Rajjpuut Explains What Modern Medicine has Overlooked
Feds Sneakily Pay-Off on Vaccines
Implicated in 83 Autism Cases
1,300 Brain Injuries
                They’re called iatrogenic” diseases or iatrogenic injuries or iatrogenic deaths – serious problems caused by medicine or medical treatment. Nobody tells you they are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Old health educators like Rajjpuut, natural-foods-advocating doctors, vitamin and nutrient stores and a lot of other open-minded folk have been saying for roughly two decades that there is definitely a strong link between early childhood vaccinations and autism . . . now, it seems the federal government is backing us up . . . albeit sub-rosa (in secret). Recently it’s come to light that those kindly folks in Washington, D.C. have paid huge amounts of money to the families of eighty-three childhood victims of autism and 1,300 brain-damaged youngsters where the connection between vaccination and terrible side effects could not be denied. What exactly is going on?
            We all know that the official government, AMA, and medical research line is that there is ZERO link between childhood vaccines and autism. We all know that the vaccine companies have been ruled “non-culpable” in any case of injury and disease purportedly caused by vaccines of any form (oral, shots, nasal spray).  Well, brother, you can forget all that, everything has changed . . . a whole huge can of worms has been opened. The world of brain-injured children in America will never again be the same.
Now we find out that the federal government has been secretly compensating families of brain-injured children where the link to problems caused by vaccines seems undeniably tied to the vaccine itself and no other cause. You heard us right, the federal government is now in the process of “infra-digging” or lowering itself to the level where (GASP!) they might actually have to admit they’ve been lying to us all these years and that a monstrously large healthcare cover-up has taken place. The lawsuits will get out of control unless the government decides to ‘fess up and ‘fess up soon and fully.  
A new study released earlier this week in the Pace Environmental Law Review revealed that over the last two decades, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has been quietly compensating dozens of vaccine injury cases involving a child with autism. The National Autism Association is up in arms and calling for an immediate Congressional Hearing and funding for scientific research. Get the initial details here:
                That’s the news, friends, but the story behind the news is twenty times more intriguing . . . . The fact of the matter is that the problem with vaccines especially childhood vaccines has been suspected for a far longer time. For example, those silly Christian Scientists have been opposed to vaccinations for a good one hundred years. Rajjpuut, who has always believed in “a pill and a prayer” rather than just faith healing . . . is not holding the Christian Science beliefs up as smarter than everybody else’s but saying the CS people were not just smoking crack-cocaine either. As far as we’ve been told the root medical cause has not yet been shown, more on that later. However, the root sociological cause is simple, bear with us now: an over-enthusiastic government forcing one-size fits all medicine upon the whole populace. Whoa! Whoa! Where’s the evidence for that?
            Around the turn of the 20th Century, scientists believed they’d solved a few serious questions about human immunology. The model of the immune system they were using might be called the “Gravy” or “Target” or “Magnet” model, but most importantly, it worked. They were in the vanguard of health research. Suddenly in the early 1920’s they were completely rebuffed and their hypothesis totally discarded . . . why? Because their theories implicated the United States government in potentially causing the deadly “Spanish” Flu pandemic that sprang up in 1919. The story is long and complicated and is tied into medical practices in Fort Riley, Kansas – and might even be wrong -- but it comes down to this: government for the first time in history took over medicine in a huge way and several TIME-TESTED individual vaccines were discarded in favor of other experimental vaccines against the same diseases to make inoculating of American doughboys entering World War I a far more efficient and predictable process . . . that is, an “inoculation assembly-line” process could be created. Later after the war, the same process was used on American civilians. Not only did a whole lot of people lose their lives around the globe to the highly virulent “Spanish” flu, but a whole lot more also became semi-comatose, that is, there was a huge outbreak of diseases that seemed to imitate sleeping sickness in America and around the world. That connection, if valid, is somewhat similar to what’s going on today with autism and other childhood brain-disorders where vaccines are suspect.
Only in the last three-plus decades has the discarded “Target” or “Gravy”  or “Magnet” model of the human immune system again received its fair due and seen a return to prominence after almost a half-century on the shelf. The theory talks about phagocytes which eat germs and other alien microbes in the body. But unfortunately, the phagocytes are very erratic in their behavior, sometimes they work wonders and gobble up every imaginable dangerous microbe in sight and other times they sit next to the same microbes and talk to them about the weather and sports. None of this made sense until somebody discovered “anti-body opsonization.”
An opsonin is a substance in the blood which helps the phagocytes work. Some scientists say that certain opsonins act like gravy ladles and once the opsonin pours the gravy on the unwanted microbe, the phagocytes suddenly say, “YUMMY,” but not before. Other scientists say that the opsonin attaches a target identifier to the microbe and without that target identifier the phagocytes will not eat it up.  Recently it’s been said that the opsonin makes the bad microbes positively charged and that the phagocytes are now magnetically attracted to them. What has all this to do with Fort Riley, Kansas? What has it all to do with autism and brain damage to children after receiving vaccinations? 
Apparently the level of opsonins in the blood varies greatly even in very healthy individuals. Give them a shot just about any time and their bodies respond just as “the doctor ordered.”  However, weakened or sick individuals (and even some very healthy ones) have times when their opsonin levels (think of a sine wave) are much, much lower than usual. If the shot or the puncture wound or the knee scrape or the licking of a dirty surface happens then in the debilitated state . . . then it’s far more likely that ill-effects will occur. Short of monitoring opsonin levels in every single baby before they’re given their 3-month; 6-month; etc. shots . . . the vaccination process becomes “a tiny bit of a crap shoot.”
