Imagine this nightmare: you, is that you? Well a corpse resembling you is lying in a pool of its own blackened blood. Sixty-seven gaping wounds bear mute testimony to the evil that has just happened. Close friends fearing for their very lives have wisely stayed away, but acquaintances and the curious have come from all over to witness the undeniable evidence of a horror they can’t bring themselves to believe has just occurred and to satisfy themselves, “yes, yes, it’s true.”

A man speaks over the corpse telling the nation and the world that the deceased, like Julius Caesar, who met a similar fate on March 15th 2054 years ago, that the dearly departed was “ambitious” and to save the planet, had to die. It was a horrible thing to have to do, but it had to be done. It HAD to be done. He did it for them. Not only for them, but for every soul on EARTH! They have all been saved.

The words and the delivery are eloquent, soothing, HELPFUL. Soon the fear and anger that was in people’s faces disappear, they nod their heads in unison with his, he did it for us. He did it for us. We are saved. He did it for us.

That’s the plan. And it all makes perfect sense, of course.

Barack Obama, the orator over the murdered corpse, has put all his chips on the table. He is betting you and everyone else are way too stupid and too utterly unwilling to leave the comfort of your sit-com to even contemplate the truth that he’s got planned for all of us. Coming to a theater of the absurd near you, the end of the American way of life . . . the end of civilization as you know it. Tragically, it’s NOT a Hollywood production. “Mainstream Media Productions" under the benighted direction of our own congress and president are right now bringing that movie to life, your real life . . . you don’t want to learn about that now, do you? “It’s just too troubling, I don’t want to hear it,” you say, grabbing the remote and turning to “reality” TV and a bowl of potato chips to escape these words and Obama’s truth spoken over that now unloved bloody corpse . . . well, run away, run away.

It can not be said more earnestly or more accurately than this -- the U.S. Senate is now poised to plunge the dagger of environmental extremism into capitalism’s heart. And you are not alone . . . no one wants to hear it, Rajjpuut really doesn’t even want to say it. This is evil on a scale almost impossible to imagine and Americans including the progressive Democrats bewitched by the brew cooked up by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are themselves refusing to actually understand what they are on the verge of doing. The nightmare is so gruesome and troubling they had to change its name from “Cap and Trade” to “America’s Power Act” to sell it to themselves. How can America be forced to stare into the beast’s soul so that they immediately shake themselves awake and end the nightmare? Barack Obama is betting it can’t be done . . . that you are unwilling to do it.

The script for our little horror movie was written by a man named Maurice Strong, a Canadian multimillionaire who’s spent much of his life wrapped up in environmental causes and working for the United Nations. He is the man who chaired the first “Real Earth Summit” and believes firmly in the lies he has been propagating for two dozen years. The script is brief, here in his own words:

“What if a small group of . . . world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: ‘Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?’”

Unspoken is the fact that the neighboring United States is the chief offender. His own Canada is no small offender either, but the United States is the #1 boogie man. The chief risk to the planet’s survival according to Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Barack Obama and their cronies is the United States of America as we know it followed by all the industrialized nations. Your dreams and ambitions are the problem and your civilization must be killed. You now know “What? and “Why?” and “Where?” the “Who?” is American Civilization and “When?” is during the upcoming senate voting on “America’s Power Act.” There’s only one question left, “How?”


At the risk of spoiling the “movie” for you let’s show a scene from near the ending, in the link above. The thirty-eight year old lie called “global warming” has been shown to be an absolute hoax. “Who says so?” The ultra-liberal London Times says so. They’re talking about the scandal that took place a stone’s throw from them at the East Anglia University “Climate Research Unit” where for over fifteen years facts have been deliberately fudged; science has been corrupted to produce a desired conclusion (the earth is warming dramatically); dissenting voices have been ridiculed and purged; the United Nations has been influenced; Al Gore has been made a hero; and you have been lied to. The London Times is so liberal that they had been running well in the vanguard for global warming for over a decade and a half. It took them twelve days after the story broke with the thousands of leaked e-mails for the London Times to research it and then eating crow to publish the story above and half a dozen other stories in a brief span. The Times was the last major European paper to publish the story. In the United States the story was broken about ten days before the London Times article above by

which is our well-known Time magazine’s online version. Good, good we’re on the ball . . . or are we?

The story immediately became the number one most popular story that Time ran that day and then became the top story on the internet after about fourteen hours. Rajjpuut, thinking there was, after all, hope for America "with this nonsense behind us" read the article carefully three times. And blogged and spread the word. It was an amazing time . . . .

And then a strange thing happened. Before its fifteenth hour online, Time’s top executives killed the story. They not only removed the story from their headline grouping . . . they made the story disappear altogether. It never happened. If interested people had not copied screen shots, even Time’s pulling of the story would NOT have been documented . . . like some unimaginable dream scenario from the book “1984” history was being changed, UNWRITTEN right before our eyes. In the five months since that removal of that headline story, not one major American mainstream media has run the story. Not ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, CNN or the big three’s cable news’ stations -- none of them have run the story. If you want to find information about the Climate-Gate global warming hoax, the story involved, you have to resort to the internet, European sources or Fox News. While Europe is dealing comfortably with the fact that global warming is a hoax, the United States has been deliberately left in the dark. That “chopping of scenes” and leaving them NOT on the cutting-room floor but immediately burning them up at 20,000 degrees by the mainstream media in America is a key part of the “How?” involved in Maurice Strong’s production. Unlike the London Times, the American media will not eat crow and run the truth about Climate-Gate. They will not even use the time necessary to investigate the story. They have jumped in bed with Barack Obama and Al Gore and refuse to run anything about them or their “causes” that will discredit them. Those fourteen first hour when Time online broke the story for Americans was an amazing time . . . for Rajjpuut it answered the question what happens if a tree falls in a forest, but no one is allowed to hear it, is there a sound made? But no roasting for the mainstream media, theirs is an easy lot. More important is the question, how did this sad state of affairs all come about?

