that intelligent planning by people like him is best for you, especially in health care. He is also essentially a phony: the Washington Times reported that two Harvard professor positions claimed for Dr. Berwick were essentially "honorary" posts with minor teaching and administrative duties. He has described himself as "in love with the British National Health Care System," which has 1.6 times the percentage of cancer deaths as we do here in America. A system where long waits have repeatedly and constantly been written up in the English press as causes of tragedies where people in their emergency rooms die of dehydration and bleed to death or asphyxiate while waiting to be seen..

Item: What Obamacare definitely does do is: in time wipe out the health insurance industry; create 390 new government bureaucracies; extend government control over Americans to life and death matters (sorry, Grandma, but it’s just too expensive, the government won’t pay for it); create long waiting lines for services; provide for abortions funded by the government (you can bet they won’t be rationed!); and add to the mountains of debt. The appointment of Donald Berwick will make the American health care system a device for population control by medical rationing. Read debt, death, long lines, poor quality care as well.

Item: There are many surprises, but here’s an example of just how invasive the bill is into every day life. If, you like Rajjpuut, see the government’s invasion into every aspect of our daily lives as certain to prompt inflation, than runaway inflation and ultimately*** hyper-inflation – you may have considered putting some money into gold. One of the Obamacare provisions will now tax gold coin and bullion transactions (nothing wrong with taxing profits, but taxing every single transaction amounts to a federal sales tax which is, at the moment unconstitutional). That tax itself and the amount of paperwork required will make gold transactions much more expensive. So much for trying to look out for yourself because the government was inflating the currency . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Figuratively "all about trunk space" means that putting every single item, including human life, into a dollar and cents evaluation of cost versus benefit was the corporate mindset of Iacocca's Pinto division when they made their decisions; and the fault was NOT all with them. Apparently every one of their studies and those of their competitors literally showed that car buyers were about Eight times more likely to reject an automobile based upon trunk space than its safety features or lack of them. Stupid on both ends, eh?

*** because the Federal Reserve Bank printed 14 times as many dollars in 2009 as were circulating in 2008, technically each 2010 dollar is now worth about 6.6 cents in 2008 money. 14 + 1 = 15 times as much money in circulation so with 100 pennies in each dollar 100/15 = 6.6 cents

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