$7 out of Every $12
Now Begins in Government Hands
Are you still denying reality? For those of you who doubt the word “socialism” has any meaning in America today, consider these four no-longer surprising facts:
  1. Slightly over 58% of all income in the country now comes from government sources at either the local, state or federal level.
  2. When the financial bill now in congress gets reconciled into law, almost 60% of the U.S. economy will be controlled by the federal government.
  3. Barack Obama and progressive Democrats are still pushing for Cap and Trade legislation (now called “America’s Power Act”) which would put us very close to a communistic-style near-total domination of the economy by the federal government.
  4. Obama and his Progressive Democrats are also seeking “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which means that 13-20 million now illegal immigrants would become eligible for citizenship. Expecting that 75-80% of the newcomers would vote Democratic, the present government-domination of the economy would become locked-in, perhaps for all time.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

ps: Greece just got its socialist union-controlled society bailed out; Spain's had its bond-strength levels dropped twice just this month. Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Portugal are in big trouble. U.S. Taxpayers helped temporarily bail out Greece with $78 Billion and will soon be helping pull Spain out of the abyss (temporarily) via the International Monetary Fund (IMF) . . . all the while Obama is not only socializing the country more and more but accentuating globalization of all aspects of the United States with every breath he takes . . . enough to take the country's breath away, permanently.

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