** Is Rajjpuut actually suggesting that intelligent Americans start calling female dogs “Behars?” Or someone you disagree with a "son of a Behar?" Well, it does sound quite a bit more pleasant for polite conversation (or even on the "View") and, of course, it would just be a term of endearment reserved for only his very closest friends . . . .

Angle, Buck, Miller, O’Donnell Show

TEA Party Express Ineptness

Was that a thrilling and educational Election Eve, or what? Most importantly and totally uncovered by the news media was that the fiscal- and Constitutional-conservative cause picked up a net of ten governorships for an overall control of 34 statehouses . . . absolutely huge. And, naturally picking up six senate seats is no small deal, nor is picking up sixty house seats.

So close and yet so very far . . . the greatest disappointment next to Obama’s obstinate refusal to “GET IT” (Mr. President, understand this: your policies were REJECTED and efforts to pretend that the nightmare we lived through under you for almost two years wasn’t actually your agenda but just an “emergency response” to tough times is BOGUS! Stop messing with America and its people, grow up!), of course, is that today Harry Reid is still the top dog in the United States Senate. Harry Reid survived in both roles (Senator and Majority Leader) for three closely-related reasons:

1) He came back to win his own election in Nevada with a true fighting spirit.

2) Sharon Angle, whom he defeated; Ken Buck in Colorado; and Delaware’s bewitched sweetie Christine O’Donnell all decided that the TEA Party’s Contract from America wasn’t worth the paper it and the U.S. Constitution are written on . . . and campaigned ridiculously.

3) The Reid-inspired (he pretty much hand-picked Sharon Angle to be his opposition and still nearly lost) TEA Party Express (TPE) purportedly based in California deliberately fouled up every campaign involvement they could, for example, the only corruption of any appreciable level involving the TEA Party movements across the country came from the TPE’s former shock-jock leader guilty of at least three shocking racist gaffs.

The main reason, of course, that Harry Reid prevailed was four very weak candidates running weak campaigns. Ignoring the TEA Party Contract from America, instead three of them decided that social issues had to be campaigned on repeatedly. Buck, to take a hideous example, actually without even being asked brazenly volunteered himself as a surrogate for almighty God saying that abortion in the case of rape, incest and danger to the life of the mother was a sin; and attacked “the pill” and other contraceptive methods; and fertility treatments as well -- offering that he thought they all should be made illegal. Where, within the wonderful and superbly conceived Contract from America does one find that particular set of abominable political-career-killing precepts? In case no one has read Rajjpuut before, get this: Ultimately Independents choose the winners in politics.

Independents, by and large, are greatly impressed by fiscal- and Constitutional-conservativism as any thinking person should be . . . .That’s what it means when people say our nation is “center-right” or say 42% of people self-label as conservatives . . . certainly not that a 100% literal interpretation of Genesis will put you on common ground with anyone who calls himself a conservative; or that denying that dinosaurs lived 70 million years ago (as some fundamentalist sects try to) will make people think your branch of conservativism is intelligent.

Social and religious conservativism is a guaranteed loser in all but the most provincial elections. On a personal level, you believe whatever you want when you “go into the closet” (Matthew 6:6) and talk to your God; but discretion is the better part of valor anytime you shoot off your mouth in public or try to influence lawmaking.To emphasize that point, take Christine O’Donnell, why in hell would anyone tell strangers and a TV audience that they’d practiced witchcraft however briefly. Learn from your youthful indiscretions and then for heaven’s sakes don’t broadcast them unless you can turn a lucrative book offer. As for Joe Miller in Alaska, he seems to have completely unraveled under the campaign pressure (like we mentioned, a weak candidate) and he likewise ignored the Contract from America using it more as a paper towel than as a Liberation Manifesto for the American people. Republicans, in Rajjpuut’s view, are better off with Lisa M. Besides, there’s that TEA Party Express contribution behind all four of those candidates to consider . . . it’s as if the hand of Harry Reid was pulling the strings to get the weakest possible opposition for Democrats . . . ah, me . . . and as for that slippery ol' son of a Behar, Harry Reid, hate him as you might, gotta like his ground game!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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