It’s been a bad six months for the Democratic Party, Americans have been largely losing trust in them according to Rasmussen’s recent poll of likely voters. Republicans are now trusted more on nine of the voters' ten top issues according to the Rasmussen Report released Friday, July 2nd. The biggest advantage for the G.O.P. comes on National Security where they own a 17% edge. The Democrats for the fifth month in a row are seen as slightly more ethical (2% edge).

Issue Trust Dems more Trust GOP more

Economy 39% 48%

Gov’t Ethics 33% 29%

Immigration 32% 47%

National Security 34% 51%

Abortion 36% 46%

Taxes 36% 52%

Social Security 37% 48%

Health Care 40% 51%

Education 41% 43%

Iraq 36% 45%

Meanwhile, 40% of likely voters call the Obama administration LESS ethical than most past administrations; 31% believe the current administration is MORE ethical than past administrations; and 26% say they’re ABOUT the SAME ethically as past administrations were. This marks a decided loss of trust for the Obama adminstration in the last year when 54% rated the president’s and his people as more ethical.

As far as Obama, personally, 39% say he is LESS ethical than most past presidents; 28% say he is MORE ethical; and 28% are not sure. Since ethics is the only area in which Democrats have earned more trust than Republicans over the last two months of Rasmussen Reports, the broader base of Democratic officials are not being hurt by the President on this issue.

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