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One More Christmas Rape upon Voters

            You may recall that just 43 days ago, America’s voters showed their extreme dissatisfaction with the powers that be (and "business as usual") in the country's seats of government.  Besides attacking incumbents in general on the national and state level . . . Democrats (as the party controlling the House, Senate and Oval Office) netted a loss of 63 seats in the House of Representatives; 6 Senate seats; 7 governors; and at the state house level some 692 individual state congressmen were lost. Depending upon how you crunch those numbers this was the biggest disaster suffered by one of the major political parties since 1938 (on the national scene) or 1928 (nationally plus state-by-state). 
            Despite this comeuppance aimed at big, out of control government and even bigger out of control spending . . . Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have set their gangs loose upon the American public with nothing less than voter rape and murder of the Constitution in mind . . . .
Item: The Pelosi-led house has still not passed a budget and has no plans to do so, in defiance to their Constitutionally-mandated role in Washington.
Item: With the biggest tax-hike in the history of the country scheduled for January, 1, 2011 (when the Bush Tax Cuts all expire), Nancy Pelosi -- who’s had four years to deal with this matter -- has still not passed an extension to those tax cuts.
Item: Without any openness, bi-partisanship or concern for the voters, the Harry Reid led Senate has produced a 1924-page Omnibus spending bill costing $1.1 TRillion in new spending and featuring 6036 earmarks at a cost of $87 Billion.
Item: Before passing an extension to the Bush tax cuts; the House has produced another huge bill aimed at effectively grabbing off 8% of all western lands and killing jobs in the logging; mining; fishing; and recreational industries to appease the radical environmentalists supporting the Democrats. At present roughly 49% of all far western lands now belong to the federal government; and another 10% of this land is under severe federal usage-restraints. Thus if this bill becomes law, 7/12 of all far western land will be removed from the tax rolls of the states and added to the bankruptcy that Obamacare’s new state mandated Medicaid costs will produce would move bankruptcy of ALL 50 of the United States back from 2024 to 2021.
Item: Also attached to the Green-takeover bonanza would be a huge amount of acreage along the southern border with Mexico turned into wildlife sanctuaries which would prohibit Border Patrol Agents from operating there and thus effectively opening the floodgates to illegal immigration even wider than they already are. This occurs one day after a Border Control Agent was killed by illegal aliens in the United States.
Item: Congress is refusing to look at a bill which would undo all the harm done to central California vegetable and fruit farming by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) decision to suspend irrigation to protect the 3” Delta Smelt population. Occasionally, smelt die by swimming close to the piping intake and getting sucked in. Some parts of Fresno County suffered 40% unemployment thanks to this EPA edict.
Item: Once again Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is placing huge bills before the senators that no one has read; bills which the public knows nothing about; and once again Reid is planning to keep them voting through Christmas Eve on his pork-laden; big spending bills. Doesn’t it all make you proud to be an American?
Item:  Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, whose Justice Department last year gave Christmas-celebrants such heat, is now suing a school district for not allowing a Muslim teacher to take off (without pay) to travel to Mecca as part of a pilgrimage that all Muslims are encouraged to take some time in their lives (like maybe after retirement?).  Mr. Holder’s decisions 1) to NOT win a case already won by the (the New Black Panther defendants refused to show up in court) Bush administration concerning voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place; 2) and his decision to attack Arizona for passing a law to control illegal immigration; 3) and his decision to try 9/11 attack planner KSM in New York City; 4) and his decision to Mirandize the Underwear Bomber and get him to clam up and lawyer-up before intelligence operatives could deal with him . . . have got patriotic Americans wondering who’s the biggest threat: our Justice Department or the terrorists?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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