Pre-production preparations have been going on for more than forty-three years. The chief plot motivator in Maurice’s eyes and in the minds of tens of thousands of like-minded environmental enthusiasts was the “FACT” that there were way too many people on earth taxing the planet’s resources mightily. This was a fact, NOT an opinion and anybody who differed was an idiot and deserving of scorn and ridicule. Anybody could see that and buy into it, right? That was the truth going around in the late 60’s when the counter-culture not only took anti-Viet Nam War ideas to heart but also environmentalism, even if they didn’t understand science and scientific methods very well.

The opening scene was publication of an innocent-looking little book several years earlier called “Silent Spring.” No actual science was done during the writing of the book by Ms. Carlson. Not one of the numerous hypotheses in the book stated as incontrovertible FACT . . . NOT ONE was anything close to true. Agains specious opinion was treated as FACT. There is not one documented human death from DDT; no evidence that birds’ eggshells actual DID or DO get thinner and more fragile; no evidence of harm to any life but that of the mosquito. No evidence of cancer or genetic mutation in mammals, reptiles, amphibians or fish. No problems at all, except for mosquitoes . . . or for those Africans and other tropical-dwellers who deliberately applied it directly to their own skins and to the inside and outsides of their homes: the lice and fleas that died as well as the mosquitoes.

No matter, the United Nations and the world bought the big lie hook, line and sinker. In a very brief time the strongest and least harmful pesticide the world has ever known, DDT, was banned. Since then roughly sixty million people have died unnecessarily because of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. Let's look at just one disease, malaria, where worldwide-deaths were cut to a bit more than 40,000 in 1970 . . . today almost two million die from malaria every year. Besides those deaths an estimated 25 million people suffer from the unending “third-day” sweats and agony associated with malaria. Of course, yellow fever and a host of other diseases each brings their own nightmares. Nevertheless, the radical green element and many just plain common folk never ever being made aware of those deaths or of the truth, were absolutely thrilled by DDT’s banning.

Once it was proved that great amounts of people would buy into pseudo-science and that even greater amounts of people just couldn’t be bothered the film preparations began in earnest. John Holdren (Obama’s “Science Czar”) and numerous like-minded folk, a few of them scientists, postulated a coming threat of massive proportions: an onrushing new ICE AGE brought about by man’s tinkering with the planet’s ecosystem. Time magazine actually ran the story on the front cover of its magazine. Ooops, about six years later we were informed, no-no, actually something else (greenhouse gasses) was the bigger problem and, indeed a huge, problem that would eventually sear the planet into lifelessness.

It was about this time that Maurice Strong and his multi-millions came on the scene as producer for the nightmare. He immediately could see that he needed a strong cameraman and charismatic director. Within a dozen years the latter, Al Gore, and within a half-dozen later the former, Barack Obama, came upon the scene to help him. Of course, the people at work on the production need to all be amply rewarded. To ensure that happening they created CCX, the Chicago Climate eXchange which has been in place for nine years now and which will only spring into action and become profitable when America’s Power Act becomes law. When that happens, within one year after the new law goes into effect all the people involved will become hundred-millionaires or billionaires but not from the grateful planet they’ve saved, but rather from their commissions (via something called CCX co-incidentally) on outright theft.

Richard Sandor, the cameraman, boldly stated on videotape that the climate-exchange business is worth $10 TRillion annually. Since the climate-exchange business is taking nothing (literally “blue sky”) and selling it as something . . . and the entire U.S. REAL ECONOMY produces about $15 TRillion annually in real goods and services we will have an economy of $25 TRillion overnight. How, you ask is that possible? Even discounting inflation, the price of everything in the economy will rise 67% (think of it his way, A. new economy = $25 TRillion. New economy is made up of $15 TRillion real economy and $10 TRillion bull sh_t economy. The BS economy can only come from price increases $10 TR/$15 TR = 67% . . . Barack Obama has said and been videotaped saying it, “implementing my policies necessitate that energy prices rise dramatically” that may be the one truth he’s spoken in the last three years). And you’ll remember, of course, that man-caused global warming is a lie, nothing but a lie, and has been a lie ever since it was first introduced. Yep, just like coughing when you smoked your first cigarette . . . your first impressions were correct: carbon dioxide isn’t that what the plants need, isn’t that how they produce oxygen? No, children, where’d you hear that nonsense, carbon dioxide is dangerous. And that’s how the American economy is destroyed how the enrichment of Obama, Gore, Marurice Strong and Richard Sandor is made into a horror movie of epic proportions.,__gore_and_cronies_might_make_trillions.thtml

So that’s the nightmare and you and our way of life are the star and the victim. Good luck with cap and trade, er’ “America’s Power Act.”

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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