Key Things You Should Know about
‘Arab Springers’
Before We Arm and Legitimize Them
          All the kool-aid drinkers among Washington, D.C.’s progressives have been echoing the party line first expressed by President Obama about all those wondrous events going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen which they have called “Democratic Uprisings” and collectively labeled “Arab Spring.”   The United States is now embroiled in four wars in the Middle East:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya (in the order of our involvement – we’ve been fighting in Yemen covertly for over two years now) and seems in each and every case to be supporting the rebel forces in every case with absolutely no idea who these people actually are. Americans don’t know enough about the language, culture and customs of these lands to make an intelligent decision as to what line of action or inaction would be in America’s best interest . . . but knowledge be damned, between Libya and Yemen we’ve already expended over $1.1 billion dollars in the last three months. Here are some key facts you should know about the still-mired- in-the-7th-Century-Islamic cultures we’re dealing with . . . . 
1.        A survey in Egypt 2-3 months before the “democratic revolution” there found that 87% of Egyptians favored Sharia Islamic Law including such items as beheading apostates (Muslims who convert to other religions); public stoning of adulterers; cutting off of thieves’ hands; and forced wearing of the burkha for females even though these things had long been banned under dictator Mubarak as Egypt modernized.
2.      Egypt’s new revolutionary interim government leaders this week has refused to ban public calls for the destruction of Egypt, behavior that strongman Mubarak banned for over thirty years.
3.       Media in Egypt this week published claims which blamed the country’s abysmally poor economy on the recent cessation of “raids.”
4.      One way to up your standard of living in Egypt; Kuwait; Tunisia and other parts of the Arab world is to make raids into foreign lands and cultures and bring back slaves.
5.      These slaves will bring you a pretty penny in the marketplace (gotta love those enterprising Egyptian capitalists, eh?).
6.      Male slaves, especially young ones are appropriate for helping out around the house.
7.      While a wife requires a marriage contract; and must be covered from head to foot much of the time; the female slaves are only dressed between the belly-button and the toes.
8.     Many Arab women are keen on the idea of the female slaves as they not only handle a few of the kitchen chores; but they are the only way for a husband or a brother or son to free themselves of their constant “urges” without violating Q’ranic covenants.
9.      The “higher standard of living” mentioned earlier is not just for the capitalist slave-sellers, but also obviously found in the households benefitting from the new slaves.
10.The Egyptian equivalents of Sesame Street are found in numerous programs for children featuring cartoon characters and puppets inspiring the children to read the Q’ran; be willing to kill the Jews; honor their noble duty of Jihad; and, of course the glories of martyrdom. Adolf Hitler had nothing nearly so powerful working for him.
11.   The Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist organization which had been banned in Egypt the home of its birth for a dozen years before their founder, first and most famous martyr, Sayyid Qutb was executed in 1966, has now changed its name in Egypt to the Peace and Freedom Party in accord with laws in Egypt saying that all political parties must be open to all religions.
12.  Since the “democratic revolution,” Coptic Christians (10% of the Egyptian population) have been stoned, burned and otherwise attacked in the streets of Cairo and several churches burned down, activities that Mubarak had eliminated from the land’s calendar.
13.  Despite our ongoing recession, Egypt’s interim government has been awarded $2 Billion by the Obama administration, apparently without Congressional oversight or approval. Nice reward for a land where the two biggest and most organized political parties are Al Qaeda and the Muslim Bro-   ooops, the Peace and Freedom Party.
14.   The link at the top of the page takes the reader to an expose of the Arab child kidnapping industry written last week. The mildest offense to be found in the article is an update of a 2004 HBO documentary on child kidnappings and outright purchases so that 6,000 children can be trained as camel jockeys for racing. The children are deliberately malnourished to keep their weight down, beaten, often sexually abused and often chained at night to prevent their escape from their depraved environment. The most surprising is that Arabs still kidnap Black African children and sell and trade them. This activity called the “basket trade” relies upon camel or motorized caravans and huge baskets into which the bound and gagged Black children are stored for safe-keeping. By the way, the Q’ran apparently has different rules for sexual treatment of slaves than for free women or boys. Homosexuality, which is considered an “abomination” in most Muslim eyes even if consensual; is fine if it’s pedophiliac treatment of a boy slave. “This trade in children is so extensive in Egypt, organizations are “employing brokers, and even operating their own web sites,” according to the article. The leftwing media which is championing “Arab Spring” and which delights in talk about American Conservatives wanting to return to slavery, or Jim Crow or other wild talk of “racism” among patriot Americans, seems to have no compunction about praising the fine people of the Middle East who are now aligning themselves around the world with leftist movements.
15.  The most dangerous terrorists threatening the west seem to have all had one single defining experience. Somewhere in a “decadent” town in the Middle East or America or Europe they’ve found themselves getting involved in activities strictly prohibited by the Q’ran (typically involvement with prostitutes – Bin Laden,  Awlaki, and numerous others) and condemned Western Culture and called for the salvation of the world via the Q’ran and a return to healthy Islamic culture. You can judge from reading these 15 items how corrupt repressive societies and repressed individuals can be.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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