“PAX Americana” to Go
the Way of the Greenback??
            The American progressive-left may have its fondest wish coming true according to a recent projection of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicting that the Red Chinese economy will surpass America’s sometime in 2016, just five years from now. Under an evaluation system known as PPP or Purchasing Power Parities, the IMF compared economies in “real terms” and their comparison shows the Chinese economy expanding to $19 TRillion by 2016 from its present $11.2 TRillion (while the American Economy rises from $15.2 TRillion to $18.8 TRillion) so that China overtakes America’s share of the world economy as it slips down to 17.7% while China’s cut of the pie climbs to 18% and rising. For perspective, ten years ago the American economy was ten times the size of China’s.
            Is this latest IMF projection accurate? There are three good reasons to doubt its veracity in Rajjpuut’s not-so-humble opinion:   
1)    The dominant influence of the scoundrel George Soros upon the activities and emphases of the IMF . . . .
2)   The overt proclivity of China to fudge and adulterate the figures when it comes to their money which has been artificially propped up rather than allowed to float free against other currencies. 
3)    It’s unprecedented in history for an already large and booming economy to undergo a 70% productivity increase within a five-year period.
Speaking to the first issue, multi-billionaire Soros has been seeking to destroy the American Dollar for roughly seven years now and the so-called “great philanthropist” (a.k.a. “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” and “The International Man of MISERY”) who has made his fortune destroying currencies in Europe, Eurasia and Southeast Asia has had all fifty-two of his progressive American foundations funding the rise of his favorite Marxist, Barack Obama, for the last five years . . . his man “on the inside.” In other words the puppet Obama has no interest in becoming a real boy when those strings feel so good. 
On the second issue . . . anyone could take any figures whatsoever from the Chinese and work them any way they wanted and you’d be no closer to the truth than a snowball is to a glacier. And the third figure seems like it’s come from smoke and mirrors and wishful thinking . . . all of which doesn’t say it’s impossible, only that it’s highly unlikely.
For the sake of argument let’s be ultra-conservative and conced that the semi-slave economy in China has the U.S.A by the short hairs because something pretty rotten is going on in Washington, D.C. and whatever that something is . . .  it’s weighing down the American economy so heavily that the IMF figures are 100% accurate . . . it does not take a crystal ball or tea leaves to understand that 100% of Obama’s economic policies have failed on the side of dollar-destruction rather than shoring up the American economy . . . and since Rajjpuut’s antipathy for our Neo-Marxist president is so very high . . . your blog-writer might be allowing his feelings to color the situation. However, given all the available facts, it seems unfortunately that the IMF report if not at least very close to accurate is certainly leaning in the proper direction    . . . which makes it, potentially “a blessing in disguise” or what any sensible patriot would call an “immediate fire alarm” for our so-called “leaders” in Washington, particularly Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, and Harry Reid.
            Unless immediate and significant spending cuts; a balanced-budget amendment; an elimination of about 20% of the government’s activities; and business-friendly environment are created within the next year, the IMF projection is likely to come true within ten or twelve years in any case and then . . . the world will become a very different place. Consider the historical precedents: the United States first eased ahead of Great Britain economically about 1890. Both the United States and Germany were economically more powerful about 1914 when the First World War sprang up. Even before the end of World War II, in mid-1945, when the Labour Party ousted Winston Churchill and began instituting its progressive and highly-inflationary “reforms” the British Pound Sterling (which had been the World’s Reserve Currency (WRC) for roughly 220 years) shifted into deeply-troubled waters. By 1950 the American Dollar had become the new WRC.
            While the Imperial British had some gross failings (as our own colonial experience reminds us) the world with Britain as the greatest military and economic power was a relatively benign place. As long as the Brits got their cut from their own colonies, anything short of the Mau-Mau Rebellion was not going to provoke too much agitation from the London powers-that-be. This situation was continued with the rise of America and the American Dollar . . . except for mistakes borne of ignorance (all too common, unfortunately) the Yanks ran a pretty orderly shop. With America as the world’s dominant economic and military power, generally speaking, things were downright friendly. Consider this almost three-hundred year period of Anglo-Saxon hegemony . . . and most particularly the last 60-odd years of PAX Americana (a generally peaceful time all around a planet dominated by the United States).
            For example, can you imagine Adolf Hitler in charge of an Empire against which Mohandas K. Gandhi is agitating for Indian Independence? Khrushchev ever giving the Panama Canal back to Panamanians? The Spanish Empire that preceded the Brits facing down Martin Luther King’s demonstrations; the rise of Nelson Mandela’s government amidst a minority government of a different race in South Africa under China’s rule?
            How much charitable good has the United States dropped upon the world’s people via its Navy and Air Force? How beneficial has our model of free markets and democratic-republicanism been for the emerging countries of the world as the age of colonialism slips behind us? How much forthright protection has the U.S. military provided against rogue states during the last three score years? Ah, but it appears the “king is dying, long live the new Chinese king.”
How much different will the world be under dominance of a Communist Chinese government that forces sterilization; forces abortion; limits the number of children; fires upon demonstrators in Tiananmen Square; and is among the leaders in human rights violations performed upon its own citizens? Statism; communism, collectivism and fascism have killed nearly 204 million people in the last 75 years (since Spain’s Civil War in 1936) even though those totalitarian cultures never rose to the absolutely dominant level that Britain and the United States have. The implication is easily made that chaos will be the result if and when China becomes the “Mu Gai PanKock of the Walk.” It’s supposed that the hard left in this country will rejoice as one of their own takes center stage but the song (sung to the tune of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes) might become:
We’ve cried cap’lists should
Be removed for good
Barack, of course, agreed
And he took the lead . . . .
There’s a firing squad
Busy in the yard
We just smile and say
As our lovely friends die
Marx, he, told us lies ------
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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