We’ll skip Fort Riley for another time except to say that to the critics, the government’s handling of things left a lot of people ultra-vulnerable to an opportunistic infection on the one hand; and left a lot of other brain-damaged people on the other. Getting back to the here and now . . . here are Rajjpuut’s suggestions for dealing with infant vaccinations to dramatically minimize all chances of ill-effects, especially serious ones:
1)     Eliminate multiple disease (for example MMR) vaccinations and administer each of them one at a time in some sort of sensible order; medical researchers have long documented that abnormal reactions to vaccines are far more likely when combined vaccines are introduced (Fort Riley, again). Yes, it’s very inconvenient.  Yes, they'll probably be more expensive separately.  Yes, it’s the wise thing to do.
2)    Begin the vaccinations one month later (month four) and space them out by three or four weeks as they are administered one by one.
3)    Forget all those one-size fits all ideas: a checklist of “red-flags” needs to be created; wherein the doctor asks the parents about the baby in some depth and, for example, children who are clearly feeling under-the-weather or which have recently suffered an injury or disease are never given shots until they are much better.
4)    Inform the parents of the risks and of what signs or symptoms demand that a child be rushed immediately to medical follow-up; most of the time, even if a “reaction” takes place prompt medical attention can wipe out the very worst of the dangers.
5)    Drumming up vaccines quickly is a very iffy process. Except where it is unavoidable for emergency purposes; it should never be done quickly, not ever. Side effects should always be taken seriously and always monitored and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) should be placed in charge of this process. The CDC is virtually the only non-military government agency in the country that can be labeled “highly competent.”
6)    Stick to dead virus material not live or even “attenuated sources.”
7)    Get the federal government out of the process – except, for example, for public health announcements and follow-ups by the CDC -- leave this up to the state, county and local officials and the doctor and his patients.
Before we sum up here, vaccines can be iffy. For example, influenza is caused by a virus. Rajjpuut has never had a flu shot and believes they’re potentially very dangerous (take that opinion into consideration as you decide on this important matter for yourself). As a military brat and as a Navy man, however, he’s had several dozen shots and traveled through almost thirty countries and would not disparage other primarily bacterial inoculations.  These medicines are life savers without a doubt.  However, across the board, shots usually don’t work nearly so well for viruses and they must be administered only with the greatest of care and never, never in a routine matter-of-fact matter or in an assembly-line manner. Two objections might immediately jump to an educated mind: What about smallpox virus? What about polio virus?
History tells us that it was western medicine which invented Smallpox vaccine.  History lies. The Chinese, 450 years before Jenner, actually blew dried Smallpox scabs up children’s noses aiming to give them a weaker version of the disease. The 0.5-2% mortality the children suffered was considered far better than the 30-40% death rate from full-blown Smallpox itself. Later the Chinese as well as the Turks inoculated against the disease a century ahead of Jenner. However, the highly contagious and highly virulent Smallpox virus was finally and fully eradicated from earth (except in biologic-warfare vaults) by western smallpox vaccines. Note:  the rationale for creating smallpox vaccine in the first place arose after Jenner observed that people working around cattle who got a mild disease called cowpox never ended up catching smallpox. The smallpox vaccine was the most highly researched vaccine in history and the most successful. Years of knowledge paid off, Smallpox vaccines were not just rushed into service and that is why virtually none of us with the VSPula (Vaccination mark:  Small Pox upper left arm) notation on our medical records ever had any reactions at all except a very, very sore arm.
Polio marks a strange situation, indeed. Over a century ago a nurse named Elizabeth Kenny in Australia used simple physical therapies involving hot rags and poultices and massage and full-range repetition of motion of the arms and legs, etc. to avoid the full-scale ravages of the disease and bring full relief.  Her patients and parents loved her, but the medical establishment around the world was aghast and called her “a quack.” The first successful vaccine was created in a lab by a research assistant in 1936.  His name was Maurice Brodie. Brodie ground up the spines of monkeys which had developed polio, and soaked and dried the spines in formaldehyde then inoculated himself and several other assistants – later he would inoculate 3,000 children and except for some mild side-effects no harm was done and none of them ever fell down with polio (no pun intended). Sixteen years later the first approved polio-prevention was a vaccine created by Jonas Salk again from dead polio sources. Shortly afterward, an oral vaccine produced from “attenuated poliovirus” was created by Sabin and approved about 1962 but there have been some episodes where the oral vaccine has been implicated in highly undesirable side effects. Polio has been largely wiped out in the civilized world**. 
In short, the cases of polio vaccine and smallpox vaccine against those two very deadly and serious viruses illustrate very different backgrounds from today’s often hurried-up production of vaccines from live sources routinely undertaken. Time needs to be taken, real science honored and dead matter virus sources used. Finally medicine should be in the hands of professionals, not just one more thing the government mandates. It comes down to informed decisions; informed consent. Although a lot of good is done by childhood inoculations; some very bad side effects are possible in very rare instances. The seven steps recommended above would presumably reduce the number and severity of side-effects dramatically.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**  The companies that made braces, child crutches and iron lungs and several non-profit foundations centering on polio all, sadly, went out of business . . . the medical establishment noticed and has not cured anything since, now we merely concentrate upon relieving symptoms.
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